Someone’s won a BSA. Bet you can’t guess who.

I’ve never placed much value on winning awards. Mainly because I don’t win any. Not as a rule. I’m told I won a Peabody Award in 2001. And Gullible’s Travels, my travel memoir, took home the Ben Franklin Award for Humor in 2003. There were others as well, but they’re very thin on the ground and I don’t remember them.

Furthermore, when I received the glass slab that winners of the Franklin award are sent in the mail, I promptly dropped it and chipped a big hole in the side. Now I’m embarrassed to bring it out.  

But yesterday was different. Yesterday I won an award that, in a small way, I’m quite proud of.  A BSA.

Don’t worry if you’ve not heard of it; neither had I.

But you know how I mentioned that I’d uploaded my short movie, Fast and Very Loose, to Vimeo? (You can watch it here) Well, I went and posted this fact on the Curezone website – which is a phenomenal resource, a sort of Wikipedia of all things health. I mentioned it in the fasting section, and immediately began receiving great responses – including a BSA.

A – wait for this – Bright Star Award. Oh yes.

It’s the award that Curezone’s forum moderators give to the best post ever. And my little movie won it. That’s no mean feat – however unimpressed I might seem at this moment.

Here’s what was said at the ceremony. (I’m guessing there was a ceremony.)


As a Curezone moderator, I have to admit to
you this is the first time I have ever given
a post a BSA .....the highest mark, but this
is the best!!!!! You are so honest about your
feelings before the fast....wanting to eat
everything in sight. You cracked me up... I
was laughing out loud....

You have a great talent, Cash, and I thank
you for sharing it with us.


Well, that is just the sweetest thing. I don’t have a speech prepared, but of course I’d like to thank the Academy, and Jesus, and my family – no, not my family, but everyone else. Left to my family, I would never have won anything, much less a Bright Star Award from a moderator at Curezone. I’d still be sitting behind a desk in the Civil Service stamping forms. Truly, I’m honored.

If you’re interested to see what the fuss is about – and a BSA is tantamount to a fuss, right? Please say it is – you might want to check out the movie for yourself. Then, if you enjoy it as much as Paulette did, maybe you can invent your own award too and give it to me. I promise not to drop this one.

Now, that said, what about Ebay, you’re wondering. Well, things are really hotting up over there. Here’s the current state of play:

1) Mommy’s Little Freedom Fighter + free signed copy of Naked in Dangerous Places: bids end TODAY.  You have to be in it to win it.

2) Naked in Dangerous Places, signed, with free unpublished end chapter (two pages): bids have already begun.

3) Naked in Dangerous Places, signed, with free unpublished end chapter (two pages): bids have also begun, so get in fast.

Auctions end soon.

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