So okay, I caved and decided to blog!

Generally speaking, outside of the BBC show, I don’t have anything more to say about television. Once I’ve done my BBC slot each week (, streamed live Tues 6.35PM in the US, Wed 2.35AM on the actual radio in the UK), I’m spent; I’ve shot my bolt and I’m done. That’s it. You’ve had the best of me.

But then I thought, hang on, can that be right? Don’t I have TONS more to say? And it’s true, occasionally I do. After all, I was on TV myself for about a nanosecond a couple of years back, which gives me some insider knowledge and perspective, right?

We only get around to two or three subjects each week on the show, which isn’t much, and the slot is twenty-five minutes long maximum. That’s nothing. Not when you have as much to say about television as I didn’t think I did but now I clearly do. Which means there’s lots of material left over.

Also, the clips I play on the BBC are audio only, its being radio ‘n’ all, whereas if I did a blog…well, oh my lord, I’d be able to include the visuals too, wouldn’t I? Oooh.

That’s what got me to thinking.

So, despite holding out for the longest time, I finally caved. Here’s my blog. My take on American TV, and other stuff, including the gossip about my celebrity neighbors and friends and whoever else you hear me mention on the radio each week. I may even include photos of Brad and Angelina’s house, or Hayden Christian’s Mercedes, or whatever. I have no idea what I’ll do. I’m crazy with the power of possibility right now.

I’ll do my best to keep up with it. I make no promises as to its frequency, though, or length. Or accuracy for that matter. It will be here sometimes, and then sometimes it won’t, depending on what else I’m doing. I just made a documentary short movie, for instance, which was lots and lots of fun, and more interesting than blogging, believe me. So that took precedence. (The movie is currently posted on my Facebook page, if you want to see it.)

However, if you like the idea of checking in with me now and then to find out what’s going on – something I highly recommend, because to miss this crap would be a sin, frankly, and who doesn’t have time for a little fluffy nonsense in their life? – I suggest you make that RSS thing happen and have my blog delivered straight to your computer.  

That’s all for now. Take care.



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  1. This looks great…may I link it to my blog? (

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