Please don’t blame Jeremy Piven.

Here’s a piece of news that will annoy some and delight others.

I’ve been writing this blog since March, sticking to it pretty diligently, as a matter of fact, and attracting quite a few regular followers along the way. Thanks, everyone, for that. Although I secretly wish we’d soared into hundreds of thousands of hits each day – that would have been amazing. Somehow I lack the time and the marketing skills.

And it’s “time” that I’m writing about today. I have to take a small break from the blog. There’s other stuff I’m writing and I must apply myself to that for the next few very important weeks. It’s an obligation thing.

jeremy_piven_shirtlessIt’s not, contrary to what many may think, because of Jeremy Piven. Or because, no matter what else I put on here each day, that story I told months ago about spotting Piven in a clothes store trying on shirts still gets the vast bulk of the traffic. That’s not it at all.

There are simply too many other things to be done.

I will continue to post stuff now and then. Interesting videos, odd points I feel need making. Check my website for updates on everything else.  AND of course you can still get a hold of me through Facebook and on Twitter  @cashpeters. So relax, all is not lost.

But for now, we’re done. The Swami is rolling up his magic carpet, storing it in its special cupboard, and retiring into the shadows, from where, obscured by darkness, he will sit staring out at you spookily until he’s absolutely sure you’re gone.

My emotions at this moment are probably best expressed by this year’s Eurovision Song Contest entry from Iceland.

Bye for now.


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4 responses to “Please don’t blame Jeremy Piven.

  1. steveshark

    But don’t be a total stranger to the blogosphere.

    I actually managed to be awake to hear you the week before last.

    I didn’t take the coffee advice – the cats woke me.

  2. This is nothing to do with Jeremy Piven. I’m listening to you on Rhod Sharpe, right now. I’m virtually housebound and often bedbound due to ill health. I wait up to hear you and Rhod.

    you’re off the wall and yet I love you guys. You bring a window of joy to my life.

    thanks to you and Rhod.

    • Hey, thanks a lot, Paul. That’s so nice to hear. Sorry to hear about your condition, but glad we’re able to help, if only just a little. I’ll pass this on to Rhod.

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