Success, happiness, joy, abundance, and wholeness – what more could you possibly want?

There are moments in life when we each need to be exposed to the contents of an important book that is a cut above all the rest. A book whose contents will make a tremendous difference to how we live from now on, and this is one that is exactly like that. I invite you to read it and to benefit from it – because you will.

In some way, and maybe many ways, it will change how you handle your challenges, how you pursue your purpose, and how you deal with the people in your world. I guarantee it. Above all, it will reveal to you the secret of why you are so important and what you need to do to act on that.

It’s called Why Your Life Matters and it’s available RIGHT NOW as Why Your Life Mattersan ebook from Amazon and an ibook from iTunes for your iPad. It’s already received several five-star reviews on Amazon after only a few days – completely unsolicited of course. Honestly, I couldn’t be prouder of it, and I invite you to download it and give it a read.

It will help you understand who you are and your place in the universe, as well as inspiring you to find and fulfill your purpose.

As I write, it’s listed #36 on Amazon’s spirituality chart. That’s good news.

The first time I wrote about these new ideas was in an article for Spirituality & Health magazine, during which I explained what I felt life was about and how best to deal with the challenges and opportunities that come our way. It wasn’t meant to be a big deal, but it turned into one. The moment the issue came out, floodgates seemed to open. I was inundated with emails and messages from people who’d read it, telling me it had changed their perspective on life. Even today, thanks to the good graces of dentists’ waiting rooms all over the country, that magazine is still floating around and readers continue to write to say how much it has affected them.

And that was just one thought I had. There were hundreds more on the same subject that I’d been holding onto for the longest time. So I went ahead and put them into a book.

In a big, friendly, accessible way, it sets out to tackle the important questions we all ask ourselves:

  •   How do I find my purpose?
  •   What am I here for?
  •   What is my mission while I’m alive?
  •   Why do terrible things happen to people who don’t seem to deserve it?
  •   How do I identify my key Destiny Points?
  •   What is the secret to a happy, harmonious life?
  •   What steps can I take to bring me toward greater wholeness?
  •   Who or what is God?
  •   What is the soul?
  •   How do I stop fear and anxiety controlling my decisions?
  •   Why do I matter?

And so many more.

I understand that some people like to be spoonfed their spirituality, with no effort on their part. “I don’t want a story,” they say, “just give me the bullet points.” I’m told by the publishers that a couple of readers have even asked for refunds already, because they started reading and found they actually had to concentrate and invest a little time and dedication into reading the book. If that’s a problem, it’s not for them anyway.

This is for those who seriously want to know what life is all about.

Alan Cohen, a top spiritual teacher and author who has himself made a huge impact on so many people’s lives, wrote:  ‘Why Your Life Matters is food for the soul for anyone seeking to make sense of his or her life. Great wisdom lives here. Read it and remember why you and your life are indeed important.’ 

Readers’ comments:

“An exceptional piece of writing. So unique and thought-provoking.” D.B.

Why Your Life Matters is completely wonderful. The words are life-giving ones….I will never forget them.” C.L.

“This is GOOOOD stuff people… I promise.’ L.R.

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A witty and enjoyable new travel book from Cash. Read it, and you’ll want to go on a cruise.

I promised you a brand new travel book, and here it is. My fourth. Called, Best Vacation Ever! simply – and appropriately - Best Vacation Ever!

A ‘delightfully witty and informative travel book,’ it says on Amazon, ‘exploring the joys of river cruising.’

It goes on: ‘Award-winning travel writer Cash Peters organizes a group of ten friends and family to go on a cruise through French wine country, along the River Rhône in Provence, starting out from the Roman town of Arles in the south, where Van Gogh lived and painted, and sailing all the way up to historic Lyon.

The sharply observed narrative chronicles life on board a river cruise ship with all its glories and pitfalls. The result is a dazzling five-star vacation that over the course of eight days introduces the group to some of the best food and wine they’ve ever had, as well as exposing them to some very peculiar passengers and a few sharp surprises.

An absolute must-read for first-time cruisers as well as enthusiasts eager to eavesdrop on the experiences of other travelers.’

That pretty much does the work for me, as a matter of fact, because it’s exactly what the book’s about.Best Vacation Ever! features numerous tips and tricks for making a river cruise even better, including:
• How to secure the best seat at mealtimes
• Choosing a good cabin
• How to make sure you enjoy the trip without jetlag
• How not to react to the sight of the ship’s captain packing his bags mid-way through the cruise and jumping in a cab
• How to make the most of excursions ashore
• How to deal with bad-tempered and drunken passengers
• What NOT to bring on a river cruise. Example: children

D’you know who Rudy Maxa is? He’s a big cheese in the travel world, with his own TV and radio shows. And he read the book. Here’s what he said:

“Before you take a river cruise, come along with Cash Peters as he learns – and shares with you — how to avoid bores, get a good table, make the most of off-vessel tours, and why you might wake up one morning to open the curtains and find another person a foot from your window. Pithy, evocatively written and hilarious. It’s a most entertaining ride!”