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The Pitts. But in a good way.

Brad PittThere’s a lot of talk in the news about Brad Pitt’s appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher, chatting about how ridiculous the anti-gay marriage lobby is and also about smoking pot.

I get the feeling that this is not what he wanted the promotion for his new movie to be about. And it wasn’t helped by Quentin Tarantino turning up on Howard Stern’s show yesterday, claiming Pitt gave him a slice from a brick of hash at his and Angelina’s house in France.(Listen HERE) But hey, it is what it is.

I always think, listening to this guy, that he’s the sane, rational face of America. While thousands of nutcases get in a froth over healthcare, decrying the onset of socialism in America, spurred on by the right-Fox Newswing fundamentalists on Fox News who, I believe, have the unstated intention of fanning the flames of unrest – and for what? For a measure that, if the screaming, placard-waving hordes stopped for a second to think about it, was actually going to help most of them enjoy a better standard of living – whilst all of that is going on, someone like Brad Pitt restores one’s faith in the country, making intelligent points, delivering them with care and compassion, and giving us hope that America is not entirely in the grip of lunatics, lobbyists, and big corporations protecting their profits at the expense of ordinary people.

Here’s the interview. Enjoy.


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