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It’s new, it’s free, and….well, what else matters? Where do I sign up?

logoOoh, look what I just found.

It’s called Spotify! Yes, I know you can read. And I know it’s a horrible name. But what is it exactly? 

Hang on, I’m getting to that.

Basically, it’s a music download service that’s totally legal and which, come 2010, is going to be a massive rival to iTunes here in the States, thrashing the former market leader the way it’s been doing all over Europe.

Most of all, it’s free. Which, for me, is its chief appeal. Music be damned.

Subscribe, and you can download all the tunes you want for absolutely nothing. Nothing, I tells ya. The only catch is that they play a short ad every thirty minutes. And quite honestly, that’s how often I take a pee these days, so I won’t have to hear it. The whole thing should work out rather well. 

appleStrikes me, Apple’s had things all their own way for far too long. I use their laptop, I rent movies from them, and, as from next week, I’m very probably going to be buying a new, whizz-bang iPod Touch from them too, if the rumors are correct. (The rumors that I’m a sucker for virtually anything bright and shiny with a touch-screen, that is.)

So there you go. Spotify. You heard it here first.

Well, unless you went to the Daily Beast yesterday and read it there first instead. If you didn’t, here’s the article. It’s fascinating.


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