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Keep up to date with new posts from the TV Swami via our RSS feeds.

 Add an RSS feed to a reader or compatible web browser to receive instant notifications of new content on this website. RSS feeds are the simple and free way to access content as soon as it becomes available. And quite honestly what’s more important first thing in a morning than a burst of fluff and nonsense from someone you don’t know and very probably will never meet?

Many web browsers support RSS feeds. That way you don’t have to resort to separate RSS reader software. In addition to being: a) easy to use, RSS enabled browsers are also: b) easy to use. So that’s two benefits right there. Better still, they’re effortless. They simply pluck relevant RSS feeds from the ether, adding them to your page automatically. How they do this is a little complicated. But in short, and explaining it as best I can in simple, no-nonsense, non-technical terms…it’s magic. 

There. Now the secret’s out.

RSS reader applications work in the same way as RSS enabled browsers, only in this case as standalone software. If you prefer to read RSS feeds on the web, they can be accessed via dashboard tools like Google Reader, Bloglines and My Yahoo! Just don’t ask me how.

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