This is a post script to an entry I wrote over the weekend. I’ll keep it brief.

My father replied to my birthday wishes!

dovesOh sure, the message was terse and unsigned, contained no indications of affection or love, and was a masterpiece of self-restraint at only eight words. But you’re missing the point.

It was also pleasant, featured no booby-traps or  bitter attacks – seriously, none at all – and for once didn’t even leave room for ambiguity, any of the usual, “Hmmmm, what did he mean by that, I wonder?” double-layered comments that I’m used to. Heaven only knows how long it took him to craft it.

The man – my dad! – said quite simply that, yes, he’d had a pleasant day on his birthday and thanked me. Wow.


Now, to you, eight words might sound pretty meager, almost an insult. “That’s it? That’s all he could be bothered to write?”  Me, I’m overjoyed. In my world, given his track record, that’s a true home run. And a solid breakthrough.

So no blog today.  Instead, I plan to get drunk on Martinis by 9am and stay that way ’til sundown. In fact, come to think of it, why stop then?  


My little movie Fast and Very Loose is now on YouTube. Watch it HERE.




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2 responses to “P.S.

  1. thuenemann

    I think we are related….we hang on to our bitterness.
    My father and I never comminicate, it’s better that way – last time we did, he made a veiled threat that put my safety into question. He hated my Mother so much he married her, just to piss off his father who he hated even more. When my grandfather died, he told his sister, “at least now I can stop dreaming about killing him”. Mom left after he beat her when I was a year old. I’m surprised he never ended up in prison. I’m afraid for his current wife.
    Silence is better.

    • Jesus, that’s something. How we torture each other. And for what? It’s all so pointless.

      I would dispute that I hang on to my bitterness, though. I’m pretty sure I’ve come out the other end of mine. Otherwise I would be too steamed to write about it.

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