Farewell, BBC, I shall miss thee.

For all those people looking for the blog entry about my run-in with a BBC producer on March 17th 2010…

I have been asked – very nicely – to remove it, in deference to the sensibilities of that particular producer and also to our other ones too. And this I do willingly. The storm has passed, all is well, and given that our production staff were very forgiving this evening when I appeared for twenty minutes on-air high as a kite on Testo-Max masculinity pills I’d bought off the Internet – grrrrrr – and which continue to make me butcher by the second, but which I will never take again before I broadcast, then I at least owe them a small favor in return.

So let’s all take a deep breath, release the BBC conflict into history where it belongs, and move on.

I thank you.

TV Swami – he v. happy right now.


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6 responses to “Farewell, BBC, I shall miss thee.

  1. deltrak

    Hi Cash:

    Truly, I am _so_ pleased you managed to do the noble, high-minded thing and ignore (or maybe that should be “out-survive” — can we but hope?) Miss Kiat[*]. After these many years of getting my weekly booster shot of plausible insanity, what would I do without you? Dear old Rhod tries his honest best to be utterly zany; but sometimes it takes a real expert. Welcome back.


    [* : aka “Knickers In A Twist”]
    [** : aka Andrew Stephenson]

    • Thanks a lot, Andrew. I very much appreciate the support. It was a close thing there; even I’m surprised that I’m still on there. But all is well now, it seems, and we press on, pretending nothing ever happened.

      • frigginregan

        Hey! Thats no way to treat the talent! You are the one who should have reported HER. Lol.

        I remember a teacher at film school once told me that you never EVER yell at the talent. Maybe it’s different in radio? lol

        Anyway, glad it got cleared up. Can someone on the east coast hear your radio show?

        Wish you were still on tv though. Travel channel just ain’t the same without the Cashman.



      • And I agree! But these things happen in the heat of the moment, I guess. It’s all good now, luckily. We’ve moved on.

        Details of how to listen to the BBC thing are at http://www.cashpeters.com.

        A lot of people still write to me about Stranded. Perhaps you should tell the Travel Channel that you want it back. It’s showing in Britain right now, just not here.

      • frigginregan

        Actually, I DID write the travel channel. I complained to them that since canceling your show, all they have on now are BORING hour long tourism commercials disguised as original travel shows with titles like “GREAT CRUISE SHIPS!” or “GREAT HOTELS OF THE WORLD!”

        And how these so called “travel shows” don’t even have a host! Just a disembodied voiceover acting as a travel agent.

        I complained how they play these shows over and over again. And how when they aren’t, they run endless episodes of “The World Championships of Poker!”

        Now what the hell does POKER have to do with travel?

        Oh yeah, it’s a big commercial for the CASINO. I get it.

        Anyway, I wrote that what was so GREAT about “STRANDED” is that it was a REAL travel show, with a REAL host – who was original and funny, and spoke to the heart of true travelers everywhere. That sense of adventure in getting lost. And how what was so cool about the show was how you met regular everyday locals on your journey. THOSE are the kind of experiences people remember on their trips, the quirky little moments. Not trying to rush around trying to see and take pictures of ALL the tourist traps. BORING!

        Anyway, I really vented. LOL. Apparently I hit a nerve, because I actually got a response from the head of programming, who went on and on about how Poker and the shows I mentioned were VERY popular blah blah blah.

        I wrote back and told them of course they are popular! Of course YOU love those shows. They’re nothing but hour long commercials interspersed with regular commercials! You’re getting paid for EVERYTHING!

        Um….I don’t think they liked my response. Suffice it to say, I didn’t hear back from them again. LOL.

        Oh well. At least I spoke my mind.

        I hope you find your way back into tv again. Travel Channel. Discovery Channel. Food Channel. I don’t care. Us loyal fans feel stranded since you left. 🙂



      • Well, thank you. What a wonderful person you are. To get the management of a network to back a show, though, really takes a vast army of viewers to demand it. A few passionate ones is not enough to change minds. Which is a shame, because people still contact me and ask about it, which is remarkable. Right now, TC’s undergoing an overhaul. Many people have been let go and they’ll resurface at some future point with new programming. Let’s hope it’s not as bland as previous efforts. I haven’t watched it since the day I got canned.

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