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Gather round. It’s time to stand up to the parasites.

As anyone who knows me will tell you, I love anything to do with weirdo alternative health treatments. Anything at all.

For instance, right now I’m having problems concentrating because I’m wearing an orgone zapper I bought from South Africa. It’s strapped to my upper arm, pumping 9 volts of DC current into my system. The sensation is interesting: kinda tingly, causing slight itching in various parts of my body. Though that’s not why I bought it. I didn’t think, “How can I make my body itch?” and rush to buy a zapper. No, the zapper apparently kills parasites, viruses, and bad bacteria living inside the human system. The itching happens while it’s routing them out.

Now, I find this to be an interesting experiment. Maybe it’s drivel and zappers don’t work, but I’d rather try one and find the truth for myself than be skeptical and miss out on something fun and possibly effective. If there are parasites in my body, they need to come out, and whatever I can do to rattle their cage, I will. The war has only just started.

The reason I’m telling you this is because there’s a different war going on elsewhere right now, one we’re all a part of, whether we want to be or not.

Andreas Moritz is a leading author of alternative health books. The guy is a genius. His knowledge of how the human body functions, and how it can be put right after it malfunctions, is, in my view, comprehensive and impeccable.  Better still, all his writings make perfect sense to me. He doesn’t believe in subduing problems with pills, harmful radiation and surgery; his method is to cleanse and detoxify the body in marvelously simple ways, to prevent disease taking root in the first place. And what could be better than that?

Well, of course, this approach has brought him into direct conflict with the lumbering cash-cow leviathan that is the medical establishment. If you can flush toxins from your body, bolster up the immune system, and possibly make yourself well by simple means, then doctors and surgeons and the big pharmaceutical companies become largely unnecessary. How ghastly. For goodness’ sake, the last thing doctors want is for you to be well; to reach such a state of tip-top health that you don’t need them any more. That would be disastrous.

“What if everybody in this country did that?” they sputter angrily, “What if they just went ahead and got healthy without pills or being cut open? We’d go broke. Cancer charities would close. Hospitals would shut down. Surgeons would have to send their kids to public school. Think of the jobs. My god, thousands would be out of work. And what would we do with all these bloody catscan machines we bought?”

That’s why they don’t care much for Andreas Moritz.

In his small way, Moritz, along with many others, is fighting the good fight, showing people simple ways to effectively boost and protect their immune system, giving them information with which they can tackle disease intelligently and calmly without necessarily rushing in a mad panic to see a GP every ten minutes. His techniques don’t replace the work of doctors, they simply inform the patient of ways they might become stronger and healthier, and, who knows, maybe avoid resorting to modern medicine in future. To that end, he’s insightful, clever, informed, open-minded, and I trust him.

Of course, that poses a problem. You can’t take a stand in America on matters that might reduce the profits of big health corporations, not even a tiny bit, without enraging those factions who make their living off people getting sick. Consequently, there are individuals and companies – who are the real parasites, in my view – that set out as a matter of policy to bring down anyone with an alternative viewpoint, branding them “quacks” or “dangerous” or “snake oil salesmen.” They’ll do whatever they can to sully a guy’s reputation, even though there are thousands of testimonials out there saying that the new treatments actually might work. None of that matters. What matters to them is keeping things as they are and increasing profit. The wellness of patients is a secondary factor.

So Andreas Moritz is under attack from various quarters and is having to fight back.

His general enemy seems to be a bunch of oppressive lobbyists for the status quo, some of whom appear to trust science above all else, and scoff at anything that can’t be proved by prolonged study and scientific research, which, on the face of it, sounds logical and straightforward, but it’s not. I mean, can scientific researchers at MIT prove that the DC current from my zapper isn’t having fist-fights all my body with parasites right now? Of course they can’t. Some things have to be taken on trust. Especially when you’ve paid seventy-six bucks for them.

Other, more vicious ones are taking the Republican approach. They’re engaging in guerrilla warfare, by going on Amazon and other sites and giving Moritz’s books bad reviews simply for the sake of it. They’re tagging the author “a quack” to put potential customers off and dissuade them from  learning new ways to take power over their own health. In other words, these saboteurs are using free market liberties and perverting them, not to protect the public, but to make sure that the present system of healthcare in this country goes undisturbed and the big corporations continue to make fat profits. What other motive could there possibly be?  Take money out of the equation and there’s no reason not to at least learn about alternatives and explore possibilities. That’s all I do: I explore. I’m not a doctor, I can’t advise people about anything – God only knows that’s true! – but I am very, very interested in what’s possible. It’s my thing. I’m forever on standby for something new.

For that reason, speaking as a guy who’s tingling all over because he’s wearing a plastic box he bought on the internet, I am prepared to stand shoulder to itchy shoulder with Moritz and other promoters of alternative treatments. Not because the treatments work universally – some do, some don’t – but because we have a duty simply as human beings to be open-minded to anything that might improve our lives, and also to stand up to those profiteering barons who would have us take endless drugs and be irradiated or routinely cut open, just so that they can make a few extra bucks and pay the mortgage on that huge house they just bought.

So let’s support Andreas Moritz. Maybe buy one of his books and see if anything strikes a chord. I repeat, the information is not there to replace your standard healthcare, it’s there to supplement it and increase your knowledge of how your body works so that you can make better, more intelligent decisions in future. What can possibly be wrong with that?

Now, I have to go lie down. Seriously, my whole body is itching.

TV Swami – he way off topic, but he say YES to alternative healthcare.

Read my disclaimer yet? You really should, you know. Just in case.


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