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The silverish orb has arrived. Ooooooooh.

BioS_Silver_GtabsObserve and admire. The BioElectric Shield. As worn by Dr. Wayne Dyer, Tony Blair’s wife, and now me.

Before you ask, because I know you will, it’s a crystal matrix that resonates with your body energy, helping fend off disharmonious energies from external sources, including rays from cellphones, computers, and satellite radios.  It also refracts other people’s anger, as you would expect.

Added to which, it’s actually quite beautiful. A lot nicer than it looks in the picture. In case you don’t quite get what it does, here’s a diagram.

shield 2Now, any further questions? Yes, the gentleman holding the big Q.

Q: How much did it cost you?

shieldNothing as yet. They cost five hundred bucks each, but I have it on a 60 day trial to see if it does what they say it will do. If it doesn’t, back it goes to Montana, where it was crafted by experts and “charged up” in a special charging room.

Anyone else got a question?

Q: D’you think it’s a scam and you’ve been duped?    

Anyone else?

Q: Yes, over here! Pick me! 

In that case, this press conference is at an end. I’ll keep you posted on what happens. Stay tuned.

Here’s a video about it.


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