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Memo to Michael Jackson – you didn’t need to die, dude.

200px-Reporter_and_Crowd_outside_UCLA_-_MJ_DeathFriday mourning. Michael Jackson’s dead from a heart attack induced apparently by an overdose of painkillers, same as Heath Ledger. Doctors and the pharmaceutical industry have done it again.

So let’s not bother with too many words today, let’s watch some TV.

As expert as I am at locking barn doors, the horse having bolted, I thought I’d post a bunch of videos today that offer very strong pointers to how we – the ones with enough backbone to take a stand against what the rest of the world is doing – can avoid getting sick and having heart attacks.

I already avoid doctors, which means I don’t take dangerous pills or seek the advice of alarmists with a financial stake in my becoming and staying ill (what use am I to medical professionals if I’m well? None!)  But also, in a week or so’s time, I switch to an all raw food diet. Done right, that alone should vanquish toxins and disease from my body, strengthen my immune system, increase my stamina, and guarantee my health into old age. Raw food eaters tend not to have heart attacks. It’s just the way it is.

This guy did a casual survey on Hawaii about how a bad diet can destroy you.

And finally, this third video tells you how never to have a heart attack, apparently.

It’s extremely boring on the face of it, I’m afraid, because it’s technical, but still, it’s important stuff that you need to know, especially if you don’t eat well. The guy gives one major snippet of information which I think is revolutionary, so I’m glad I saw it. Thanks to Steve Nicholls for sending me the link.

TV Swami – he say YES to outliving Michael Jackson.  



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