Twitter. It’s just stalking without all the hassle of being arrested.

So as from today, I’m on Twitter. Don’t ask me why. I have no clue.

I guess I just got pulled along by peer pressure. Therefore, not wishing to be left behind by this vast cultural tsunami, I added myself to the list of people that other people might want to follow. I noticed as I was doing so that Oprah, John Mayer, and Ryan Seacrest are on there, and very prominently. And Ellen Degeneres has around two million followers – that’s two million people with nothing better to do than keep logging on to find out what a celebrity they don’t know is doing – so clearly somebody is getting something out of this somewhere along the line.

Though what that something might be I have no idea.  

Fans of my BBC thing or my books have nagged me to do this. And when I say fans, I mean about four listeners/readers, not two million. Nobody could really justify why I should, of course, except to argue that it would enable them to stalk me without leaving their home. Which I guess is as good a reason as any. After all, we live in a society of convenience.

So I’ve buckled and here it is. 

I now have a website, a Facebook page, a blog, and a microblog – in case the main blog is too large, I guess, and you need something that can fit in a purse. My Twitter account is @cashpeters.

Keeping up with it all is exhausting. Especially when you realize that I have certain backward friends in my circle who are stoically resisting progress altogether. They refuse to buy a computer, don’t have email, won’t even invest in an answering machine. “If I’m not in, then call back when I am,” they tell everyone. Jeez. By such draconian standards, I’m practically Buck Rogers.

However, I suspect that even I may have reached the limit of my patience. My shallow interest in Twitter is already fading. Today’s tweet, for instance, tells my (currently) one follower that I am waiting for a man to come fix my PC. If anyone else – even Oprah or Ryan Seacrest – told me they were waiting for a man to come fix their PC, I honestly wouldn’t be interested, so why would anyone want to know that that’s what I’m doing? It doesn’t make sense. 


TV Swami – he say YES to Twitter, but only for a few days. 


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