I despair.

Ever written a daily blog, then eventually become so depressed by it that you’ve considered quitting to do something more fruitful?  That’s where I’m at right now.

I looked at the list of search referrals on WordPress yesterday, to take a look at what keywords people are typing into their search engines to reach TV Swami, and here’s the top ten searches in order of popularity. 

who are the modern day prophets  
spanking television  
celeb hating  
boy hard spanking  
jeremy piven naked  
proff that american idol is rigged  
chef spanking  
letterman comments on palin  
show me chris isaaks huge and hard cock  
star wars jonas


Why, given this caliber of visitor, would I ever wish to continue writing something of quality? What’s the point?


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4 responses to “I despair.

  1. hrhuntington

    Because there are others of us, who don’t feel the need to see Jeremy Piven naked, who found our way to the blog as a result of googling, ‘Cash Peters’ because we’d seen Stranded and loved it and miss it, and now enjoy the blog and read it every day even though we are unemployed journalists in a dying industry and it helps keep our spirits up and make us happy. How is that?

    • Er…oh. Wow. Thanks. How lovely of you to say that.

      Actually journalism isn’t dying, the old means of conveying it to the public is dying. The new way is less expansive, but more effective, I think.

  2. I get a lot of results from searches for “bear grylls nude.”

    Which is great but I’d prefer the real thing.

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