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The Downfall of Mankind, Part 1: Free Cake.

starbucksSo here we are, then. The 21st has arrived. Free Cake Day at Starbucks. Every customer who buys a coffee before 10.30am is given a free cake.

Right now it’s 8.42am.

But I’m on a 100% raw food diet, which excludes cake in all its wondrous, tantalizing, artery-blocking forms. (Read previous post: HERE)

Yet, to play Devil’s advocate for a moment, the cake is free. Which surely renders void any diet currently under way.

Stabucks storePlus, God wouldn’t have inspired Starbucks to have a Free Cake Day if  we weren’t meant to take advantage of it, would he? After all, he’s a deity, not a diety. To turn your back on a free offer of this magnitude would be like looking a cake horse in mouth.

Or then again, maybe it’s a test. A test of my resolve. Of my commitment to cleansing my body of all past cakes.


The nearest Starbucks is ten minutes’ drive away. If I don’t move soon, then all the cake will be gone….


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