The 30-Day De-Wormer: not for the squeamish

Taming the Beast Within Final Cover

Before we start, a quick note: the new book about cleansing  Candida and worms from the body is available now. It’s called Taming the Beast Within, and it’s about time someone wrote a book like this. Not only will it inform you about this stuff and let you know what to do about it, but it looks deeper into the triggers for yeast and parasite infections, as well as examining why some people are prone to parasites and Candida and others aren’t. You’ll find it a fascinating read. There are even photos.

It’s already riding high on Amazon. You’ll find it HERE.

And in case you’re wondering what kind of parasite I’m talking about, try this little monster for size.

Rope worm

A stage 3 rope worm. This came out during the Candida cleanse featured in the book. I mean, look at that thing – it has tentacles!! And that was just the beginning.

Seriously, read Taming the Beast Within. We’re not kidding around here. It could save your life.


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Now, on with the blog.


I can’t honestly tell you why I’m doing this. Not why I’m deworming myself, but why I’m writing a daily blog post about it. In what universe could anyone other than me conceivably want to know about my parasite cleanse?

Then again, maybe you have parasites too. A-ha! Indeed, it’s very likely you do.

I read somewhere that 90% of us have unwelcome creatures of some sort living within us, invaders that lodge in various parts of the body and not only consume nutrients from our food to stay alive, but lay eggs and breed, causing a variety of mysterious ailments, such as rashes, headaches, allergies, boils, etc etc.

How can we contract them? Well, I wouldn’t try too hard, but if it happens, then it might be from pets; from eating sushi, meat, and raw vegetables; or from traveling; or simply from everyday human contact. Parasites can give rise to unaccountable health issues that doctors don’t know how to treat.

So, in my capacity as a curious layman and ceaseless guinea-pig, I’ve decided, for the next thirty days, to flush away the wee rascals from wherever they’re hiding.

After all, look at my life so far. I’ve traveled extensively, eating countless weird foods along the way in the most unsanitary conditions, in places such as Cambodia, Kenya, Russia, Brazil, Vanuatu, etc. I’ve also been a raw food guy for years, and even regularly kissed and cuddled my cats. I’m the perfect candidate for parasites.

Last year, I was doing a liver flush – my fourth or fifth – and a five-inch white worm dropped into the toilet. I almost freaked out. It was the weirdest thing! It’s this that alerted me to the possibility that I may have other unwanted guests in my system, an idea confirmed by an odd rash on my neck that never goes away, by a constant ringing in my ears, and varying degrees of deafness (which can also be a by-product of candida, I’m told), plus I have a stack of food sensibilities that are just plain ridiculous. I get pimples if I so much as look at milk, pig products, sugar, and oil, while nuts and wheat actually make my skin flake off like dandruff. It’s crazy.

Nobody could have been more diligent in pursuing a remedy. I’ve consulted dermatologists, regular doctors, Eastern healers, colonic irrigation experts, aromatherapists, reiki practitioners, and countless others. Everyone had theories, but none was ever able to pinpoint the cause of the problem. Then I read a really great blog about the subject which I recommend (the picture below comes from there) about successfully treating parasites and I was inspired to give it a go.

In some ways this is my list-ditch effort to get to the source of the problem. It’s almost as if it can only be parasites. What else is there left to try? Curious to see if my suspicions were right, I heard from a friend about this treatment called Humaworm, and sent off for a 30-day supply. The directions say to take two tablets twice a day 30 minutes before meals, so that the parasites eat the contents of the tablets, and not the food. Then they begin to die.

Humaworm isn’t the only method out there for dealing with this problem. A friend drew my attention to a post on Curezone about cleaning out parasite species called flukes from the blood, liver, GI tract, pancreas, & lungs. I can’t vouch for this, but it might be worth reading. Liver fluke drug treatment. You follow it at your peril.

Me, I’m sticking with Humaworm for now. Once again, I will submit myself as a human crash-test dummy.

I’ve been doing this – detoxing and reforming my diet and approach to life since my trip to the health and healing center in Brazil. You’ve probably already read my book about this. If not, obviously I recommend it. It will open your eyes in so many ways, as it did me. Life will never be the same again. It’s funny to me that many people see the hands on the front of the Believing book and assume it must be a religious work. Trust me, it’s not. It has a foreword by a Harvard doctor and explores the world of health and healing from a self-empowerment point of view, where we become our own saviors and bring our bodies back into balance.

That’s why I’m de-worming. I’m not an expert, remember, just a regular guy who’d like to shed a few parasites, if he has them. With that end in mind – and there’s really only one end they’re going to come out of – my 30-day experience begins here.

The 30-day De-Worming Program

Day 1: Not expecting much. The two tablets smelled very strong, and shortly after swallowing them I let out a belch that I could taste for at least fifteen minutes afterwards. Had three extensive bowel movements during the day, including an urgent one in the middle of the night. Otherwise, nothing to report.

Day 2: Noticeably lethargic today. Listless too. Could still be the jetlag from my vacation, or the beginnings of parasite die-off. According to the Humaworm site: “Die-off can take many forms: headaches, body aches, rashes, fatigue, mood swings, body odor, and gas and bloating to name a few. Drinking at least two quarts or more of water daily and having regular bowel movements will help get the parasites and toxins out of the body faster thereby eliminating many common die-off symptoms.”

The rash on my neck is redder, and I woke up with a pain in my neck too, which is interesting. Plus, I had shifting aches in my abdomen, sometimes acute, that reached up to my liver. Additionally, my stomach feels bloated. I’m not psychic, but I do foresee another bowel movement in my immediate future.

Day 3:  No worms, but woke with a headache that dissipated very quickly. More pains in stomach too, and a general wooziness. My left ear is really whistling. That’s not a good sign usually. Though today, maybe it is. All part of the die-off, I assume. Have to go to the cinema this afternoon to watch a movie for the BBC. Hope I can last 90 minutes without an explosive disaster ‘downstairs’. I notice in the list of ingredients that there’s a laxative, senna. Oh great. That explains it.

Day 4: No worms, but still getting shifting aches all over my body. This morning my fingers hurt for some reason. Taking Humaworm leads to several hefty bowel movements a day, which has got to be a good thing. I think I’m maybe expecting too much too soon. The one interesting side-effect – if indeed it comes from taking the tablets – is that they seem to make me extremely horny. I won’t go into details, but it’s very, very noticeable. Strange.

Day 5: Things with tails. That’s what I saw yesterday.

To help the process along, I did a coffee enema, which is more fun than it sounds. And in the second flushing there were a number of small stringy things in the toilet afterwards. Now, I thought, “They’re just bits of undigested lettuce or something”, and that may be so, but they looked suspiciously like worm casings to me.

All sorts of weird pains throughout my body that come and go. And I just collapse with tiredness around 9pm and sleep til 6.30. Odd zits here and there too. Part of the die-off or part of the original problem? As yet, I have no bloomin’ idea.

Day 6: Nothing today, except maybe disappointment. Feeling a lot better. It even looks like the rash on my neck is slowly starting to clear up. However, that comes and goes anyway, so I’ll have to wait a while to give a definitive verdict. Bit disconcerted by the fact that my fingers are aching still. Not sure why that is. But otherwise, still waiting for a big break-through.

Day 7: My little worm friends are back. But they’re different this time. Three semi-transparent coils that at first I thought were hairs in the toilet bowl, but which sat lazily under the surface of the water as if in shock at being dropped suddenly and without warning from a warm, closed environment into a cold, hostile environment.

In blogs about de-worming, the parasites that are shown as most common tend to look like a bear’s footprint or long and  brown. I’ve seen nothing like that. These were slender and quite hard to see, and very different to anything that’s dropped out of my system before.

Last night, we went to dinner at a friend’s house. I tried to talk about my deworming program. It’s remarkable how nobody wants to discuss this topic, particularly while eating.

Today I woke up with an achey stomach – food poisoning type achey (which is possible) – and a yearning to poo. A yearning I am about to satisfy. I ache in other ways too. Yesterday there were times when I felt like my body had been stored in a tight box for three days and just emerged, stiffly and painfully. Today….it’s not so bad, but my intestines are gurgling fitfully, so that’s a sign of something. Thank you, Humaworm, for contributing to life’s eternal conundrum in this way.

Day 8:  The rash on my neck has almost gone!!! That’s the big news. A-ha! Thank  you again, Humaworm.

Otherwise, theme of the day: weirdness. My esophagus overnight was so swollen that I could hardly swallow. It was like I had a huge blockage halfway down. It’s better today, but I sound like I have a major cold coming on. Very husky. Which doesn’t bode well for the broadcast tomorrow.

The website lists common cold symptoms as among the results of the die-off. “Since increasing the flow of mucus is one way the body tries to rid itself of contaminants,” it says, “you may experience respiratory symptoms like those of the common cold–sneezing, coughing and a stuffy or runny nose. These are the body’s attempts to get rid of the dying parasites and their toxins, which it may perceive as invaders.”

Well bingo to that. So I guess the little blighters are pouring out of every orifice all the time.

BTW, no worms evident in the toilet this morning. I get very disappointed now when that happens. But maybe they’re mixed in with the general dump rather than floating freely. I know that some of the stools had strange little tails hanging off them. And, dead-center, was a white blob about a quarter-inch across which just lay there and could have been anything. Normally, however, I never get stuff like this, so something’s working.

Beyond that, it’s a mysterious process. I know some cleansing people like to take out their poo and dissect it, looking for worms. I am not one of those people. I have 22 days left on the Humaworm cleanse – I’ll trust it’s doing its work.

Jeez, I hope this sore throat disappears by tomorrow. Out, damn worms, out!

Day 9:  Cold symptoms continue to linger, but the worst appears to be over. My nose won’t stop running, but I feel fine otherwise. Once I’d accepted that it was my body detoxing, meaning it was a good thing, it became easier to bear somehow. I’m going to sound ropey on the radio tonight, but that can’t be helped. The show must go on.

Bit of a zit issue today, I notice – on my face and with little bumps like flea-bites on my fingers. Also my ears really itch.

And when I did my first poo of the day, I noticed more of those strange little tails, like ant-legs, sticking out of my stools. I don’t want to give you nightmares, people, but my turds have antennae! This whole regimen piles mystery upon conundrum. Was I really that infested with parasites? It’s hard to believe.

I wish my nose would quit running. This is getting annoying. I’ve run out of handkerchiefs and now I’m using kitchen towels.

Hope to be well for Saturday. Going to do yoga in Malibu. The woman whose home we’re doing it in tells me she’s been getting worms out for a couple of years, and that they’re 12-15″ in length, white and very thin. She’s fished them out of the toilet and taken them to show her doctor but he has no clue why she keeps getting them.

You have to admit, this is a fascinating subject. Gross, but fascinating.

Day 10: Felt rough first thing, but am slowly improving as the day revs up. Cold symptoms persist. My nose is running like a faucet still. There isn’t a clean handkerchief anywhere in the house. Clearly, my entire body was toxic with parasites, though how this can be I have no idea, given than I have been cleansing pretty consistently for five years. Am entering a depressed, ‘nothing’s working and I’ve wasted my money – again‘ phase. Maybe I didn’t have parasites at all, just regular stuff that everyone else has and I simply caught a cold. My powers of self-delusion are well-documented in the health field.

Nose stopped running after breakfast and didn’t run for the rest of the day. Like the faucet was suddenly turned off.

I have multiple zits on my face, but in one small area. They keep on coming. Unpleasant to look at.

Have decided to do coffee enemas every three days to help the process along. If I don’t get some serious worm action soon, I’m going to write to Humaworm and tell them. Oh, and by the way, the name’s appropriate. You really need a sense of huma to do this, otherwise you’d throw yourself off a bridge.

Day 11:  Big thing happened today.

Woke up feeling really, really rough. Sluggish, with a head full of sawdust, and a terrible ache behind my eyes. Found it hard to get out of bed. Actually, the cat was sitting on me too, so doubly-hard. But this is going to be a slow start. I don’t know if I can face another 19 days of this. It’s getting in the way.

Hope to complete my new mystery novel by tomorrow.  Yesterday, every word had to be dragged forcibly out of my head and onto the page. I either couldn’t settle or I couldn’t focus or I wanted to eat, or something. Always something.

However, I did my yoga practice first thing, and while I was mid-asana I had a sneezing fit. Immediately, the headache and the sluggishness went. Vanished. Now I’m fine. Oh, and the zits I kept getting on my left cheek – gone.

It’s typical to go to the toilet three times a day during a cleanse. I think Humaworm contains psyllium, which makes you, not runny exactly, but certainly prolific. Anyway, I noticed a couple of translucent threads in my bowel movement last night. I always think it’s just hairs in the bowl, but it didn’t really look like it. Was very excited that it might be more worms. So I leaped off the toilet, turned around to take a good close look – and, well, I had a little accident. Now I have to add ‘cleaning a rug’ to my list of chores today.

Day 12: Another rough one. Oh my lordy, do I feel awful today! Slept for almost 11 hours. More translucent threads in the toilet bowl, I notice, and also white blobs. These white things are candida, I think.

Decided to double down on the attack. Last year, when I got a five-inch white worm out during a liver flush, I was using a zapper at the same time. This is a little device I imported from South Africa which apparently electrocutes parasites as they sleep and breed, and it seemed to work. So I strapped that onto my arm last night and will wear it for the next few days.

According to the Orgonize Africa site: “All parasites and diseased tissues are positively charged. The zapper introduces negative ions through the skin and into the body’s living tissue, killing the parasites by reversing their polarity and also helping to heal the diseased tissue.”

So there it is. You can feel it pumping electricity through your skin all the time. The more acidic your body is, the more the electrodes tingle. Fascinating actually.

The parasites have had it pretty easy for the past few years, squatting in my system, being fed and watered, swimming each day in a heated pool. Now it’s time to evict them. They’re resisting like crazy, of course, which is why I feel so bad. Tired. Eyes watering. Headaches that come and go, and pains that shift around the body constantly. The cold symptoms vanished as quickly as they came, so that’s good, but I never feel ‘right’ or lively or upbeat, just depressed and drained. I guess August is the perfect month for this. Nothing else is happening – it’s a great time to feel horrible constantly.

18 days to go.

Day 13: Today was a big long day involving the amazing yoga session in Malibu, which was fantastic. I couldn’t afford to have a poo crisis suddenly while I was there, so as a preventative measure I had to skip my morning Humaworm tablets. This will probably have  a knock-on to tomorrow as well. It was worth it, though. Worms, you have a reprieve for now.

Before I left the house, there was a long string of white foamy phlegmy something in the toilet, which may have been mucus, but could have been candida. You’d think I’d get a book, wouldn’t you, and look these creatures up? But I simply flushed it all away without checking. In any case, I’ve not seen that before.

Blew my nose a lot all day. Incredible amount of stuff still pouring out.

My friend who has the 15″ worms that come out regularly (see above) has a vast garden full of organic fruits and vegetables. She took us around, plucking fresh raspberries and strawberries and handing them to me to eat. Fantastic flavor. But she was concerned.

“I don’t understand why I keep getting these long worm things,” she said as we walked. “It’s a mystery.”

But maybe it isn’t. Insects lay their eggs on plants. If you eat stuff straight from the garden, unwashed, those eggs and whatever else are going straight into your intestines, where I guess they hatch, live, feed, and breed. That makes sense to me anyway. And it did to her too. How weird that I would be the one to think of that. It’s so obvious really. Wash your fruit, lady.

Day 14: Feeling fine. All aches gone, feelings of sluggishness gone, and no worms or other suspicious objects in the toilet bowl for once. Things are looking up, finally.

Day 15: Halfway through, and unless it has some uncharted surprises in store for me, it looks like Humaworm has done its stuff. I feel great yet again, with no obvious alien beings wriggling in my stool, so all’s well on that score too.

I do notice that I have to get up to pee between two and four times a night, which suggests that Humaworm is still active, helping flush out smaller parasites, but otherwise…..nothing to report.

Oh, one other thing – for a long time now I’ve had dark crescents lining those little crevices on either side of my nostrils. Well, those have gone too. The skin is no longer dark. Quite fascinating.

Day 16: I was expecting this cleanse to slowly build to a glorious crescendo, but it appears that after a while you simply feel better and the whole rigmarole becomes regular and comfortable. Apart from the copious poos twice a day, there’s really nothing to report. Feel good all around, which, after a horribly shaky two weeks to start with, is a massive relief. So I suppose I should feel happy, not disappointed.

Day 17: The day’s big lesson about Humaworm: if you have a long day ahead and no opportunity to go poo, don’t take de-worming tablets in the morning. How I didn’t burst today I have no idea.  It’s not that anything bad was wanting to come out, but Humaworm, I believe, contains psyllium husks, and they promote colonic wellbeing. And nobody wants to be caught enjoying colonic wellbeing during a meeting.

Other than that, all’s well. Peeing and pooing inordinately, so it’s entirely possible that I’m jettisoning boatloads of parasites I can’t see. It just isn’t dramatic, and I feel great. Which is something, right?

Day 18: Oh lordy, could this be more boring? Apart from the fact that you constantly want to poo, I don’t see any difference between a person on Humaworm and one who’s not on it, that is once you break through the first-two-week barrier. Other people may be so chock full of worms and other parasites that the effects of die-off continue for weeks. Me – I’m just dandy. I’ve done liver flushes and Master Cleanses over several years, so maybe I’m relatively free compared to other folks.

The lasting effect seems to be: clearer skin. I’m not as sensitive to foods any more. That’s a major benefit. I do have one zit, though, that won’t go away. It’s in the dead center of my chin and, no matter what I do, it remains. That’s highly unusual, so I must account for it by saying, “Humaworm.” The tablets are on a covert mission. I don’t know what it is, but the pimple is the result.

Otherwise, as I say, just dandy.

Days 19 and 20: Two-thirds of the way through and feeling great. It’s possible that microscopic stuff is being jettisoned from my body and I don’t even know it, but there’s nothing obvious happening. Some people experience a relapse around this time, as though the body takes a rest to gather its forces then suddenly begins detoxing all over again, but in my case I may have been fairly detoxed to begin with, because I feel as fit as I’ve ever been.

Throughout this what-began-as-an-ordeal-then-got-better, I’ve been doing coffee enemas every three days. Normally, my partner and I, we do these twice a month, but because I wanted to empty my butt completely – it’s a technical term, don’t worry about it – I decided to give it a little help.

A coffee enema is a tremendous stimulant to the liver, increasing its performance in some cases by several hundred percent. You basically fill your small intestine with organic medium roast, following some very simple instructions, and lie on your right side for 12-15 minutes, doing so twice with two separate lots of room temperature coffee. This does wonders for your system. You feel brighter and look perkier afterwards, and the stuff that comes out can be startling.

I just heard that the best coffee for enemas, the one used by the Gerson Institute, is S.A. Wilson’s from Canada. 44% more caffeine! Bloody hell – I’ll be as high as a kite. Will give it a try and report back.

Day 21: Well, it looks like I’m clean. For the time being, nothing disturbing is emerging. But that could mean, as I said earlier, that things are coming out still, but they’re small. Entirely possible. The side-effects have gone, though. My complexion is definitely healthier looking, and if I do get reactions to foods, they seem to vanish at ten times the speed they did before. That’s tremendously empowering.

So 9 days to go. My Humaworm packet is almost empty. I’ll continue to the end – I never give up on things – but short of a major development, I think we’re done.

Day 22: Look the other way. Please, just go. I am not worthy of your attention today. I completely forgot to take my pills.

Well, it’s understandable – nothing dramatic has happened in over a week and after a while you get sick of staring into the toilet hoping for worms and getting nothing.

The pills are supposed to be taken twelve hours apart before meals. Tonight I ate dinner and didn’t give my Humaworm a thought. Just slipped my mind. I wound up taking them after dinner instead, and now I can’t get the taste off my breath. My punishment for taking my eye off the ball for a second.

So today the parasites won. They got a reprieve. Now, let’s move on and pretend this never happened, okay?

Day 23: BIG NEWS!

Just when I’d given up hope. My landing gear was down and I was cruising toward the terminal building, and there they are – parasites. Ta-daa!

For a start, last night I could not sleep. I lay awake for hours, which I never do. I never have insomnia. Plus, I have a strange zit-like boil thing on the side of my neck, which can’t be explained away by logical means. But that’s only the beginning. I went to the loo just now, and was quite shocked.

First, there was another of those translucent floaty things, about two inches long, a worm casing maybe, floating in the water. Haven’t had one of those in two weeks. But the most interesting thing of all was what lay around the water’s edge. Normally, I put almost everything I see in the bowl down to eating a lot of salad stuff, which can show up later in any manner of odd configurations when it drops out. But this was different.

Around the edges of the water, where the water laps up against the sides of the toilet, there were five little ‘things’. Short things. barely 0.75″ long,  lying half in, half out of the water, spaced around the bowl. Think about that: each one was half in, half out of the water, as though trying to escape. I have never seen anything like it. There was none in the the rest of bowl that I could see, only around the edge of the water.

Then, when I was performing a little cleaning ritual afterwards, on my hand I found a 1″ long yellowy-white hard thing. My first thought: it’s wet toilet paper scrunched up. But it didn’t look like toilet paper, it looked organic and dead.

So after 23 days, including a long vacant gap that was very depressing, something has finally shifted. Humaworm obviously keeps on toiling away, even when you’re not thinking about it. Fantastic.

Day 24: Woke up with pains in my left boobie. Those seem to have dissipated now. Keep waking up in the middle of the night with my body aching here and there.

No parasites in poop this morning. Not visibly anyway.

Day 25: Nothing noticeable in the toilet bowl today, apart from large patches of white stuff, which I think was a form of gas maybe, but not sure. I’m about to do another coffee enema, so we shall see.

However, there’s BIG news you should know about. Last night we went out to dinner at a friend’s house, which is always a difficult proposition for me, due to all the stuff I can’t eat. We didn’t know these guys well, and they didn’t know about my lifelong problem. It was just asking for trouble.

I have horrible food sensitivities. My skin reacts badly to cheese, meat, fried anything, cream, sugar…etc etc, so I almost freaked when every one of these was trotted out during the meal. In fact, it was made up 85% of these ingredients. There was nowhere for me to turn.

Normally, after a night like that, the following day I’m scared to look in the mirror. I can expect hives, rashes, even bits of skin flaking off. It’s ghastly. But today, guess what, people? My complexion is perfectly clear. Not a blip, no redness, no bubbling up, no spots. How wondeful.

So in that respect, it looks like my dear, fantastic new friend Humaworm has performed a very powerful service.

Day 26: Winding down now. Nothing to report. All aches and pains gone, nothing worth mentioning in my stools. There is a strange zit on my neck today that wasn’t there yesterday, so that’s a mystery. Otherwise, zlich.

I’m open to new developments, and even yearning for them, because I love doing this stuff personally, but we may be done.

Let’s see what happens tomorrow.

Day 27:  Oh dear. Well, here’s something unusual – my Humaworm tablets have run out!

I took the last two before dinner tonight. How can that be? I even skipped taking them twice during the past month, so theoretically at least I should have enough to last 31 days, not 30. But no, it’s day 27 and they’re all gone.


I may write to the people who make them and raise this point. I’ll let you know what they say, because that’s very bizarre, isn’t it?

I’ll also write one last blog entry tomorrow, in case the parasites enjoy a resurgence and do something spectacular, like the firework display at the end of the Olympics. I’ll also offer some final thoughts on the experience, dispensing wisdom freely to anyone who’s interested and thinking of doing something similar in the coming years.

Otherwise, that pretty much sews up the experience. I confess, I’m a little disappointed that it ran out before the 30 days. I didn’t see that one coming. Bummer.

Day 28: I am Huma-less. It felt strange to wake up today and NOT take my tablets. But the packet’s empty, even though there are, technically still three days to go, including today, on my 30-day parasite cleanse.

I shot off an email yesterday to the Humaworm people, laying out the broad strokes of the situation vis a vis my shortage of tablets. They replied first thing this morning with a response that, unless I’m misinterpreting its finer nuances, indicated that they’re as confused about this as I am.

“We are very interested in your blog and discussions on radio,”a lovely woman called Barbara wrote. “I appreciate you letting us know about the shortage of capsules…I will bring this to Stephen’s attention.”

Two questions about that: 1) who is Stephen? and 2) Although I’m sure he’s lovely too and means well, how will bringing my shortage of tablets to his attention resolve anything?

A friend of mine started her Humaworm course three days ago and feels terrible, she says. Good, it’s working. She emailed me a photo of her poo with a white floaty thing in it. I’ve had several of these. They look like shreds of toilet paper, but they’re not.

I, on the other hand, am feeling fine these days. Not too different to before, but fine. A lot of unidentified alien stuff has dropped out and been flushed away these past four weeks. I can only assume I am better off without it. My skin has improved, the rash on my neck has lessened – although it changes daily – but I still have a whistling in my ears which I wish would go away.

The Hunaworm company does a cleanse for Candida too, so that’s my next one. Whistling in the ears is frequently connected to a Candida Albicans overgrowth. However, during a cleanse, you are not allowed to touch sugar, sweet stuff, or anything that turns to sugar in your body. I mean, not at all. That’s tough and a real trial, but worth it if this pesky ringing will stop.

Can’t do anything for three months, though. Must give traumatized digestive system a rest. But, come October, I’ll be gearing up for the next one. I am determined to beat these little bastards, whatever it takes.

I’ll keep you posted.

Watch: Cash’s award-winning short film about the Master Cleanse: Fast and Very Loose.


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  1. jesterrace17

    hahahah oh boy, things are getting nastier by the minute…
    I de-wormed myself for the first time last year using a medication my doctor prescribed me. One dose every day for 3 days, heavy stuff but worked like a charm. Anyway, looking forward to reading more about your intestinal woes. Good luck.

    • I’m trying to avoid medication, but whatever works, I guess. I’m glad you got your parasites out. Congrats.

    • did you ever figure out the dark cresent shapes on either side of your nose? I have noticed that i have that too sometimes and have not been able to pinpoint it. I just started parastoy, i have used humaworm several times in the past, but its good to switch brands.

      • Pinpoint, no. But when I was on the raw food diet for 100 days, the darkness disappeared completely, so it’s either the toxins from cooked fatty food – because that’s where I get tiny zits if I eat, say, sausages or ham, or it’s simply a detoxing byproduct of consuming wheat, sugar, and dairy. That’s my theory.

  2. :-X
    Have to clean the bathroom rug huh? LOL…I spit up my coffee…hang in there!

  3. Sounds like you had great results for your first try at Humaworm. I am surprised that you have great BMs during it. Humaworm constipates me and I have to take things and do enemas to make me go.
    Tell your friend it can take 2 to 4 years to get rid of parasites doing a cleanse every 3 months.

    Right now I am doing a liver cleanse and getting all kinds of biting in my liver. I got a worm out last night, but I am not seeing worms like I once was so hopefully that mean I am slowly getting rid of them. This has been a long hard journey and all of my symptoms seem to be gone. I will continue to do a parasite cleanse every 3 months and a liver cleanse once a month or so.

    I am searching for something to use in between parasite cleanses. Something that doesn’t have those ingredients in that also kills parasites. If you come across anything, would you please let me know?

    I wish you luck on your journey and don’t forget, the Humaworm will keep killing worms for a couple of weeks after you stop using it.

    • Thank you so much for writing. That’s very informative. I didn’t realize it could go on for so long. I will persist. So far, though, the symptoms of die-off have stopped. That’s encouraging. I admire your tenacity in staying the course. But I guess when the reasons are strong enough…

    • Thank you so much for writing. That’s very informative. I didn’t realize it could go on for so long. I will persist. So far, though, the symptoms of die-off have stopped. That’s encouraging. I admire your tenacity in staying the course. But I guess when the reasons are strong enough… BTW, maybe I don’t get constipated because I’m mainly pursuing the raw food diet. That’s possible. There’s not a lot to get stuck up there, frankly.

  4. Well….Im happy that critters have emerged. Im also a litle disgusted….LOL Good for you Cash! As for the coffee enemas…I have to ask…what is the purpose of a Coffee Enema?

  5. Pingback: Deaf? Welcome to the 21-day Hearing Experiment. | Was It Something I Said?

  6. Dear Cash, I am glad to find your blog by accident. I was looking for de-warm and ended up here. Read it all and love it, all the informations are very usefull.
    And plus I watch and really enjoy your program , which is here in Brazil tv now.It makes me laugh, I really like your aproach to people and places as we can see you are natural and say what came up on your i love it!!!!!!!!!!
    I am passing by the same stuffs as you did, with less side effects but still getting rid of parasites inside my body..they are plenty and I have no idea how they ended up here and why there are so many!!!;-(
    thanks thanks , and congrats about the tv show

    • How great, Adri. Glad you enjoy the show – thank you so much.

      It’s also good that you’re getting parasites out. I found it very difficult, but in the end I was happy I did it.

      Thanks for writing.


  7. I’ve ceased my parasite cleanse, twice, simply because THIS IS NOT SOMETHING TO TRY BY ONESELF. A caring partner, or paid home care worker, is an important component of treatment. Solo attempts may end in confrontation with unanticipated and/or obvious strategic flaws.
    I’m not taking Humanworm; I opted for a simple Oil of Oregano dose, daily, with supportive astragalus, echinacia, & goldenseal. The oil of oregano is very effective, and not recommended: die off commenced within days, and resulted in horrific edema after a slowish-building anaphylactic shock event. Something stung the back of my leg – I’m allergic to most venomous creatures, like tiny things that live in tall grass – then over the course of about 1 3/4 hrs, my feet, ankles, calves, knees, thighs, nether regions, all the way up to my waist, swelled up and stayed that way.
    Little cuts appeared on my calves and tops of my thighs, and my knees seemed to have forgotten all about a lifetime of Osgood-Schlatter’s. Everything once shapely to the point of, well, pointy, was now in elephantitis mode.
    I use the past tense euphemistically,
    Bloody sputum results, should I lay down to rest. A band of high-pressure moved from ankles to neck: worrisome. Edema is bad enough, but this was kinda embolism-ic. And in fact, after finally succeeding in booking an appt with a local county office MD and calling a friend for a ride, I began to lose track of left vs. right, numbers and letters, concepts and action. Oh, it was scary. All the women in my family die of stroke, but none so early as 42 and none with fat unlovely fingers. I invited my mother to come take care of me for a couple days. Via anonymous outgoing voicemail. Whatever: she’s not been welcome since participation in domestic violence that lost me everything plus most intangibles, 4 years ago; just as well my message was lost, …
    Its taken 2 days to recover from her remote 911 call. Got my language skills back, and holding-a-pen prowess is nonpareil, so there’s that.
    I’ve never been that hypersensitive a girl, before, but have known since the big assault that tiny little things might come from nowhere, or from little labeled baggies and vials, and bite you in the ass for no good reason. Best have a good stalwart friend around to help navigate, and calibrate for comedic effect vs. spooky eek,

    • Thank you. I so agree. A support system, healthcare professionals, informed advice are just as important.

      I’m always a lone guinea pig for these things, but with something as horrific-sounding as this, a doctor of some kind is vital.

  8. DId they ever send you more Humaworm or respond to the shortage? I received 60 capsules total, but it says take 2, 2x a day, which means that will not last 30 days. Same two packages as you. I’m confused….

    • No, they didn’t. In fact, while I think their product probably works for some people, the worst aspect of the company seems to be their customer service. I ceased to trust them for that reason alone. If people have a problem, they should deal with. They certainly didn’t deal with mine, which is a shame.

  9. monroe444

    I just received my Humaworm and Humacleanse order and I am now officially scared. I can’t take time off from university – I won’t have more than a week off for over a year – but I’m afraid I’ll make myself so sick I will mess up on exams. Do you think I’ll be safe?

    I’m also very interested in your handwriting analysis. How does it help people change their life, though?

    • Well, I don’t know, of course. Every body is different; we all react in our own way. I do know that I wasn’t well for a lot of the month I was doing it. The result of the parasite cleanse was outstanding, I felt. But it can affect people in extreme ways, I hear, so you need to be careful. Isn’t there a natural health practitioner you can consult, just to make sure?

      The handwriting analysis, from the feedback I receive, seems to be a strong endorsement of the soul’s journey, and how far someone may have strayed from the path, if at all. It puts in sharp perspective any outstanding issues and mirrors them back at you. In so doing, it provides a document that can be consulted over and over as a way of checking in how you’re doing in life. It may sounds weird, but I’ve never had it done – since I’m the doer, the channel – so I can only go by what people tell me. But usually they go nuts over it, that’s the best I can tell you.

      • monroe444

        Thank you, Cash. So far, so good, although the initial energy I had at the beginning of the week has dissipated. I haven’t yet found a good naturopath where I live – the ones I have seen don’t seem to be up on current nutritional findings. I find a lot of people don’t believe in cleanses, as well, which can make staying on a cleanse even tougher when they question what I’m trying to do.

        You have a very interesting blog and I will order the handwriting analysis when I can save some money up. I’m looking forward to that!

      • Thank you. This whole thing seems fascinating. Everyone’s finding stuff out for themselves and what works for them. Finding the right person to advise is also important, or joining a group of like-minded souls.

        Looking forward to doing the writing.

  10. So glad to find someone who can concur with the “crappy” feeling that goes along with getting out the crap-Thank you!

  11. Hi. I hope you are still well 🙂 I just wanted to thank you in advance for having the guts to try this!! I’ve been hearing a lot about humaworm, kind of thought it was a hoax, but after reading your personalized experiences, I’ve worked up the courage to place my order. Hopefully it will be the cure to all my problems.

  12. I have been working with a nutritionist, and have lost 20 pds and now I eat very clean. Well, over a weekend, I wanted to go out sat night, but felt like crap all day, and had a headache, which is very rare for me. About 2PM on sunday, passed something “ropey” about the length of 3 Q-TIPS, and bingo- headache gone. But, I have to believe there are more parasites inside me. My health store guru recommended “paragone” by Brenda Watson’s company, so I’ve ordered it from EBAY at half the price health food stores charge. It’s a longer gentler cleanse, but I know parasite cleanses are horrible, but I just can’t live with the fact or suspicion of letting those bastards live inside and feed off of me- they have to GO!!
    And I remember how great I’ve felt in the past when a cleanse was over.
    It seems it is almost impossible to avoid getting these damn things, but thank God we have numerous ways to get them out

    • 3 Q-tips? Good grief, that’s huge. My guess is that most of us having these things inside of us, we just never get them out, and can’t face going through the hassle of doing it. It’s amazing to me that doctors don’t study this more.

  13. Hi Cash, LOVED your diary of Humaworm. Very funny and sooo informative – no one ever talks honestly about this. Your details were very helpful!

  14. good post. i have a few thoughts.

    my dog is taking (and so is my family) something close to humaworm now. today (day 2) i saw what looked like white hairs (.25″) on a day old poop of his. they could be his hair…but he’s mostly black haired. ore maybe escaping pin worms. i think some of the ingredients in humaworm stun the worms so maybe they came to after he pooped them.

    they look like pin worms a bit. and i know we adults have pin worms. i really need a microscope to take a look.

    zits: i have read accounts of zits actually containing small worms. also of rashes being a die off symptom.

    no worms in stool: i’ve read they can be partially digested and hard to ID.

    stopping earl: i’m no expert but it seems you want to dose for the entire life cycle. giving them a reprieve may be an opportunity for them to lay eggs etc.

    i’m going to down this parasite road myself now….

  15. I have a holistic dr. Doing a cleanse – Chinese – anyhow I experienced all of your above, but I have to be sure, so the stringy things in the toilet I see, many of the in vary different sizes in length are worms or parasite? Please answer..I am not crazy am in?

    • God knows, I’m not a person who can advise you. All I know is that when I did the Humaworm thing, every time I looked into the toilet there seemed to be alien strings and blobs in there. I never went to the trouble of identifying them. I just know I’ve never seen anything like them outside of the parasite cleanse. Maybe there were no parasites per se, maybe I was just cleansing age-old stuff from my body. Who knows? But it sure seemed to me like I was seeing worms, or thread-like organisms, or something very odd.

  16. Nice blog.

    I have followed Dr. Clark’s cleanses and flushes and have been using zappers for over 14 years now.

    It is good to see something posted. Sorry that you had to go for a less expensive and less effective zapper, but they all work to some extent which is great.

    Actually, there are only 2 real problems with the Orgonize Africa unit, the contacts are way too small and too close together to have the maximum benefit.

    Two important points:

    Electricity takes the shortest path: straight from one electrode to the other.

    The smaller the contact area, the higher the resistance to the electrical signal.

    Also, the yucky experience is well worth while to get all of that junk out.

  17. i have never tried a zapper to treat parasites but i have taken an herbal cleanse called ridset before with really good results! ive heard others say they have taken it numerous times a year to keep parasites away and thinking of doing the same!. great info on this blog!

  18. Hi Cash,

    Great BLOG and thank you. I ordered my Humaworm from Australia and it arrived in 2 weeks. I decided to count them and can confirm there are 2 packets of tablets (120 in total).
    One thing I was curious about is the zapper. It seems there may have been a turn around in your treatment at the time of the zapper being brought into the picture. Its possible that this could be coincidence but there did appear to be an uplift from that point in the blog, in my opinion. I am curious if you think that the zapper played a big part in this result? I have reviewed there site and it all sounds good to me but does sound a little hippy dippy too. Hence the feedback 🙂


    • I totally agree, Greg. The problem with all these things is that you never quite know if something works, or even contributes to healing. For both the candida cleanse and the Humaworm cleanse I used the zapper to hurry things along, based on claims I read on I certainly don’t think the zapper made things worse, but whether it actually made a significant contribution to the whole plan is debatable.

  19. Thanks for sharing your experience, a strangely entertaining read… “BTW, no worms evident in the toilet this morning. I get very disappointed now when that happens.” Hahahaha!

  20. Wow, I am twenty three and have never even thought of the prospect of parasites in me before since I felt I cooked my food well and was sure to keep clean hands. I don’t know, I was just very BIG on cleanliness. But after reading more about it, I realised this was most likely something that has bothered me for sometime now. Especially a few vivid dreams I have had of bugs in my body before. Again, I don’t know. But I am still new to all of this really, I wasn’t exactly brought up with this type of info. And I’m not making any excuses, of course.

    After reading this and Manny others I really do want to do this however I am afraid to. I have noticed strange things in my BM but still not sure. I am trying to figure out the best way to start my body cleAnse. My question is would it best to start with a colon cleanse and a liver and kidney cleanse before doing homeworm? Same with rapper, kind of hard to find one a good price besides the cheap one put together on ebay.

    • And unfortunately I’m not knowledgable enough to advise you. Only a health professional can do that, so that’s the direction you should go. Personally, I’ve done every kind of cleanse and was very satisfied with what came out each time, but still ended up doing Humaworm and the rest. I guess everybody’s different. Sorry not to be more help, but good luck on your quest for good health.

  21. LOL! You’re right; people that haven’t experienced a parasite cleanse do not want to hear about it!
    About a month ago, after feeling tired and sluggish (even upon awakening!) I started food-grade diatomaceous earth. In 7-8 days, a very thin long coiled “thing” appeared in the bowl……a few days later, an egg sack which looked like an empty kernel of corn. Now my nose is running like crazy, and I see tiny thread-like things in the tissue (some clear, some blood red). Arthritis is gone, chest congestion is clearing up, energy is returning, and my skin looks — younger, healthier.
    [Remainder of message withheld, as it promoted a specific product]

    • I tried diatomaceous earth for a time a few years ago, and found it made me bleed Downstairs. Is that common, I wonder? I know it can work for parasites, but because it’s made of crushed shells or calcified animals or whatever, I was told it’s putting too much calcium in the body and an excess of calcium is responsible for a whole load of different woes. David Wolfe’s opinion, not mine.

  22. I just found you blog by accident, and in one month I have seen things and only with the enema cleansing, kit…from Walgreens. I will have to take photo’s too. I have a cystic acne condition and mites on face, I put rubbing alcohol on it daily and tea tree oil, one month see huge difference. More energy too.

  23. Hello sir, nice writeup! I enjoyed it. I might try the Humaworm. We just bought Paratrex and using other methods along with it like a Pumpkin/Papaya Seed Raw Cows milk yogurt smoothie, diatomaceous earth, pungant spices and a few other things. Using this to help recover my son from autism and myself from a severe anxiety disorder.

    I know many people believe sugar is very bad for you. I am not one of them, sugar is our energy source and completely removing it from ones diet is dangerous in my opinion. Even when doing a candidia cleanse we stay with dates and raw honey(which is anti bacterial). The following link helps explain more in detail. But I am not affiliated with her site, I just found it a while back.
    Another way to look at ti is if you are taking something, like ant-bacterial foods/herbs and populating your gut with healthy bacteria(which also feed off sugar) why would consuming sugar sources, fruit, raw honey be bad? Would the bad bacteria dying off see food and no longer die? In my opinion the best way to do a candida die off is to include a probiotic in the morning and one at night, and increase the amount you take of both of those to a high amount each time trying to not make yourself too sick too fast in conjunction with eating many varieties of anti-bacterial foods like raw coconut oil, propolis, etc. Which I am sure the humaworm people have a good amount of anti-bacterial herbs in their product.

  24. Hahahaha this made me laugh so hard, amazing article.

  25. Have you tried clinoptilite also referred to as zeolite? Its was first discovered accidentally in ancient times as a water purifier. No side effects. It is used in places like Chernobyl to get rid of radiation. Its used to get rid of heavy metal poisoning. Its also used in animal fed cause it binds with toxins created by parasites and such that get in their feed. It basically binds with everything bad & rids it from your body. Toxins created by candida, viruses and parasites can be removed by clinoptilite and reduce if not eliminate them. Its all natural and no side effects ( unless you stupidly inhale a bunch of it which can cause lung problems). I use it when I’m not feeling right & it clears me right up. Great as a skin & body mask too. Just remember to blend a tsp. with water & stay well hydrated or it can clump up & cause constipation. With a healthy diet & this stuff its perfect! You can also take it on camping trips to purify water.

  26. I’m really interested in trying this since I’ve been overly exhausted, had dandruff that will NOT go away, had hair loss, get hives occasionally…but I’m just TOO scared. I know I want the critters out of me, but I’m scared to see them in the toilet! I’m sure I probably have and been oblivious to it…but I liked it that way. And now that I have read about all of this. I’m just so freaked out. All I’ve had today are walnuts. What can I do to get over this fear? I’m going to have my SO do this cleanse with me in January, but what can I do to mentally and physically prepare? I’ve heard stories about people having to “assist” long tapeworms out and people feeling crawling under their skin and see worms coming out of orifices. This is like some really bad scary movie!

    • The first stop for us all has to be a healthcare professional. Reading and getting information from a variety of sources is important, but in the end there’s no substitute for professional advice. That’s where I’d start if it were me. Good luck with it.

      • This theory should still be fact checked but from my experience and what I’ve read of others, the reason you didn’t notice you had parasites for so long (like virtually all of us) is because they really thrive inside and underneath the mucoid plaque lining all of our intestines from all the preservatives and other indigestible stuff we’ve all eaten (i.e crayons when we were kids ) which also blocks full nutrient absorption. I didn’t notice my parasite infection until I shed that mucoid plaque which is thick like tar. Then I developed leaky gut syndrome and resultant food allergies. From what I’ve read the holes in my intestinal lining were literally holes those demonic worms ate in me. That cleanse (a la “Heal and Cleanse Thyself”) is what unleashed the beast within with major parasite symptoms. I think the mucoid plaque acts like a protective barrier so any stubborn cases should look into removing it. I’ve read of people battling this scourge for a decade and this might be a necessary part of the cure. Hope this helps! Thank you for your service in providing this very helpful first hand account!

      • You’re welcome. That definitely resonates me. When I had a series of colonics, millions of shards of mucoid plaque came out, so I’d like to think that I’m rid of most of it. It prevents the absorption of nutrients apparently, but given the chance Candida and parasites will burrow through it, I was told. There are times I wish I had medical knowledge. But certainly doing the cleanse helped flush out a lot of things that didn’t belong in there. Thank you so much for getting in touch. I appreciate the input.

      • That resonates totally. Thank you. I did get some mucoid plaque out during a series of colonics, but maybe that was a small amount and I need to remove more. All very constructive.

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