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D’you know why I love living in Hollywood?  Because of the sheer diversity of people and talent you find here, any one of which you might meet at any time.

A perfect example was this weekend. Friday, I went to a birthday party and met a TV producer. But not just any TV producer – Howard Gordon, the guy who executive produces and writes 24 for Fox. He also wrote X-Files episodes and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Nice man. Very talented.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t seated at his table. I got planted between his stepmother, who writes stage musicals, and his fourteen year old son, who plans to the moment he’s old enough.

Then, Saturday, I went for dinner at the home of the guy who runs the Nickelodeon network. Thanks to him we have Spongebob Squarepants.  But he’s also an amazing cook. By the end of the evening we were planning a vacation together in England next year, just him and me. How great is that? Not to say highly improbable.

Finally, last night I had dinner with someone I’ve never heard of – Sandy Martin. But I quickly I discovered she’s an accomplished actress, one that I should have heard of her, to tell you the truth, because she’s really successful, albeit in a bit-part and constantly working kind of way.

SandySandy played “Jimmy” in the Young and the Restless, for instance, and “Selma Green” in Big Love. According to her bio, she also played “Mac’s Mom” in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, “woman with cane”  in The Unit, “woman #1” in Desperate Housewives, “grandma” in Napoleon Dynamite, and “Lori” in the movie Marley and Me.

She’s heaps of fun, but she had to rush off. She was shooting a music video today with Dermot Mulrooney. Then she’s making a movie with Samuel L. Jackson. I mean, hell, I was more in awe of her than I was of the guy behind 24.  What a career.   

There’s nothing like meeting people of this caliber to make you realize what a loser you are and that you’ve been nowhere, done nothing, and pretty much wasted your time for the last two decades. Even the fourteen year old son of the guy behind 24 has more on his resume than I do.

Now I have to go. I left my glasses at the home of the Nickelodeon guy, my new travel buddy. He’s taking them to the office today and I  have to pick them up from reception. Terrific.  


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