The Jay Leno Show, R.I.P.

PythonI guess I’m the last person on the entire planet to see this, but I’ve just found an entertaining video clip and thought I’d share it. Scenes from Star Trek set to the sountrack of Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Now, I know, people are always trying to make quirky ideas like this work and failing, but I like it. And believe me, it seems positively ingenious when compared to the new and dismally disastrous Jay Leno Show this week.

leno picIf you caught it – and 17.7 million people out of curiosity watched the first night – you’ll probably be feeling  somewhat soiled right now, after falling for NBC’s $10 million advertising campaign and witnessing an hour of the most embarrassing, witless, and humor-free rubbish to be dumped on us in a long while. Basically, Jay’s rehashing The Tonight Show, only an hour earlier and with much less entertainment value.   

It took 22 writers – 22!!! – to come up with the dancing in a car wash sketch leno 3and Jay cringeingly mock-interviewing President Obama. There was a green car challenge that was apparently lifted from the BBC’s Top Gear show. The monologue sucked, the interviews dragged. Truly, it was some of the most awful comedy TV I’ve seen. And I watch this crap for a living. 

The funniest part was Jerry Seinfeld suggesting that, having left the Tonight Show and gone away, Jay maybe should have stayed away. If I weren’t on this raw food diet and not drinking, l’d drink to that.

A lot rides on the success of this show for NBC. By cancelling their five nights a week drama strand at 10pm – the slot for all the old classic crime shows: NYPD Blue, Law and Order, Hill Street Blues – they’re saving $200 million dollars a year. But at what cost to their brand and their reputation? Actors are pissed, writers are pissed, the audience is feeling weirded out and shortchanged. It’s not a happy situation.

Viewing figures for the second show plunged substantially. That, I predict will continue. I give it a few months before it’s axed in a cloud of ignominy, billed as a brave experiment that went wrong.

Anyway, here’s Star Trek. Enjoy.



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2 responses to “The Jay Leno Show, R.I.P.

  1. That’s quite a bit of brilliance, that. And, no, I don’t mean ANYTHING to do with the Jay Leno disaster.

    And imagine…that lovely video compilation was completed by only two people…As opposed to twenty-two for the Leno debacle. Strength in numbers? Not always, I guess.

    I’m told by someone who knows (AKA: The Husband) that many of the Star Trek clips are actually outtakes. Perhaps Leno’s outtakes are funny? Eh, perhaps not.

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