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Hey, world. Come on, let’s be magnificent!

I’m just thinking. It’s the Holidays, right? Time of love and peace, etc etc.

So how about we all quit fighting each other for once, stop with the corruption and the greed, back off from confrontation, oneupmanship, cheating, competing, and lying, and save ourselves the sleepless, sweaty moments at 4am when we just lie there worrying about money, the economy, our jobs, our mortgages, car payments, or tuition fees? In other words, turn our backs on the cold hard mercenary aspects of living, and instead focus on the work of Narayanan Krishnan.

This guy will change your view of life. He exemplifies all that’s great about our species, as well as encapsulating the true spirit of this time of year. I loved his message so much that, once I’d stopped crying, I donated instantly.

“I’m just a human being,” he says with great passion.

“My lord,” I thought when I heard this, “so am I!” I forget that sometimes. We all do.

Hey, so maybe we should do our part. Call one friend or family member and say, “I love you dearly…..[insert name here], but this year I’m opting out of the consumerist hell that is Christmas, which forces me to buy stuff and give it away even though I’d rather not, and doing something magnificent with my money instead.” They’ll understand. In fact, maybe they’ll catch the spirit too and we can start a ripple, a Mexican wave of love and generosity. If that results in fewer sales of Playstations or iPads, I can live with that.

Ooooooh, I get chills just thinking about this. About giving. And I don’t mean a bunch of useless stuff, but rather love, hope, encouragement, acceptance and kindness. Things that matter. The sort of things Christ would have given actually.

Uh-oh. Now I’ve gone and said it.

P.S. Guess what happened. As I said, I was so swept up in this guy’s cause that I donated $50 to it a couple of days ago. Today, I’m in the local health food store and I find a $50 bill sitting in a shopping basket. Karma – so sweet.

TV Swami – he got the Christmas spirit suddenly.

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