My god, chimp face, how you’ve aged! No offense.

I guess it was only a matter of time. Finally, CNN – my ex-employer and, to the best of my knowledge, the only news network in America still doing news – is covering an important story.

They’ve tracked down Bubbles. Oh yes.  

Remember Michael Jackson’s cute little chimpanzee friend, the one he taught to moonwalk and who Bubbles_the_chimpanzeedressed just like him? (I’m guessing not willingly) Well, the moment Bubbles ceased to be the novelty-du-jour and fell out of favor, he was shipped out of the limelight to an ape sanctuary in Florida and promptly forgotten about.

Of course, he’s now having the last triumphant laugh, since he’s not only outlived his bizarre owner, but still has his own nose. Additionally, according to People magazine – and chimpanzees are people, right? – Bubble loves painting, while listening to flute and guitar music. Of course he does.

 That said, age has not been kind to the monkey. You thought Michael Jackson looked grimmer the older he got, wait til you see Bubbles.

P.S. I love how it tells viewers at the bottom of the screen to log on to “for more in-depth analysis” on this story. Wow, I wonder what I missed. 

TV Swami – he a little disturbed by Bubbles, but he say YES to outliving Michael Jackson.

Also, follow him on Twitter, if you can bear it, @cashpeters.

Want more? Don’t forget to check out Cash’s movie short, Fast and Very Loose. It’s more fun than you’ve had in a while.

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