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Genius finally gets its due.

Not often I’m excited and baying to see an animated movie, but this one promises to be stunning. It’s called 9, it’s produced by Tim Burton, and started off as a mesmerizing little short film that did the rounds on YouTube. Burton saw it, invited Shane Acker the director to turn it into a piece of big screen magnificence. And lo, here it is.

I’ve waited a long time for 9. I hope it lives up to its promise.

First, here’s the link to the HD trailer. Click on it and it’ll take you to YouTube. 

Next is the new (visceral, gripping, atmospheric, BRILLIANTLY awesome) website trailer, which you can view HERE

And finally, if you’re as gripped as I was by these little sewn-up people in their torn-up world, here’s the original movie. Sometimes genius does get its day in the sun. Enjoy.


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