Armageddon sick of these fires.

No blog today. Sorry, guys. I’m running errands, bashing out a script for the radio, and taking a stand on climate change. All time-consuming pursuits, especially the climate change one – because, quite honestly, it’s hot as hell here. Someone needs to do something about this.

fireRight now in L.A. we’re witnessing what Armageddon will look, feel, and smell like.

Apocalyptic fires are roaring through the county forests – sparked by some religious nut, no doubt. The temperature reached 105 degrees in our driveway yesterday (111 in our friends’ driveway), the air stinks of smoke, and I have grit in my eye. That’s not good, right?

This is what I imagine it’s going to be like in the End Times that Christians are constantly praying for.  In fact, right now Christians must be delighted with progress on the End Times front. Things are going well, even though the premise is completely made up. Any more summers like this one and I might be tempted to join them in believing that God has plans to finish us all off.

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