OMG, could THIS be the final solution to our candida problems?

Taming the Beast Within Final CoverBlocked ears.  Multiple sclerosis.  Diabetes.  Acne.  Cancer.  Rashes.  Cold hands and feet.  Tinnitus.  Food allergies and sensitivities.  Digestive issues.  Itching. Sugar cravings. 

Problem: having Candida overgrowth and not understanding why you have ailments that won’t go away.

Possible solution: information! Read a book that explores the whole Candida phenomenon and arrives at a unique conclusion that could impact your whole life.

ThursdayMorningMemo1400x1400LISTEN NOW to Cash talking about Candida and what he believes is the REAL cause of yeast infections, on his podcast The Thursday Morning Memo. Also available on iTunes. 


Some years ago, I was lured into having a course of colonics. I’m not sure why I did it. For kicks, probably, knowing me.

It involves lying on a table while an expert irrigationist in a white coat takes a tube and floods your intestines with warm water, pressing on your belly at the same time and flushing out all manner of horrors into a sink. Horrors that may have been stuck up there since childhood, including undigested food, mucoid plaque, and other debris.

It was more pleasant than it sounds, actually. In fact, I only stopped doing it after I arrived at the clinic one time and found the woman openly smoking a joint. Sorry, dear, but if you’re going to perform a delicate medical procedure on my rectum, I want you firm of hand and mind. That’s just me.

However, before I fired her, she said something alarming that stuck with me. She was examining the tube to see what was being flushed out and exclaimed, “My god, you are a candida factory, aren’t you?”

“I am?

I tried to sound horrified, but in reality I had no idea what she meant.

Turns out, candida albicans is a microorganism. A yeast actually, and it’s essential to our good health. Without being asked to, it consumes heavy metals, undigested food, excess sugar, and various toxins that might overload our system otherwise. So three cheers for candida. But then, at other times, like guests who come to your home and stay too long, it can go nuts and take over.

candida-albicansA candida albicans overgrowth, or candidiasis as it’s known, is NOT fun. At its worst, the yeast turns into a beast. Colonies escape the main pack and start roaming the body, pitching camp and causing trouble. They’re like physiological Vikings. Their steady, slow imagesinvasion is similar to having an intelligent malignant force running rampant through your organs. That’s at the most extreme end of things, but those cases are rare, and are to be found in people with severely compromised immune systems. Half of them will most likely die of their problems. That’s how serious this is. Long before that happens, there’s a more common low-level kind of candida overgrowth. The Viking Level.

Vikings don’t care what inconvenience they cause, and their meddling can lead to all kinds of weird and mysterious ailments. Doctors might spend years looking at your symptoms and still not figure out that they’re caused by, of all things, yeast.

Symptoms of a candida overgrowth can apparently include prostate problems, fatigue, brain fog, cold hands and feet, spaciness, zits from leaky gut, odd rashes that linger inexplicably, food/sugar cravings, rectal itch, hemorrhoids, loss of sex drive, heartburn, a ringing in the ears, deafness, lack of impulse control – I mean, heck, it goes on and on – there’s a whole scary checklist. I went down it, marking off my symptoms, and found to my horror I had approximately all of them. Well, nine anyway.

There are about half a dozen ways to test for candidiasis. These range from the reliable and the scientific right down to ‘Oh, shut up!’ quackery.

spit-testThe oft-suggested way to test for it is known as the spit test. Many experts I’ve come across scorn this approach as unreliable at best, but according to the National Candida Center (was there ever a more venerable institution?), first thing in the morning, before you go putting anything else in your mouth, spit into a glass of water. Make sure it’s saliva and not mucus. The spit’s activity over the next fifteen minutes will indicate whether you have issues. If it floats on the surface, you’re fine. If it sinks to the bottom in clouds, then you probably have candidiasis at some level. If it forms odd filament-like vertical strings from the top to the bottom, you also could have a candida overgrowth, it seems. This is all according to the NCC anyway. (Some people doubt the test has any value. See comments section below.)

Most of my spit sank. Sank, and hung ominously about the bottom of the glass like tweens around a McDonald’s. There wasn’t much of it, just three clouds with a couple of strings, but that’s enough, I guess, to set off alarm bells.

So what causes candida to thrive excessively, and eventually possibly turn into a Viking horde? Oh, many possible reasons, it seems.

  • Overuse of antibiotics. Doctors routinely prescribe antibiotics for this and that as if they were M&Ms. Problem is, each time we take them, as well as doing what they’re supposed to do, they interfere with our system and encourage candida to spread. Plus, there are antibiotics in milk, meat, and poultry, so over the years we’ve been getting a steady supply. Every regular latte you drink, every unorganic burger you eat, every processed chicken dinner. Oh my god.
  • Amalgam fillings. Seems candida loves anything metal. It uses heavy metals as a life raft and clings onto them. Imagine! Which is exactly what Vikings would do too, by the way. Candida thrives on mercury vapors from those old fillings, which are released every time you chew.
  • candy barsSugary, oily diet. Anything from bread to cake (the Food of Kings) to nuts to candy to…well, probably whatever you eat most days for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Not to alarm you or anything. Anyway, it’s funny, I think, that eating candy may lead to candydiasis.
  • Chlorinated water.
  • Birth control pills. (Not guilty on this one. But it’s the only one!)
  • Radiation from medical exams.
  • Lifestyle. Anything fun, really – alcohol, sodas, chockies…they all feed the Vikings.
  • But according to a fascinating post on Curezone not long ago, the real fundamental cause of candida overgrowth may actually be too much fat in the diet. OMG. Really?

And that’s where this experiment we’re about to do gets very, very interesting.

“When you eat too much fat,” the post says, “the fat starts coating all the cells and their receptor sites in your body, which makes it harder for insulin to do its job, and any of the glucose that can’t get into the cells remains in the bloodstream. High sugar in your blood is dangerous, so your backup system (candida) begins to eat all the excess sugar in the bloodstream. A side-effect of this is that the candida population starts to grow in size, but soon returns back to healthy levels once all the excess sugar is gone.

images-1“The problem arises when people continually eat too much fat. That indirectly causes a constant supply of excess sugar in the bloodstream which keeps feeding the candida, causing the population to bloom out of control, and that is why candida is “nearly impossible to kill,” because even if you did start killing off the excess candida population, a person’s high fat diet will just keep indirectly fueling it.”

(I’ve added punctuation to this, otherwise it was just one long breathless rant.)

The post is written under a pseudonym, but whoever’s behind it is a genius.

Screen shot 2013-01-26 at 8.58.59 AMThere’s also a great little video you can watch HERE, in which a smart, healthy-looking woman called Rosslyn Uttley Moore points at blobs on a board, explaining why fat is the root cause of candidiasis.

As you’re aware, I’m no medical expert (if you’re in any doubt about this, please click on the Disclaimer tab at the top of the page, that’ll convince you) so by all means research this for yourself. Do not rely only on what others say, especially me. But as far as I’m concerned at least, this revelation is one of the most significant I’ve heard in the past ten years.

Of course fat is the problem. Why did I not think of this before?

Because it may be something else, that’s why!

But for now let’s say it’s not. Let’s say fat plays a role in candida overgrowth. What then?

An Amazing Breakthrough

Almost everything I ever eat has some kind of fat in it somewhere. And yes, the body needs fat, but surely not as much as I’ve been giving it.

For decades I drank lattes – which contain fat. I ate burgers and fries – they contain fat. Cheese – fat. Cookies, cakes, chips – fat, fat, fat. Good grief! And where there’s fat there’s very often salt and wheat and dairy and sugar, or combinations of these.

More recently, to help clear up a hearing problem and tinnitus caused, I believe, by candidiasis, I switched to a 70-80% raw vegan diet. And guess what, many of the things I eat on that diet now contain fat as well: avocados, nuts, oils, and images-2seeds, for instance. I also eat salmon – contains fat; I drink goat’s milk – fat; consume bread – fat; chocolate now and then – fat; and will allow myself to splurge and eat normally at parties and dinners, which means I consume even more fat. In short, it’s a disaster. I even drink a tablespoon of coconut oil twice a day. More fat.

With that kind of steady continual fat build-up, glucose is probably struggling to feed my cells and can’t. So when I put sugar in, in any form whatsoever, it stays in my bloodstream, causing the candida to go bonkers and start running around my body creating havoc – blockages, ringing in the ears, rashes, pimples. To me, it makes perfect sense.

Even so, and even if fat plays a role, I think there’s more to the story. Fact is: there are many things we eat that we shouldn’t be eating. We know they’re bad for the body and cause blockages and inflammation, but we continue devouring them because they taste so great. I’m only passing on what I’ve read in books and blogs, and, in one case, the leaflet inside a box of kefir starters, but what they all seem to say is that the chief culprits oftentimes are dairy, wheat, sugar, and excessive salt. The first three in particular appear to play a large role in the development of a candida overgrowth. But isn’t it true that, generally speaking, when we eat these things, we’re often eating fat too? It’s true for me anyway.

A dear friend of mine, Ruth, died two years ago. She was extremely deaf by the end of her life, sadly, and things became very difficult. But here’s the thing about her – she wrote cookbooks, featuring food that was alarmingly old-school. Lashings of lard, cheese, butter, cream, pastry, oils, sugar, salt, meat, etc. (At her memorial service, guest speakers stood at the lectern and read out her recipes. It was hilarious.)


Cinnamon roll

Ruth used to boast that she never ate vegetables, and would laugh hysterically at my healthy diet. Every day of her life she’d get up and cram down a couple of cinnamon rolls, and what are cinnamon rolls if not two giant lumps of fat, sugar, salt, and wheat crafted into balls?

Every other meal she had was pretty unhealthy too, jammed with all the wrong things.

Wheat, I learned recently, creates mucus and can cause inflammation as well as a bunch of other side-effects. Dairy is mucus-causing in a major way. Salt can contribute to blockages in the ears due to fluid retention. (How it does that I have no idea, but it came in a bulletin from the hospital, so I guess there must be some validity to it.) Food additives and preservatives generate problems that we don’t even begin to understand. Additionally, Ruth smoked for most of her adult life – more mucus created.

Another example: look at Rush Limbaugh, and how overweight he seems. That tells me his diet ain’t that good. Plus he smokes cigars, which is a bad idea on all kinds of levels. Advanced Bionics Cochlear Implant

He thinks he looks so smooth, right?

He thinks he looks so smooth, right?

Well, guess what – turns out, Rush is deaf too. He has had operations, and he wears a device called a Cochlear Implant on his head to help him pick up vibrations. But here’s the thing: what if….I mean, it’s crazy, I know…but what if his problem is not defective hearing at all, but a blockage caused by mucus and various forms of inflammation due to diet, and even candida? What if he quit smoking those damn cigars and changed his diet for a year to a raw food-based nutrition system – would that help, I wonder? According to my theory, it just might.

What about Beethoven? He began losing his hearing at 27, with chronic tinnitus, The Beetand was totally deaf by 1815, when he was just 44. But hey, you know what the German diet consists of? Cakes, bread, cream, fat, sugar, salt, meat – everything that clogs up the body. What if there was nothing wrong with Ludwig’s hearing? What if he simply had a gluten allergy, or the salt, dairy, and sugar were too much for him, with candidiasis stirring the pot as well somewhere? An amazing thought, right?

Anyway, my point is, maybe that’s why my dear friend Ruth’s hearing was so bad. Maybe, because she had an out-of-control sugar, salt, wheat, dairy, and fat intake and therefore mucus and inflammation build-up in her body, it resulted in candida overgrowth, caused in part by glucose not being processed properly. I know she struggled with expensive hearing aids for years, when perhaps all she needed to do was cut down on the bad stuff for a while, giving her body time to adjust itself. Just a theory for the moment, but pretty massive if it’s right.

Which brings us to an even more amazing idea.

Hearing loss is rife among the elderly, right? How many of our older friends and relatives are forced to wear hearing aids past a certain age? Doctors tell us, “It’s just a normal part of growing old.” But what if it isn’t? What if hearing loss in seniors is simply a product of eating the wrong things over a lifetime, things the body has problems processing, and, bit by bit, that unprocessed junk has clogged things up, causing candida to go crazy and block the ears? There’s no way for medical procedures to detect that, I don’t think, or even make the connection. And every day, because more salt, wheat, sugar, and dairy are being eaten, together with more fat, the condition never gets a chance to right itself.

In which case, all the elderly would have to do is trim back their diet to healthy, regulated levels and, perhaps, over a few months their ears would recover. Wow. (In my case, however, before we get excited, I should say that reducing my sugar, wheat, dairy, and general fat intake is like a license to become anorexic, have no energy, and look ill. People have actually asked me, “Are you sure you don’t have HIV?” Incredible.)

Taming the Beast Within Final Cover[UPDATE: August 2014] There’s so much information floating around out there, so many books, so many blogs – I found it hard to separate the good stuff from the bad. If you want a source of info that’s practical and unlike all the others – try this. It’s called Taming the Beast Within and is available HERE on Amazon. The results I got were ASTOUNDING!]

See post on the home page of this blog: Candida: a new weapon in the war.

So what now? 

Well, first, I’d recommend you to read the Disclaimer above. Just click on the tab. Always useful to know.

After that….clearly, this is a vast and complex topic with many different strands to it – like candida itself, in fact. I can barely scrape the surface in a short blog post like this one. But last year I did a 30-day Humaworm Parasite cleanse and chronicled it. You can read the blog HERE.

Also, if you haven’t clicked on the Disclaimer yet, do so now. It’s at the top of this page. That way you’ll know I’m just a layman who likes to experiment with alternative health remedies and pass on the results.

The cleanse was extremely successful for me, and, in terms of traffic, is the most popular one I’ve ever written, mainly because of the results. I got a whole tapewormbunch of strange things out of my system during those 30 days, including worms. Just recently, I noticed that the same company, Humaworm, makes pills to combat candida overgrowth as well. And of course I can’t see something like that and not get excited. So I ordered them on the spot.

Because here’s the truth – I always have rashes or other odd skin problems; I told you, I get dizzy sometimes, I have cold hands and feet, sugar cravings, ringing in my ears, shifting deafness in one or both ears…it goes on and on. All of them candidiasis symptoms. Plus, the colonics woman confirmed I have industrial-strength candida overflowing out of my system. I’m essentially a walking yeast dispenser.

So, for the next 30 days, I’m going to sweep it all out. The candida won’t thank me, but it has to go. At the same time, I will be cutting down drastically on my fat intake each day. That way I can see if the two are related.

Of course, I’ll be chronicling my progress with Humaworm’s Candida Cleanse – or, as I call it, Viking Be Gone. In the instructions that come with the bags of pills it says you can continue to eat a normal diet while on the cleanse, but I’m ignoring that. I’m hardcore, remember. I’ll be cutting out all the things that cause these rugged Norse invaders to multiply abnormally – sugar, of course, but dairy, wheat, nuts, oils, soy, and even bananas (oh my lord, it seems bananas are horrific in their impact on candida!) Whatever it takes to rid myself of these horrible symptoms. [For an entirely different candida experiment, and perhaps a magic potion, click here.]

Hey, here’s an idea: why not come along on this journey with me? Bookmark this page or subscribe to it on your RSS feed, and read what’s happened each day. Let’s suffer together. And I say suffer because, when parasites die off, the effects can be horribly debilitating. That’s been the case in the past; I expect no less from my darling candida.

The 30-day Humaworm Candida Cleanse

DAY 1: Took the first two Humaworm tabs last night. Got drowsy early and fell into bed. This morning, I woke up with a thick head, blocked ear, and awful sensation of DIZZINESS. Yay! We’re on our way. The tabs contain an herb called wormwood, I think. And wormwood, someone just told me, can cause dizziness and other side effects. So if this is true, then dizziness and Humaworm’s candida cleanse may go hand in hand. We shall see.

Feeling very tired and lackluster already, and my very first poop on the cleanse already showed up white blobs, plus strange curly things in the water that look like hairs but aren’t. This is powerful stuff. I’ll keep you posted.

DAY 2: Tiny STABBING PAINS. That’s today’s big news. The first full day on the candida cleanse gave my system fair warning that the next week or so is not going to be pleasant, and it responded petulantly, with shifting aches – above my eyes, in my head, on the bottom of my feet, and so on. I got ZITS as well, even though I didn’t eat the things I’m allergic to, and I woke up exceedingly dizzy yesterday. Same today, as a matter of fact. In other words, the candida die-off seems to be accentuating the problem to begin with, getting worse before it gets better.

Had big gray rings under my eyes, and also the dizziness, which lasted ’til lunchtime and was a little creepy and worrying. Could yeast have such a grip on my body that it controls whether I walk in a straight line or not?

DAY 3: Woozy in the morning and zitty all day – that seems to be what it amounts to. I wake up and am a little unsteady on my feet. Left ear blocked more than usual, and one glance in the mirror tells me I have pimples on my face, especially an eyebrow pimple that doesn’t look like it has plans to leave any time soon. Yesterday, I got a very sharp pain in my abdomen five minutes after swallowing the Humaworm tablets, and I regularly feel recurring aches in different parts of my body, but mostly my head. I’m also very spacey and stumbly, and my memory keeps lapsing.

Overall, then, I feel groggy, lackluster, HALF-DEAF in a weird, echoey kind of way, and ready for a significant development. Make that happen, Humaworm.

DAY 4: This has just become a whole new ballgame. [See breakthrough details above] 

Now that I’ve discovered that a candida overgrowth may be related to an excessive consumption of fat, I’m simply reducing my fat intake each day to miniscule levels for the next three weeks, to give my body a chance to begin redressing the imbalance. How exciting.

Today, though – rash on neck completely gone! Didn’t get out of bed feeling dizzy either. Zits on face already going away too. Hearing still bad, but the ears might take a while to unblock, if this new theory is true.

images-4Every morning I eat the same thing – a homemade breakfast cereal consisting of pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, and hemp seeds. All of these contain fat. I might then have an avocado on wholewheat toast – avocados are really fatty, and the toast contains fat too. It turns out that the health food I’ve been eating is the very thing that’s contributing to the problems.

Normal anti-candida diets tell you to lay off the fruit, since the sugar is feeding the candida. But if you cut down on the fat instead, you can probably have as much fruit as you darn well like. Again, another breakthrough if it’s true. Anyway, that’s what I’m having for breakfast today – an egg white omelet and fruit. I’ll drink green juice, have a plain salad with no dressing for lunch, and some vegetable soup for dinner.

So there we are. To me, this is more interesting than the most interesting thing I can think of. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

DAY 5:  Plenty of MUCUS to go around today. Come one, come all. Blowing my nose a lot, which is the body’s ways of ridding itself of stuff it doesn’t want. That’s why we get colds, of course, so I don’t suppress phlegm, and would never take tablets to dry my nose. I just let it all out.

The candida die-off – if there is any – is relatively tame, I’m noticing. I’d expected to suffer more with headaches, major limb aches, fatigue – at least. But really it’s been very easy. Later today I’ll do a coffee enema, to see if that helps things along. Having cleansed a fair bit over the years, I tend to feel disappointed if the result isn’t seismic. I want to feel bad and I want it now, damn it!

Yesterday’s diet was about as low-fat as a guy could go. Breakfast today has been grapefruit and green tea. (No fat there.) With fresh green juice to follow. (Ditto.) As a result I am not dizzy this morning, which is great. And my hearing has improved noticeably in my right ear. My left is taking its time and keeps fluctuating. Sometimes there’s an exact balance between the ears, in that both ears are blocked to the same extent and therefore I ‘don’t hear’ equally, which, in my world, is the equivalent of hearing pretty well. Happy about that, believe it or not.

Now that the focus has shifted away from eradicating sugar from my diet, which was my preoccupation initially, towards lowering my fat intake, things have become harder. Cutting out sugar is a breeze, whereas navigating my way through the rest of the week without taking in any fat is going to be difficult, since almost everything has fat in it. But we shall see. At the very least, when I eat out, I can always go for the low-fat option.

Feeling buoyed up and optimistic about this now.

Day 6: More zits, less rash. That’s today. Ears are much better, which is excellent news. Very crackly, and not so deaf. Something is shifting.

Last night, though, I woke up in bed with my FEET LIKE ICE. It stopped me sleeping, they were so cold and nothing would warm them. That, I believe, is also candida-related, so I’m not panicking. But there is no sign of actual candida anywhere – nothing coming out, that is to say. So I’m not sure what’s going on. Is it jammed so far up and clinging on so damned tightly that I can’t release it?



Anyone here like ghee? No, not the TV show, the clarified butter. I ask, because I made some ghee today, to help reduce fat intake even further.

Method: heat 3 sticks of butter in a saucepan on low for around 15 minutes, stirring occasionally. It will melt, then bubble erratically. The milk solids will rise to the surface and, magically, two minutes later, sink to the bottom. Take it off the heat and strain it into a ramekin. Place in the fridge ’til it goes solid. Voila! Clarified butter. Butter taste without the fat.

Kurt Hummel

Kurt Hummel

I am reminded, incidentally, by a lovely lady called Sylvia Hunter in the UK that ghee is still fat. However, it’s less fatty than butter, so it allows for a little indulgence. Even with this on the plate, I have still cut down on my regular fat-intake by, I would say, 85%. That’s not too shabby.

Day 7:  I have noticed two things, one of them with a certain amount of alarm.

First, I have a zit on my cheek now which won’t go away. It just fills and fills. That is part of the die-off, I must assume. But there’s no – zero, zilch – candida in the toilet bowl ever. If it’s in there, it’s not coming out. I do feel light-headed and I woke up with a head ache, that is to say an ache inside my whole head, which suggests something is happening.

More worrying, though, is that the coldness in my right foot that kept me awake last night has not gone away. It’s on the underside, where all the nerve endings are, and peculiarly has graduated to a kind of weird numbness now. My hope, since cold hands and feet are a side-effect of candida, is that this is just one more aspect of the die-off. If it continues, mind you, and my foot gets colder and more numb, I may have to stop the cleanse.

Clearly, we are approaching a crossroads.

Day 8: Developments.

No light-headedness today, so that’s something. The zit on my cheek has dried up very quickly. Experiencing odd aches and pains that last about twenty minutes then stop. In kidneys, in pancreas. The cold feet thing has cleared up too. I am, though, feeling noticeably colder in my extremities than I did before. That seems to be an element in this confrontation with candida. (That said, it’s cold here, so I can’t ignore that) Also, I have a constellation of small zits that came up across my hairline this afternoon. No reason given, they’re just there. My skin is volatile generally. I scarcely dare look in the mirror. In the mornings especially it’s horrific.

Not so goodThis morning I woke with a nagging headache that lingered all day. I get these occasionally, whenever there’s rain in the forecast. My partner had one too. Something to do with living in California where the air pressure is usually high. When a storm front moves in, we get barometric headaches. However – and here’s the fascinating part – this evening I took my two Humaworm tablets before dinner, the way I’ve been doing, and the headache vanished within two or three minutes. Strange, eh?

Stranger still, I’m leaving FOAMY WHITE ISLANDS in the toilet when I pee. Not Minorcas or Icelands, but entire New Zealand-sized ones. Proportionately speaking. So I’m guessing that’s some kind of yeast deposit maybe? Candida? Not sure. I was expecting it to come out in my poop, so this is a surprise. Poop-wise, there’s very little action. I am a bit constipated. Then again, I’ve changed my diet, so my body’s in shock. Right now my organs are saying, “Where’s the fat? Where’d it go?” I hear this is the #1 hot topic around the water-cooler in my colon right now.

DAY 9:  Wow, is it day nine already?

Oddly uneventful day. No headache, no dizziness – not even a little bit – no cold feet, no zits. No symptoms of any kind really.

Oh, wait, my SKIN’S PEELING. I’ve noticed this happening the whole time – around my eyebrows, like dandruff, constantly coming, leaving patches of redness. And there are red patches down the sides of my nose too. What I’m assuming is that there’s something in the tablets themselves that my body’s not fond of, and I’m having an allergic reaction to it. But it never goes away.

Also, ITCHING. So much itching in my calves and ankles, and it seems to come on in response to sugar and/or salt ingestion. Sugar mostly, I think. Which could tie in with candida overgrowth. There’s a whole forum here of people with the same problem, chronic itchy legs, and they’re completely mystified. Somebody says the solution is a tanning bed, another recommends drinking more water. And a third says it could be allergy to detergent that our clothes are washed in. Fascinating, and also annoying. Another thing that won’t go away.

So not uneventful after all. Sorry to mislead you.

Day 10:  Oh dear. Starting to feel a bit rough now.

Couldn’t get out of bed this morning. Another dizzy attack that took four hours to wear off.  So I spent half the day horizontal. However, d’you know what every dizzy attack has in common? It occurs either just after or just before I deal with my agent. I’m serious. How weird is that? Yesterday we confusedswapped emails and I felt light-headed for an hour afterwards. Today I have a meeting with her at noon and I’m barely able to stand up. I recall clearly, the first time I had one of these episodes was on the day I signed the contract with her. What’s that trying to tell me?

Additionally, it’s possible I’m sickening for something, I suppose, or else it could be part of the wonder of Humaworm. At this stage I’m not sure. All I know is I have a sore throat, my eyes are starting to water, and my arms are very, very itchy. My bet’s on the candida cleanse, if only because when I did the parasite cleanse last year my nose ran for about four consecutive days non-stop. So this might just be the same kind of thing. I’ll let you know in a few hours. But right now, this ain’t good, people. You have been warned.

DAY 11: Another roughie. Not feeling good at all. Spacey, throaty, disoriented.

Somehow managed to work on my new book the whole day without much problem, but everything else – don’t ask. I drank tea and ate leftovers. If I so much as close my eyes, the room turns over on itself. It’s like being locked in a tumble dryer. Stress and sugar – they are now my enemies, which only makes me more stressed, and when I’m stressed I crave sugar. So this is an exercise in endurance as well as deprivation and discipline.

I feel like I could explode into a FULL-BLOWN COLD any minute. My voice has dropped an octave and I’m woozy. But at this stage, who can tell the difference between getting-a-cold wooziness and candida-die-off dizziness.

There have been moments when I think, “Jeez, maybe I’ve got something serious, like diabetes, brain cancer, or some disorder heralding imminent pancreatic failure.” Then I remember, I’m taking tablets to make me feel this way.

On the plus side, the ringing in my ears has completely subsided. Yay. And the hearing overall is better. Not brilliant, but better.

Unbelievably, I still have 19 days to go. Is this a cleanse or just masochism? The two have overlapped this time, that’s for sure.

DAY 12:   I have a confession. Tonight I decided not to take my tablets. I honestly couldn’t face it. This is making me so ill and putting me out of commission to the extent that I needed a rest from going to bed dizzy for once, and feeling as though half my head is numb.

So I’m lapsing briefly. I’ll begin again tomorrow, knowing that within an hour of swallowing the pills I will be stumbling all over the room again, about to pass out. But I have to say, already I feel better without the tabs. The throat’s clearing up, I’m not dizzy, and I actually have a bit of pep in my step. So the die-off symptoms are pretty severe.

Homemade Snow Globe

Homemade snow globe

Today’s spit-in-a-glass test has a whole host of candida colonies floating around in the bottom third of the glass. If this is really an accurate test, then it looks pretty bad. Which would explain: a) the comment, ‘You’re a candida factory”, and b) why the die-off has to be so horrible.

In other news: the zits seem to have calmed down a little, and the feet are warm, but the tinnitus is back and I’m really deaf. Had to cancel a dinner engagement. Couldn’t face going out and straining to hear what everyone was saying. Additionally, I have had a sore and phlegmy throat for two days. That’s abated somewhat, but I don’t have much of a voice left.

This is turning out to be a cripplingly unpleasant cleanse. Humaworm has given me a shellacking.

Day 13:  Alrightee, then. Back on the program. After a day of feeling great and convincing myself that I probably don’t have brain cancer after all, I’ve downed two more of the Humaworm pills. Back to business. Or dizz’ness. Whichever.

41pvISA6i7L._AA160_This afternoon, treated myself to a coffee enema, which I thought might help. Got some interesting stuff out, including a couple of large stones from my liver, but no candida.

People cringe when I mention doing coffee enemas. I think they imagine that I stop by Starbucks, buy a vente mocha frappuccino and inject it into my backside. To clear things up, it’s nothing like that. Yes, I do use Starbucks coffee, but it’s brewed at home, and is ever-so-slightly warm, not freezing cold or, worse, scalding hot.

Max Gerson

Max Gerson

Personally, after huge reservations initially, I’ve found coffee enemas to be delightfully productive. Or, to give them their full title: coffee implants and retention enemas. So you implant the room-temperature coffee into the downstairs area, then retain it for 15 mins or so. They’d been used for hundreds of years before I ever heard of them, but were pioneered more recently by the legendary Max Gerson M.D. as a hydrotherapy treatment for his cancer patients, to “mechanically cleanse their colon”, and offer all kinds of benefits:

  • stimulate the liver
  • flush out toxins
  • cleanse the intestine walls
  • help eliminate parasites
  • promote mental clarity
  • stimulate bile flow

My partner and I do them twice a month. Not only do I feel incredibly perky afterwards, but the hour or so it takes to do the protocol gives me time to read, which is important. And in terms of this particular one, it removed a couple of hefty stones and hopefully helped with the candida cleanse.

If it stops me, even for one night, getting so dizzy that I fall over while I’m cleaning my teeth, then it will have done its job. Thank you, enema.

Day 14:  Last night I found two CATERPILLAR-LIKE CASINGS in the toilet, probably as a result of the coffee enema. Don’t even ask me what they were. They could have been vegetable-based, from a salad or soup I’ve eaten, but they didn’t look that way. They honestly could have been dead caterpillars. Very odd.


copyright 2013 NASA

This morning the dizziness is back, and I was woken up early by the loudest WHISTLING in my left ear EVER.

So I tried that spitting-in-a-glass experimemt again, which, if it’s a valid candida test, is a handy way of checking in each day to see how fast the blighters are dying off. To the left is today’s glass, and as you can see, it’s HORRIFIC. Like a photo taken Hmmmmby the Hubble telescope in deep space, with long strings that I’m told are candida colonies, as well as clouds of residue across the bottom. No wonder my ears are ringing.

So I take one day off, and this is what happens. It shows up again like an ex who’s been given your new address by someone you thought was your friend. If this kind of test is accurate at all, it’s SUCH bad news.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go cough up some phlegm. (Yeuw!)

Day 15:  Halfway through the cleanse. So many pills left. So many days of discomfort to go.

Non-stop COUGHING and zits – that’s today’s main event. The candida thought it would come out by means of cold-like symptoms, then had second thoughts and decided to stay in my throat. So I’m coughing at the same rate per olive leaf extractminute that a dog barks when it’s trapped in a cellar.

Other than that, I feel okay. Decided to supplement the pills with olive leaf extract a couple of times a day. I have found this is a good remedy for the dizziness, and so it has proved. Since taking it, I’ve not been tripping over everything and walking into walls. Yay for O.L.E.

Day 16: Aaaaaah, the first signs of something tangible after all the suffering.

polystyreneToilet-talk:  had a bowel movement, and it released a bunch of white objects into the bowl. You know when you scrunch up polystyrene with your hand and it flakes into bits? Well, like that. They floated around in the water for quite a while before sinking to the bottom. This, I must assume at the halfway mark of this cleanse, is candida finally making its way out of my system. (The picture on the left is NOT of the candida, BTW!)

We had a doctor friend staying with us overnight, and she was just as excited as I was. “Ooh, we should put these under a microscope.” Er….no.

Anyway, the zits persist, forcing me to wear a hat to cover them and putting paid to any social life for the time being. Plus, I’m coughing up a ton of phlegm, which is unpleasant. Otherwise, no symptoms at all. The initial fogginess I was suffering at the start has vanished, and my hearing is better. The tinnitus has subsided a fair bit.

I have no idea what to expect next. Do candida colonies just keep coming out from now until the end?

Day 17:  Feeling subpar. On a scale of 1 to 10, about a 4. Coughing up stuff and feeling woozy. Yesterday I had another dizzy spell. This lasted half an hour, then dissipated and I was fine. But it was touch and go for a moment there. On the plus side, my ears crackled a lot this morning and when I blew my nose, my hearing suddenly got a whole lot clearer on both sides. Yay.

KalSaw a video today by a guy called Kal Sellers. Not sure who he is exactly, or what his qualifications are, and he does seem a little angry for some reason, but what he’s saying about candida makes total sense to me. His theory is that we’re eating too much, and too much of the wrong thing. If we eat sparingly, and switch our diet to things our bodies like and can process effectively, we needn’t even give a thought to candida – that’s his message. It seems to mean eliminating dairy products and animal proteins, and focusing on eating fruit, but always on an empty stomach so that it doesn’t ferment. As with everyone else in this field, he’s selling a course of information, so I’m leery. Still, his point is a good one.

Might I at this point urge you to read the comments beneath this post, because they contain some fascinating alternative takes on the information I’ve found out while I’ve been on this cleanse.

It’s amazing how many ‘experts’ on candida there are, both professional and amateur. And how many of them, by the way, tell you just to eat right and stop worrying, and it’ll all be fine. It’s also amazing how many ideas, myths, suggestions, and protocols there are to deal with it. I’m a little mind-boggled right now. Apparently, there have been 24,000 studies done on candida in the past sixty years. So that’s 24,000 studies, and about the same number of suggestions as to how to bring it under control. This is way more complicated than I thought when I set out.

And harder to deal with when you’re subpar. Bleh.

Day 18:  Turned out to be a rougher day than I imagined. I woke up fine, but then took the candida tablets and within an hour I was UNABLE TO WALK IN A STRAIGHT LINE. The dizziness was atrocious. At one point, I was heading in the general direction of the post office (which is the best you can hope for, I’ve decided) and passers-by must have thought I was Saddrunk, I was weaving all over the place. So I hurried home, took olive leaf extract, lay on the couch, and just waited it out.

I also coughed all day and my feet and hands were very cold.

So last night I had a talk over dinner with my partner about the whole thing. He thinks I should continue and see it through, whereas me – I’m all for cutting my losses before something more serious happens. Normally, you’d never hear me admit that. I have laser-like determination with these things and see them right through to the end, but this treatment is so debilitating that it’s preventing me from functioning on a daily level. I have deadlines and tasks to complete, but can’t because I have to stay glued to a chair or sofa, for fear of stumbling over sideways and throwing up. How do people with regular jobs get through this? It’s borderline impossible.

In the end, it might come down to taking a different route. I may just say no to my best friend sugar from now on, keep the fat-intake low, stay off bread, and gradually allow my body to put itself right. Candida can’t thrive if you don’t feed the yeast. I’ll make the decision later today. But for this morning only, I’m skipping a tablet again, just so’s I can leave the house without risking an incident, because it really panics me. Going to the post office, it was entirely possible that I could have toppled sideways into a hedge and just laid there until I was found, like a homeless person.

Last week, I went to the store a couple of blocks from here. Afterwards, I felt woozy, so I sat down on a metal bar that people use for chaining up their bicycles, and fell asleep. In a way, it felt more like passing out. Then suddenly I woke up, wondering where the hell I was. So it’s possible these side-effects have something to do, not with candida die-off, but with an intolerance to the tablets. I’m going to write to Humaworm this morning and ask. I’ll let you know what they say.

Day 19:  If only you could have seen me. Last night on the toilet, I pooped and then stared for the longest time into the bowl. It was absolutely fascinating, because, as well as the poop, there was a very obvious slick of scum on the surface of the water, and this scum contained all kinds of white strands. Some of it looked like specks of white parsley. Then, around the feces itself, a white blob floated around, as if propelling itself, which it probably wasn’t. More likely, the current within the water was nudging it around. All the same, it looked like it was swimming.

So that’s a result, and cause for jubilation.

Otherwise, here’s the state of play: I didn’t take any tablets yesterday, and as a consequence I had no dizziness or other symptoms of candida die-off. My hearing was a lot better, there were no zits, and my cough is slowly clearing up.

Sadly, I heard nothing back from Humaworm after I wrote to them about the dizzy spells. I’ve seen comments elsewhere that their customer service is horrible when you have a problem. According to other people, Humaworm likes selling you its products, but isn’t so helpful when there might be an issue with those products. Which is now my experience as well. So on that score it’s a huge black mark for them, and you may need to be careful therefore before buying their stuff. Know that you’re probably on your own if you suffer problems.

Anyway, I have a new plan. I have a presentation on Tuesday and can’t afford to be sick for it, so I will begin the Candida Cleanse again on Wednesday morning, then see it through to the end. In the meantime, I won’t be eating or drinking anything that causes the yeast to flourish.

Increasingly, I’m coming around to the view that a candida overgrowth is caused (or certainly not hindered) by eating too much food, including too much fat and sugar. I am a compulsive eater. Often I’ll consume food for no other reason than out of boredom or greed. I just love eating, what can I tell you? As a result, the body gets overloaded, the liver can’t cope, and the entire biology of the system gets disrupted. Well, trust me, a lesson has been learned!!

This blog will continue in five days’ time.

WEDNESDAY UPDATE: Was due to re-start the candida cleanse today, but I woke up this morning DIZZY without even taking a single tablet. Worse, the dizziness has lasted all day. I called to make an appointment with my doctor, gave the nurse the symptoms, and – woah – they’re rushing me in tonight to check me out.

Suddenly my week just got a whole lot more interesting. I’ll keep you posted.

THURSDAY UPDATE:  Lots of tests, lots of guesswork at the hospital last night. “Could be this, could be that – here’s a needle, let’s find somewhere to stick it.” All my vital signs are normal anyway, and today I feel better and am walking around normally. Even took a shower without falling over like an old person. But now, of course, I’m involved. The system has me. I’m being contacted by the hospital every ten minutes about what happened. Apparently, this ropes in several different departments – all of them curious about what might be wrong. I haven’t told them yet that it started when I took Humaworm tablets. I’m a little ashamed.

Oddly, the doctor said, “Your plan includes a course of psychological therapy – would you like that?” “Oooh, yes please,” I said, excited. As always, it’s not necessary, but I want to see what happens.

So the Humaworm candida cleanse is on hold. This all started during those first three weeks. I’m not blaming Humaworm – although they still haven’t replied to my concerned email, which is shocking, and exceedingly negligent of them, I think – but I don’t want to make this worse than it is, so I’m leaving off it for now.

SATURDAY UPDATE:  I’m just about well again now. Hearing’s pretty good, skin much better, tinnitus minimal, and balance restored – but then again, I’ve not been taking the Humaworm tablets these past few days. Indeed, I’ve decided to come off the 30-day cleanse, simply because I felt it might be doing more harm than good. The trip to the hospital freaked me out, as you know. But also the fact that Humaworm don’t reply to messages if you have a problem – that doesn’t sit easily with me at all. There’s a thin line between poor customer service and hiding, and when they don’t reply like this, it suggests they’re hiding.

Therefore, not only would I not take their candida product again, but I can’t in all honesty recommend that anyone else does either.

These side-effects may be just normal candida die-off symptoms, and limited to me alone – entirely possible – but I can’t vouch for a product that puts me in hospital, even if, ultimately, it was only doing what it was meant to be doing. So this experiment is officially declared a bust. I would have continued to the end, but I was in danger of collapsing in the street, and that’s not good.

THE FOLLOWING TUESDAY UPDATE: Still off the tablets, yet last night when I pooped there were white strings in the toilet and a large white blob that had to be candida colony, I guess. It resembled a small flake of tissue paper. So I’m thinking the candida cleanse may still be working.

FOLLOWING WEDNESDAY UPDATE: Got tests back from the hospital. Took me a couple of days to work up the nerve to open them and see the results, hence the delay. But I did and – I’m perfectly fine. Everything tests great, from blood pressure to cholesterol to colon to glucose. Basically, nothing wrong. Which therefore begs the question – if there’s nothing at all wrong, why am I woozy? The mystery deepens.

OSCAR NIGHT UPDATE:  I discovered this today. It’s a list of foods that have to be avoided totally in order to beat a candida overgrowth.

What’s fascinating about it is that almost everything on that list makes me go deaf or gives me zits or headaches or makes my skin peel off. Which once again points to my having a candida problem.

So starting next weekend, and for two months – that’s sixty days – I will be avoiding every item on that list. And instead I will be eating everything on THIS list, which starves candida from the body. In order to keep track of this I will be starting a new blog post, which I will be updating now and then, though not every day, since I don’t expect the changes to be major. The details of this protocol are outlined in a video, which you can watch here.

GENERAL UPDATE: I bought pH strips from the drug store, and tested my alkalinity after one of the dizzy spells, in case that had anything to do with it. Well, it was right off the charts! The strips are color-coded – whatever color it turns, you match it to the guide on the back, and that tells you how acidic your body is. Needless to say, mine isn’t. Not at all. In my efforts to get rid of candida, I have turned myself into Alkalinity Central.

I read somewhere that being alkaline can affect the distribution of oxygen to the body, so maybe that’s what’s contributing to the dizzy episodes. Just playing around here, but clearly nobody should be this alkaline, it’s dangerous, and I have to remedy it immediately.

NEXT TO LAST UPDATE: My hearing is almost back! After six years of searching, it seems that I may be much closer to the answer than ever before.

When I went to the hospital to get some dizziness pills two weeks ago, they gave me an info sheet. On it, amidst thousands of instructions and warnings was a single line that said: ‘Eat a diet low in sodium to reduce fluid build-up in the inner ear.’

That was it. The light bulb went on. Fluid in the inner ear, huh?

So I quit salt. Not altogether, because the body needs salt, after all, but substantially. I kept a close watch of any salt going in and kept it to a minimum. I also cut back on sugar and fat, which are in the mix somewhere too when it comes to the cause, I think.

At the same time, I treated myself to a fresh organic green drink every day from a health food store, with kale, apple, spinach, carrot, wheatgrass, cayenne, and ginger. I did yoga in the morning and meditated at night to counter any stress build-up, in case that was contributing too.

Finally, an energy healer in New Hampshire did some long-distance jiggery-pokery to clear the backlog of emotional issues I might be hanging on to.

Then I waited, and guess what.

My hearing began to come back almost that same night!

It shifted from deafness in my left ear to equal deafness in my left and right, then the deafness began to dissipate overall. By today, I was able to listen to my iPod and actually hear in stereo for the first time in six years. Brilliant. Out in the world, I could hear all kinds of things I’ve not heard before. Very liberating.

However, this is an experiment, and a very important one. I couldn’t just leave it at that. So today I ordered food at lunch with salt in it, and also ate two small cakes from a bakery and a couple of cookies that I know to contain salt, plus sugar plus fat. Within two hours the hearing in my left ear had dulled to about 80% deaf, with a loud whistling.

Conclusion: we are almost there. Almost at the solution. Looks like an excess of salt is the cause – did you know that Trader Joe‘s canned soups sometimes contain 25% salt per serving? – with sugar and fat playing a part in the overall problem.

That’s six years of investigation, a thousand experiments, months each year of diets, cleanses, detoxes, retreats, and other eccentric inconveniences to my partner and friends that made me the laughing stock of the group. But hey, it looks like it’s paid off. Persistence and endurance won in the end, my friends.

The next few days will tell.

LAST UPDATE – PART 1:  The vertigo attacks have continued. It’s now April 2013, and I’m still facing days when I can’t get out of bed.

Two weeks ago, I had a serious attack during a party we threw here at the house. I was supposed to be cooking and serving, but was so giddy on my feet that everyone thought I’d been at the booze since waking up, I was weaving all over the place. It was ghastly.

But then one of our guests said, “I had that too for about a year. In the end I went to see a chiropractor. It was a pinched nerve in my neck. He corrected it, and I’ve not been dizzy since.” The woman sitting next to her added, “I know a GREAT chiropractor, if you want his number.”

Next day I went to see the guy and he took X-rays. Yes, I have a pinched nerve in my neck, it turns out, which is impeding blood flow and could be causing dizziness and hearing loss. Indeed, he’s pretty sure it is. However, that’s not why I’m writing this, because he’s also a huge diet fanatic and he ordered me – ordered me, mind – to quit eating gluten products, gluten being a pernicious enemy causing mucus and inflammation, as well as dairy, excessive salt, sugar, and processed foods.

He urged me to replace this stuff with vegetables and wild fish and meat. “I eat lots of elk,” he said, and glared when I giggled.

Anyway, this accords with what I’ve written above. Candida thrives on wheat products, dairy, sugar, and in conditions of too much fat intake, we’re told. When my hearing came back earlier, I’d come off gluten and the rest and results soon followed. Then of course I got cocky and lapsed. So now it’s time to give it another shot. I have faith in this chiropractor and his elk diet – maybe he’s right.

I’ll keep you posted.

believing book coverNOTE: I’m not promoting any product here, and I’m certainly not linked with any manufacturer or producer of candida remedies. This is an independent and honest study. If it doesn’t work, you’ll be the first one to know. Also, you already realize by now, I’m sure – because I keep emphasizing it – that nothing I say has been verified, validated, or approved by the FDA or anyone else in authority. This is a personal experiment only, but one I come at with the same spirit of inquiry I used for exploring the healing of cancer and multiple sclerosis in my A Little Book About Believing, which so many people have read and found incredibly useful. If you, or someone you know, is worried about cancer, this is a great book to read.


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74 responses to “OMG, could THIS be the final solution to our candida problems?

  1. pbutterfly2000

    You should look at the YouTube videos called “The Science Behind Candida.” Jeff McMcombs has really done his scientific research, and dispels some common myths floating around about candida on the internet. First, candida has nothing to do with fat but is caused by antibiotics and sugar; mercury is toxic to all life forms including candida, and if mercury leads to candida overgrowth it’s because candida is more hardy than many other gut species, and will hang on and overgrow after mercury has destroyed other more beneficial gut species that would have kept it in check; third, the spit test is not reliable. BTW, I had a caterpillar-type casing too while doing a cleanse, but I believe it was a mucus cast of my intestines. I also had those snow-white styrofoam-looking things which I believe were candida!

    • Excellent information. Thank you very much. I’ll check out the video. The sugar and antibiotics thing is definitely true, although I was talking to a doctor yesterday, and she thought the fat thing was very plausible. So we’ll see.

      The caterpillar thing may well have been an intestine thing. Well done.

      • pbutterfly2000

        Yes, do check out the videos! They are eye-opening. and it’s quite shocking to learn of all the harm that antibiotics can do. And it’s true that some fats are bad, but not all fats are created equal. Dr. McCombs says the key to killing the candida is an essential fatty acid derived from castor beans called undecenoic acid. Apparently if you take this in capsule form the candida tries to build its cell walls from it and it can’t properly do it, so it eventually weakens and falls apart. You have to be very crafty with candida and not fight it directly with antifungals, otherwise it fights back and becomes extra nasty and resistant. This way it’s defeated before it even knows it was attacked! The other interesting videos are his Q & A videos, which are more accessible so maybe watch first. It’s great to have scientific research on this stuff rather than all the conflicting rumors circulating around. You seem very science-minded and wanting to get to the bottom of things, so I thought I’d share! (I found your blog because I’m doing Humaworm now. Nice of you to share your own experiences).

      • pbutterfly2000

        Yeah, Humaworm! I’ve been on it a week, and am very flu-ey and feeling awful, so I guess it’s working? Clogged ears, headaches, sore throat, runny nose, aches everywhere, stomach gurgles, so I must be pretty infested. Also, tapeworm pieces, and I’m perversely hoping for more scary things to appear. Yuck!

        A good article on fats:

      • Yup, I had all that too. And, yes, perversely, I rather enjoyed that it was happening. Got great results. The candida cleanse results have been mixed, as you’ve read. I was curious to watch the video I included in today’s post about how to deal with candida. That makes sense to me too.

    • Fascinating. Thanks again. I will definitely check that out.

      Good luck with Humaworm. That’s quite a trip.

  2. pbutterfly2000

    I just watched that video. She’s partially right – in that fruit is generally not a problem for candida because of its high levels of antioxidants, and that certain fats are bad for you – but her science is woefully off. She claims that the problem with fats is that they coat your cells, but guess what? Your cell membranes are MADE of fats. ALL of them. No matter WHAT you eat. And that’s why it’s important to eat GOOD fats, so that the fats that compose your cell walls are healthy and strong. Processed vegetable oils and especially hydrogenated oils build weak cell membranes which contribute to disease. Saturated animal fats, coconut oil, avocado oil, and high-quality olive and flax seed oils create healthy cell membranes. Whether or not substances go into your cells has only to do with whether or not they are fat-soluble. The raw vegan community is full of this sort of nonsense that supports their massive sugar addictions and blames animal fat for everything. But there is NO science behind it.

    • I’m so glad you bothered to add these comments. They are a very worthy and enlightening addition to the conversation, and I’ll seriously bear them in mind. To someone new to this field, though, you can imagine how confusing all the conflicting opinions and evidence are.

      • pbutterfly2000

        Yes, it is very confusing. You have to sift through mountains of hearsay and false information to get at the little nuggets of truth. But after months of research I think Dr. McCombs really is the expert on candida. He has tons of videos to watch and many articles. I did his candida plan, and it fixed a lot of health issues for me and three of my friends whom I convinced to go on it. It’s a four month plan, but for me it works as a permanent lifestyle. I’m still not totally healthy though which is why I’m doing Humaworm.

  3. pbutterfly2000

    p.s. Fruit is the only form of sugar that is cancer-fighting instead of cancer-contributing, because the cancer is attracted to the sugar and goes after it, but is weakened and can be destroyed by the antioxidants in the fruit.

  4. Just discovered your interesting blog re: Humaworm. I agree with you on your thoughts that giving up sugar is the way to go. I can’t really tell for sure if you are trying to keep sugar in your diet while on the humaworm cleanse or not, but if you are, it may be making your experience with the cleanse harder than it needs to be, as you are both trying to kill and managing to feed (thus grow) candida at the same time. BTW, your book sounds great. I love a good mystery so I just bought it on Amazon. Looking forward to reading after I finish my current read. Best of luck on your heroic journey. 🙂

    • Hey, thanks a lot – for commenting and for buying Force of Habit. I do hope you enjoy it.

      I’m definitely doing the Humaworm plan without sugar. The instructions say continue your normal diet, but since sugar only helps propagate the yeast, that doesn’t make sense to me. So sugar’s gone, as has excessive fat and overeating. Already I feel different. Cleaner almost. And clearer headed. So there may be something to this.

      Much appreciated.

  5. finz77

    I enjoyed your blog. I started Humaworm after returning from 2 months in India. For the first almost two weeks, I felt better than I felt in years. The fog had been lifted. Then Day 12, visible parasites in the toilet and I felt like I was hit by a truck. I continued Humaworm for 3 more days and couldn’t take it anymore and quit the cleanse. I wasn’t sure if it was die off, or the Humaworm herbs poisoning me. I couldn’t get out of bed. And now, 10 days later, I still feel extremely exhausted, diarrhea, occasional shakes and chills, and muscle fatigue. Not sure if this is still die off, or pissed off parasites.
    Anyway, why I decided to write to you is regarding your ear problem. I too have had severe bouts of vertigo over the past three years. No hearing loss or ringing, just major dizziness- my ENT said maybe I had an inner ear virus that damaged my inner ear and to just wait it out. Ugh! It still comes and goes about twice a year without warning.
    But, thinking about it, there is a possibility you could have an autoimmune inner ear disease. I had thyroid testing years ago, and my doctor said I had antibodies attacking my thyroid. I had no idea, other than I was exhausted all of the time.
    Read this article:

    Just a theory, but perhaps candida, parasites, or even gluten could be causing your immune system to run amok and attacking your whole body, your thyroid (as may be why I am fatigued) or, your inner ear.

    • That is so interesting. Thank you.

      As I work through this slowly, I’m getting closer to the source of the problem, I think. Gluten, sugar, salt and dairy, to varying degrees, are the culprits, and seem to be linked to the causes of many problems in the body. Gluten especially affects the hearing, I’m now discovering. Cut out gluten, and the hearing comes back. The dizziness is something else. I noticed that, each time I grew dizzy, my alkaline levels were sky-high. By cutting back on alkaline-causing stuff, I made the dizziness go away. Now I keep my pH level around 7.0, and that seems to do it.

      But Humaworm was too much for me too – the candida one in particular, though maybe there was something in it that caused my pH to fly off the charts, and that’s why it made me ill. In any case, I never made it to the end of the course.

    • Thank you soooo much for that. I’ll talk to my doctor about that. It’s certainly very weird, and more than likely something I contracted while traveling around the world. I’m determined to solve the problem. That helps enormously. Sorry you felt so rough on Humaworm. I didn’t feel so great either, of course.

  6. ultra909

    Hey, just reading this – interesting to see a few new symptoms that I didn’t realise were candida as well – like strange long-lived rash (check), tinnitus (check) and heartburn (checkity check!).

    I have been using a Photon Genie, which has helped clear-up two of those three, but I think I clearly need to do a cleanse by the sounds of it.

    Wondering if it would ameliorate the healing reaction to take a lead from Gerson Therapy and seriously jack up the coffee butt-cleanses to once- or even twice-daily?

    Also, were you serious about using Starbucks coffee?? Try S.A. Wilson’s next time. Trust me on this.

    • S.A. Wilson’s? Great, thanks. We have used Starbuck’s all this time, but then ran out, and now we’re just using any old dark roast. But thanks for the recommendation. For safety’s sake, we do them once every two weeks, as we feel that’s enough. Being a layman, I have no idea if once or twice a day might be too much. Sounds it, but maybe it’s harmless.

      • ez12345

        Late at night. I grabbed that sizzling hot plate. Looked around in a confused state as I forgot where that plate should be put away. Again. I forgot where the next plate went also. I forgot what I was doing when I walked to the backroom storage of Texas Roadhouse. I stumble over my words as I try to pull a sentence out of my throat. I try to pull myself together late nights on the job when I force my body to keep working. Perseverance only travels so far as my back aches and stabs at me. I am a candida victim and this is an average night at my job at Texas Roadhouse I figured out I had systemic candida and my life has been hell since it started affecting my brain. I suffer from many symptoms of candida but the one thing that drives me to the edge of insanity is the brain fog. I am 18 years old but I’ve had candida for maybe 2 years now. I didn’t know exactly how to combat it in the beginning. In sorry for this long story but see I read about your battle with candida and it was inspiring to know that you beat it. It was inspiring that you traveled the world because that is my lifelong goal but I am not wealthy. I wish to be wealthy. I wish to learn to travel and to achieve great things in life. This brain fog is just stopping me from achieving much. It’s just infuriating for me that I can’t use my mental abilities to the full extent. I am horrible with numbers now. I have short term memory loss. I just think it’s great that you beat it. I’m not quite sure what I wanted to get out of this but I am going to attempt the diet you were cured with. Did it cure you or do you live on that diet?

      • As far as I’m aware – and remember, I’m no expert – the idea is not to cure candida, it’s to reduce candida overgrowth.

        I’m still working on it. Some days I think I have it on the run; other days things get worse and I’m not so sure. Try reading the Body Ecology Diet. I learned a lot about candida from there. The author is the real expert.

        Best of luck.

      • Dr Hulda Clarke zapper is also supposed to nuke candida. Have similar dizziness, fatigue, brain fog and ear ringing which is driving me quite insane). Thought I’d try the zapper out – has anyone else done so and if so, what were the results? Her free ebook called (optimistically) “The Cure to All Diseases” is a fascinating read. Find it here:
        My dad made one up – because he is some mad genius, and is using it for shingles. He says it works, but I don’t know… he is looking about 10years younger which I’m a bit envious of. Problem is that he’s living on the other side of the planet from me so I can only hear about his success.
        Point is – great article, brilliant replies. I know I have to do something soon because I am getting more and more worries about the state of my life… feeling “Bleh” as you put it.

      • I wonder how her zapper differs from the one I have – the Orgone one. That helped with the Humaworm cleanse mentioned in my Humaworm post. Quite a few worms came out then. Don’t know if it works for candida.

        I’d be willing to try it, though.

  7. Good for you for sharing something important! I appreciate your wit and whimsy and personal account of your experience. I did a Candida Cleanse (McCombs Plan) out of curiosity (no M.D. asserted that I had candida), because I have been a Holistic Health Practitioner and have been on the DIY health plan for >forty years; checking out stuff like that is fun for me (am I bent?). It was much more restrictive than the diet on that link you offered, and wowser! I lost 25 pounds in less than three months (on McCombs’ Yes/No food list). Curious re’ your findings about FAT in that Dr. Rosedale’s diet includes lots of it, as does the one Eric Westerman, M.D. (my HS Chem lab partner) recommended. As you noted, the whole area of nutrition is up for grabs–what fun!

    • Thanks a lot, Pam. Good to know. I’ll amend the blog to reflect your comments. I personally find that gluten, dairy, and salt are the primary culprits. Maybe because they’re often accompanied by fat, people think they’re actually responsible for candidiasis.

      • I think you’re probably right re’ gluten and dairy. Jury’s out (for me) re’ salt. McCombs’ diet seems to restrict anything that might cause an allergic reaction (Dr. Lark’s “false fat”)–hence, no nuts. But a link to an alternative diet (McCombs’ YES/NO food list) might be helpful for your readers. BTW: I am a retired professor, not a M.D., who uses my title to distinguish me rfom the rock star and the kiddie lit author. ;>)

      • No worries, Pam. I’m qualification-blind, so I take people as they come.

        I’ll go in and tinker with this. I’ve already amended it a dozen times as new information comes to light. That’s the joy of blogging, I guess.

        Many thanks.

  8. Pleasure! Got something to say about depression? That’s what’s happening on SkatingThru2012. Welcome your thoughts.

  9. Even if you don’t end up with itching, flaking, redness, or other external systems, candida can be causing your body problems on the inside and contributing to variety of symptoms many people never guess could be from bad intestinal flora (digestive issues, skin problems, trouble concentrating, constant tiredness, anxiety, mood swings, OCD, irritability, headaches, cravings for sweets, difficulty losing weight, etc.). I have been using the Lady Soma Candida Cleanse for years because its the only thing to has worked to get my body in balance. I’ve found that a coconut oil supplement works well too.

  10. Something else that may be of interest… I lived in India for 4 years. To get toxins out of the body they use seseme seed oil to do “oil pulling” every morning first thing (before brushing the teeth). It seems to help people with a whole herd of issues. Google for the technique – but from what I remember it is literally swishing the oil around in the mouth and ‘pulling it through the teeth’ for at least 3 mins. Clinical tests show that the mouth is full of toxins (esp the tongue) and the oil tested once its spat out is literally teeming with the same. It should turn a milky white when spat out. I had forgotten about it completely, but I’m sure it helps with dizziness, allergies, ringing in ears. Check it out. Not complicated or expensive to experiment with this one. Would love to know if it works for you.
    Also one other point – Dr Norman Walker – pioneer of veg juicing to heal cancers (in the 1930ies I think) wrote in one of his books about putting a chronically ill woman on juices only and a colonic a day for 28 days. (Just in case you were scared to do more than twice a week). On day 21 she passed a mammoth clump of worms (Brillos!) and then got up instantly healed. Yeeha!

    • I already do oil-pulling. Have used it for years. Except that it makes my teeth whiter, I have no proof that it does much good, though I haven’t been to the dentist in years.

      I still do it, though, because I’ve heard it’s brilliant. I also do green juices with wheatgrass and sea algae. Again, no proof that they work, though I do feel better generally after them.

  11. Hi, I’ve just read your blog and found many useful informations, thanks for that!
    I’ve been fighting with candida for many years but realised that problem was a candida overgrowth while ago after suffering from so many symptoms like chronic fatigue, repeated thrush, headaches, depressions (which was very unusual for me), brain fog etc..
    As I don’t rely much on medicine, and doctors here wouldn’t be of much help I did my own research and realised that antibiotics, that i’ve been taking at least once per month to fight recurrent UTIs for a long time did more damage then any good and of course caused candida overgrowth, (luckily i discovered wonderful natural remedy d-mannose which instantly treat my UTIs and I no longer need antibiotics). The other problem was my diet, even though quiet healthy (lots of vegetable and no processed food) but inclusive of sugar, coffee, alcohol, gluten, yeasty food..
    First step was correct diet which of course include cutting all of the wrong above, then CandyGone treatment in combination with liver support supplement and probiotics. The results were good and i had strong die-off symptoms after which felt more energised but after treatment i started with the usual diet and by the spit test and other symptoms i realise here she was back again, and I’m wondering: Will i for the rest of my life have to avoid sweets, alcohol, coffee, and food containing gluten and yeast – hardly!
    There must be other cure I so much hope!
    There is a product named Candida Cell Wall Suppressor and its so called Chitin synthesis inhibitor. What Chitin synthesis inhibitor does, is it stops the Candida fungus from repairing its armour-like wall(chitin layer) , then the chitin layer begins to weaken, and the immune system begins to attack the fungus (which now wick start to die off) and the result is getting rid of candida overgrowth in a long term, apparently! Did anyone heard about this product? It might be worth a try but I’m still kind of sceptic. More information can be found on site,
    any advice much appreciated 🙂 , good luck everyone!

    • I ordered it last week, so hopefully will get it in less than 2 weeks. I am putting all hope in the product. Life has been such a struggle for the last 3 years. I was taking everything I could to get rid of the Candida, but it a constant battle. Took loads of Hydrogen Peroxide for last 2 weeks, and felt awful last week, but much improved now. The only way I can see any improvement is perfect diet, trying to balance the anti-fungals and taking hydrogen peroxide, but not too much of either, or else it feels like I have become completely toxic. And then every week or so I do a liver flush to help with the toxins. But this whole process has taken over my life – and I have a demanding job, a wife and a 2 year old to look after. Anyway bring on the candidacleanser and the Chitin, whatever it is.

      • What is Chitin exactly?

        Sounds like you had a horrible time. Me too. Tried H202 as well. Felt it was burning holes in my pancreas, but did feel better otherwise. Did liver flushes, but they made me sick in the end. This is a tough little bugger to shift.

        Good luck with your continuing efforts. If you find out anything, let me know.

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  13. I have been battling candida for years and just feel fed up. After keeping a strict candida diet for seven years and just recently started to eat some forbidden foods it has come back with a vengeance. I was wondering if you have heard using turpentine to kill candida and if anyone had any results with this therapy?

    • I’ve not heard of that, Dorothy, sorry, and have certainly never tried it. I do understand how awful it must be to be constantly tackling candida, though. The diet is so strict.

      I recently tried heavily-diluted food grade H202 for a couple of weeks (following strict instructions), and that made a difference to everything, I found. But there are conflicting arguments about whether it’s safe for internal use, and in the end I stopped, fearing it was eating up my stomach lining. But maybe you can research that among the experts and see if they say it works and is safe. Do, though, take great care and talk to the right people first. Turpentine sounds very drastic to me.

  14. Hey there, gosh I can certainly commiserate with you on this candida journey, been battling it (knowingly) for over 6 years, and unknowingly… well, based on symptoms it seems like I’ve had it my whole life, inherited from my mother and then exacerbated by the legions of antibiotics prescribed throughout my journey to adulthood.

    I’m currently experimenting with a low fat diet and so far I can’t say I’m noticing much benefit. I’m eating mainly raw fruits (a lot of them) and greens, but I haven’t committed to it fully so that might be why I’m not seeing results?

    Also, did you know that ghee is actually pure fat? The process of making ghee removes the milk solids, and leaves behind a clarified butter oil. If you are experimenting with low fat I don’t think ghee is going to be of much help in that arena. Just an fyi.

    Well, best of luck to you and the many other candida heads out there, may we all find balance and peace 🙂

    • Thanks a lot. What a drag it all is, dealing with this stuff, especially for lifelong sufferers.

      I heard that fruit is bad for candida (Body Ecology Diet book), so I tried avoiding that. I noticed a definite downward swing after eating very sugary fruits like grapes. Same with drinking wine. So there may be a key there. Deprivation, I’m told, is the answer – but who has the discipline?

      Someone told me about ghee much later. I was trying to get rid of the milk solids, thinking that might do it, but you’re right, if fat has anything to do with it, ghee’s only going to make it worse. I have cut that out too now.

      Good luck with it, though. An answer will come, I’m sure.


  15. All your symptoms also sound like Thyroid disease. The cold feet & hands, the tinnitus, the dizziness.
    Look up Hashimoto’s Disease. Blood work can come back normal for thyroid hormones, but if you have the auto immune thyroiditis, the gland may not be able to work correctly.
    Gluten sensitivity is a huge factor in Hashimoto’s. So is candida over growth.
    It might be worth looking into. I went undiagnosed for at least 15 years, even with family history, until I finally just started demanding testing.

    • Wow. That’s right out of left field. The thyroid? How fascinating. Thanks for that. I shall definitely look into it.

      • Absolutely. It was when I ran across a list of three hundred symptoms while researching for my sister and realized I had 289 of them.
        Auto immune disease of any flavor also reduces your bodies ability to keep candida in check.
        It’s hard to get a diagnosis but the diet changes you are making spun like you may have one (they all tend to go hand in hand).

  16. Its really important to detox while you are cleansing. You become TOXIC and your liver is overloaded. And when you are doing the coffee enema its REALLY important to use Organic coffee.

  17. Hi Cashp, Great blog! You remind me so much of myself, I want perfect health and I have felt like the best I can get to is 80% since I had surgery and a really stressful job around 3 years ago and totally fell off my perch!

    I wonder how much damage I have caused to myself over the years by trying new diets and new supplements. I have recently been taking iodine due to being diagnosed by a naturopath as severely iodine deficient , which leads to hypothyroid, which leads to candida overgrowth. I feel worse than ever! Totally poisoned and my tongue is totally white.

    I have had the same ear thing, although mine shows up as a left ear that blocks whenever I eat anything I am not supposed to , especially coffee…. it is honestly SO depressing, and I am someone I consider an optimistic fun person. I have cut out gluten, most dairy, most sugar, fruit etc on and off for over two years and still no real success. I am really interested in the possibility that too much fat has something to do with it all as I eat plenty of avocado and oily fish as well as coconut oil…. I just cant take any more of this restriction! It feels like every article or blog I read adds another food or drink to the list of stuff I cant have!!!

    Anyway, my sympathy to all other candida sufferers, I am so jealous of all the people I see around me eating normal foods and just getting on with their lives instead of constantly googling and spending thousands at the pharmacy and health food shop!


    • Thanks, and you’re right. Our restrictions are almost identical. It’s very frustrating, and every time I lapse I go back to square one.

      I wish you well with it. It’s a tough road we walk.


  18. gratituee

    well my heavens, I must say your writing was an absolute pleasure to read. I was crawling around the web picking which atrocious aliment I had and i stumbled on your article. You made me smile and I will admit I even had a few chuckles. In an absurd way it comforted me, I didn’t feel quite so isolated in this journey for perfect health. I usually stay silent and rarely comment, but my friend; thank you for making my day seems so much brighter. We will make it! We shall hear every bird chirp it’s lovely morning song.



  19. Just found your blog while googling the symptoms plaguing me for over a year now. I had to stop working due to the vertigo. I also have hearing loss, tinnitus, migraines, chronic cough, asthma, runny nose, joint pain and swelling name brain fog. (I think that covers it!) I was healthy til a bad bout of pneumonia with loads of steroids and antibiotics did me in. I have been doing the Autoimmune Protocol elimination diet and only have tinnitus, vertigo and hearing loss clinging on. I am now convinced it is Candida. Could you update on your progress now? Do you still have vertigo, hearing loss or tinnitus? I love that you include the brand names of the products you use so I can research them for myself. Thank you for blogging your experiences!

    • Well, thanks. What you have sounds horrendous, and largely different to my own symptoms, so I wish you luck.

      Currently, no dizziness at all. That’s because I discovered it was a form of eye-strain, not Meniere’s Disease or anything else, even though the doctors insisted it was. (I do get woozy after eating fresh salad stuff from the garden, which may be an alkaline thing: too much too quickly).

      The tinnitus is there sometimes, gone others. Always related to the food I’ve eaten, which does hint therefore at candida or parasites. Sugar, fat, wheat, and dairy make it worse, raw living food makes it better (or at least brings it to the point where I don’t notice it at all).

      I have runny nose sometimes, always after dairy and sodas, which I’ve now largely cut out. Joint pain and brain fog seem to be related to sugar and wheat too.

      Increasingly, I’m convinced that if I could only cut out – and stay away from – the four nutritional horsemen of my personal apocalypse: gluten, dairy, sugar, and animal fat, the bulk of my symptoms would vanish, because, I guess, the candida overgrowth would be reduced.

      But I’m not a medical guy, so that may just be me and my crazy system. Something else may be at the root of your thing. I wish you luck in pinning it down.

  20. Thank you for replying! I am much improved since doing strict AIP…haven’t had gluten in several years. I have also been eating low histamine and nightshade free and have seen more improvement. I also was tested for Menieres and had two tests positive and two negative. I tend to believe it is food related and, as mentioned, am now on the Candida path. I so appreciate your posts!

  21. I simply tweeted your post and added that it is one of the finest first person blogs I’ve read. Only one q? did you ever consider you were building ketones when you went on the no sugar/no carb diet? and is everyone aware that kefir is fermented? generally they say to stay away from those foods. I agree with your doctor on the pinched nerve and your later comment regarding the back of the eye. The left eye for some reason. It was a pleasure to read your diary over your shoulder! Oh and thank you so much for not ruining your journal with marketing. On my way to finish looking at your videos! OneL

    • Thank you so much. Ketosis is something I’ve been experimenting with recently, and yes, I agree, die-off is often mistaken for that. Also, the Body Ecology Diet is heavy on fermented foods. I tend to agree more and more than they might achieve the opposite result to what we’re looking for.

      More about all of this coming up before the end of the month.

      I very much appreciate your kind comments.

  22. Is there follow up on the radiation angle producing the fungal form? As you know there has been a large build up of background radiation and since the discovery of radon everywhere you would think governments would require this before selling a house but No.

    • I asked a doctor friend. She assured me there are no studies she knows of that explore the effect of radon or other radiation on candida.

  23. Holy Moly! That “very last and final update” gave me chills. It moves me to share my story that goes right along with Brian’s theory on the emotional side of candida. First let me preface by saying I know this sounds crazy, but I became a believer after I saw my mom and I get better. In high school my mom was practically dying from candida. She was so sick. After trying everything, and having no where else to turn, she went to a “spiritual healer” that was recommended to her. She took me along for the ride. This amazing woman was able to take my mom back to the emotional source of her candida. It stemmed from some deep anger she had stored inside of her. When she was young, a creepy cousin of hers lived with her family for some time. He was very not good to my mom and ended up raping her sister, my aunt. My mom had rage inside of her toward him, that she had never let go of. This healing woman helped my mom to address this rage and let it go. And my mom got better!!
    Now my story, after getting married and taking birth control for 5 months my body went completely out of whack. For the next 4 years I suffered from various problems, and realized I was having candida issues as well. I tried diet, and pills, and various things. The candida would always keep causing problems. Finally in desperation one night, I plead with God to provide me some answer to this problem. I remembered my mom’s emotional issues, I plead with him to let me know what emotional issues I might need to let go of to get better. Crazy, huh? Well it gets crazier, way crazier. I had a dream that night that I was FURIOUS with a member of my family. I was yelling and throwing stuff and insane with anger. I woke up and was shocked. I wasn’t angry with them. Or so I thought. I must have at some point been angry with them and never let it go. So what the heck, I prayed again and said how deeply sorry I was to have let myself get so angry at this person. I said I can see how things they were doing in the dream that upset me, were actually for my good. They were trying to help me. I said I was sorry to have held onto this anger, and that I forgave them, and I asked for forgiveness for my anger. If any of this sounds crazy, then stop reading now. Cause this next is unbelievable. I then felt a beam of power/energy/light pour into the top of my head and spread down my body. Something was happening! For about the next 5 hours I felt LIGHTER. Both less dark, as well as less heavy. I felt like I was walking on the clouds. I literally looked down to make sure my feet were on the floor. I felt incredible. It was glorious. I felt happier, more at peace, grateful. And dun dun dun—NO MORE CANDIDA ISSUES!! In the following weeks I marveled as symptom after symptom that I had been struggling with was no longer an issue for me. Good bye headaches, good bye fatigue, good by itching, good bye white film on my tongue, my joints felt lots better… Amazing. God answers prayers. An emotional root to physical distress. Who knew? I can’t believe I’m sharing this…maybe it will be helpful or interesting to other weirdos out there…

  24. Hi There

    I wanted to add my bit for what it’s worth… and I do think it’s worthy!

    I’ve been suffering for many years (28 years to be precise) from anal itching, anal swelling and a terrible soreness accompanying it; it has been a nightmare for me. All this happened after a course of strong antibiotics; I have never taken antibiotics since! Despite seeing many specialists, they were unable to do anything for me. My only respite was and has been Aloevera gel. After passing a stool, a generous amount of Aloevera soothed the issue; but of course never addressed the problem. About a year ago, a friend of mine commented that I’ve probably got a candida problem. I never forgot what she said, however, I never researched it until just lately; as I decided enough was enough and I wanted to get rid of this thing once and for all and would stop at nothing to do so. After some research, it appeared that I did indeed have a candida problem. Well at least I know what I’m dealing with now.

    While researching the many so called candida cures, one that resonated with me, was one which utilized a mixture bicarbonate of soda, warm water and honey. To be taken twice a day on an empty stomach for a period of one month. I will add that there was no mention of cutting out sugar, bread, alcohol etc, but I did this anyway, as it seemed logical to do so. So I began in ernest some 6 weeks ago. Without a doubt, I must have had quite a gut full of candida as the die-off symptoms were tough to deal with. My body ached like crazy (in the morning) and at times it was tough to walk. I also suffered brain fog, headaches, prolonged spells of low energy, tiredness and constant diarrhea. All of these issues have now (thankfully) passed.

    So did it cure my 28 years of suffering… oh yes!!! I am sitting here with a big smile and a happy healthy gut. No more awful swelling, stinging, itching and having to use creams to reduce the inflammation etc. I cannot tell you how happy I am. I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d be free of this, but I am. I will continue for another couple of weeks and then I’ll be off the diet and will start to enjoy a few things that cut from my diet, however, bread and beer will no longer be on my shopping list.

    I hope this helps someone as it has for me. But for sure, this is nothing short of a miracle for me.


  25. Hi Cash, hope to soon hear your possible cure. I’m sure my son has systemic candida from taking steroids and a strong medicines for aplastic anemia. Gladly his blood counts are back to normal but now he has candida. He suffers from depression, crying, anger and other symptoms. His fix is marijuana. He is not able to function because of all of these, he is 19 yrs old.
    He did go to a doctor for a short while, the dr took breath test and did say he has candida. My son did not continue going to the dr because he didnt feel good enough to go to appointments. He does not follow through or believe this is what he has.
    Thanks for your blog

    • Sorry to hear about that. I don’t have a cure for Candida, but this past month I’ve been experimenting hard with ways to reduce the symptoms, and mine have almost gone away. It’s been amazing. The best I’m gonna be able to do is let people know what I did and let them make up their own mind about what to do in their own case. I’m pretty sure drugs are not the answer, though.

      I’ll be writing about my own personal experiment later in the month. Putting it together now.

  26. Thank you for your blog and I’ve read through every comment too. I’m deep in the battle of candida and am looking for any possible solution. Strict lifelong diets sound miserable and possibly even ineffective. I like the prayer idea;) sounds easy and glorious. Years of extreme diet modification and supplements have rendered little results. Anyway, I am really looking forward to your newest endeavor to see if that might have the answer:) here’s to hope!

    • I so relate to what you’re saying. Sounds like you’ve endured the same ordeal.

      The new venture is a small book discussing my overriding theory about the cause of candida – not the triggers, but the cause – as well as detailing a recent experiment in which I all but got rid of the symptoms. It will be available early next month.

  27. Hi Cash, great stuff, we all appreciate your fearless detail. I found a great article on this subject with a logical treatment method

    I have severe dermatitis on my face, neck and chest and found a high yeast (candida) concentration in my stool sample. The article is clear and well researched with information as to what to do and why. Yes, you can do your Humaworm cleanse, but if your colon is clogged, it won’t properly eliminate the candida from your system and you’ll likely relapse. Our colons are all probably a big mess, otherwise we wouldn’t be having the problems we are having. I am going to begin regular colon hydrotherapy sessions along with a candida cleanser and eliminate these horrid vikings from my system while creating a beautiful utopia for humble pilgrims to settle.

    • Thanks for that article. Really interesting. I think there are a few ways to go to solve these problems. I don’t know if you read Taming the Beast Within. If you did, you’ll know that I too had major skin problems for forty years, and they all but subsided recently after doing the protocol I outline in there. It’s bizarre actually to have a clear face for once in my life, I was so used to dealing with the problem every day.

      So I hope your path works for you. Come, oh mighty pilgrim, give it your all. You will soon be free of your chains (and whatever other stuff Medieval people used to say.)

      Good luck

  28. Hi, I have been on Candida diet for 4 1/2 month. The very best diet on Candida I have found is I have been looking for help long time everywhere. I am 64 years old and had so many problem it would be a long list. After 4 1/2 month on this diet, I lost almost 20 pounds and still loosing, feel great and all my problems are gone. Sorry for my English. Born in Europe. But I know now I will have to stick to this diet for rest of my live because my body was abused by chemicals and bad food for all my live. Now my energy is back to normal, I look 20 years younger and happy. I smile again after a long time of suffering. My immune system getting back to normal. Even my skin cancer is gone to name just one. It took time to change everything to this point but it was amazing experience to see my body getting better and better. But you have to stick to it and do not give up. Very important to read everything and it is a lot of reading. I
    thank you for a great blogs and funny reading.

  29. Did you ever end up looking into the thyroid angle ? I’m asking because Ive also been struggling with all of these symptoms for years and was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia back in 2007 at the age of 19 . For years I was poisoned by doctors who never really cared about helping me or getting to the root of the problem instead placing me on medication after medication until last September at 27 I went into cardiac arrest and died on my kitchen floor . The paramedics arrived after I lost consciousness and barely saved my life . At that time I was taking as prescribed 7 different medications including slew of opiates (oral and patches) , 2 different kinds of antidepressants ( mostly for pain and less for depression tied to the fibro) , 2 of the strongest muscle relaxers that I’ve ever taken and an an irresponsibilily strong anti inflammatory. Needless to say , no 27 year old ( or any human for that matter ) should ever be taking that much medication . Since that day I have never taken another pill nor will I ever.
    I’ve struggled with more than 200 disgusting symptoms ranging from severe body aches and immobility in my hands to memory loss and even hemeroids for years and now with no help from pain medication I’ve become desperate for answers and even just a little relief . While reading until my eyes hurt for months I came across an article about canididia and knew that that had to be what was going on . It was the only thing that made sense . I’ve been cleaning for 3 weeks now and trying to sift through all of the bs on the web and in books about candidiasis and it’s impossible to gain a sure understanding as every article contradicts the last . I feel horrible physically and I’ve been so angry which for someone like me who is annoyingly positive and spends hours meditating is way out of character. I don’t even have tv or social media it’s all poison . My mood swings and anger just cost me the love of my (the horrible things I’ve said to her😞) and the pain, weakness, and stress caused by my cleansing and new diet in efforts to help myself feel “normal” cost me my job of 5 years last night . My legs gave out and I left in a wheelchair . I am a single mother to a 6 year old son, student, I held a fill time job and I won’t go into all of the other things that make people stare and me in awe of how I survive on the daily basis , I’ll just leave it at my “life is HARD” . I have hit the lowest point I have ever been in my entire life and I’m losing everything my house , my truck , my loved ones, MY MIND sand im desperate for help.
    Now with all of that rambling is done , I’m asking about your thyroid because it’s been one of the other things that I felt could be an underlying cause of at least some of what I’ve been going thru and my mother has been being treated for hypothyroidism for years now . In conclusion I was hoping that maybe you did look into it yourself or had a bit more insite as this post is some years old . Any update in you battle with canididia ?

    I apologize for the poor grammar and punctuation, I can’t concentrate and feel crazy most of the time and did the best I could through the fog and tears ☹️️😔

    • There are many times I wish I had some medical knowledge so that I could help people. Alas, I don’t.

      I didn’t explore the thyroid angle, sadly, because that wasn’t one of my issues, and at heart this was a personal journey, one I was documenting here and also in my Candida book. In many ways, I know as much as anyone else does. We’re all seeking answers together.

      I would add, however, that there’s a fantastic book called Messages from the Body, which systematically tries to link every individual physical symptom to its psychological or emotional source. I found that very useful in examining my own weaknesses.

      My single belief throughout all of this adventure has been that the mind and the emotions are linked all too often to physical disease. Get to the core of the cause inside, and the physical ailment on the outside may well lessen or even disappear. This was taught to me in my childhood, and life has done nothing if it’s not confirmed it over and over again. We suffer for as long as we choose to suffer. In other words, for as long as our deepest inner wounds are allowed to fester. That’s my belief and what ultimately I chose to deal with – not the actual physical discomfort, although I did take action against that too, with diet, cleanses, and so on, but by trying to release past hurts that were haunting me and forgiving the perpetrators, but also forgiving myself.

      You situation sounds dreadful. As I say, I wish I had medical knowledge and could help you, but that’s not something I’m qualified to do. There are people out there who really understand this stuff top to bottom, I would talk to them maybe. The best of luck.

    • There are newer theories about the thyroid that I find interesting. First, there are some very common viruses and bacteria to potentially blame for thyroiditis/Hashimotos autoimmune thyroiditis. These include EBV.
      The pork one is interesting, too.

      I personally have found several items work well for me. One, keeping my inflammation down with COQ10 and Omega3s, and relieving my methylation pathways with a good multivitamin. I use for all of these, as I find my digestion wonky since I’ve been on antibiotics in my life. I also sporadically use Candex, which is an enzymatic compilation similar to chitin. I find I’m on it a few days, something nasty gets uncovered from the biofilm breakdown and I have to deal with it before more candex. Which leads me to why I’m back on Humaworm. I’m much better now than I used to be. I’m under the presumption methylation failures are the reason Humaworm the first time around was so very awful. Here’s hoping I’m right…..

  30. Dear Cash, can you please give me some information about energy healer in New Hampshire? My little daughter suffers from acquired hearing loss and I believe that spiritual treatment could help her. Thank you!

    • Hi there, Danijela. I didn’t see an energy healer in New Hampshire, as I recall. The one I tried was in Marina del Rey, California. She’s called Linda Penny. I don’t remember her having an impact on my own hearing issues. There was John of God in Brazil of course – that visit had a profound effect. He does remote healing too, so you don’t have to go there, though whether remote healing works I have no idea. Sorry not to be more help.

  31. Did anyone read this? Looks like Humaworm got i to some trouble?

    • Hi James. What kind of trouble? I checked them out before I tried their product several years ago and I did know that some countries had banned them. It’s been a while, but I seem to remember that it was part of a larger trend towards clamping down on non-medical treatments. I went ahead and tried Humaworm anyway, and it seemed to work at the time. Has something more recent happened?

  32. So my view on the herbal pills affecting you like that – the herbs themselves may have been helping do what they were supposed to do. But the dried herbs were also giving you a dose of mould and making you feel worse – reacting to the mould. I think you were right to stop them. It’s a bit like taking a painkiller with say, an ingredient in the pill manufacture (eg sugar or wheat) that you are allergic to. So the painkiller relieves the pain but also makes you unwell in another way. I have actually had that with paracetamol. Not all paracetamol is the same! The cheaper ones contain sodium metabisulphate (something I now know I react to badly) – some of the better known branded ones which cost more, don’t. So there is a need to read the label carefully. And with most labelling laws they only need to declare the actual ingredient, not the contents of the ingredient. So for example some mueslis say they contain cornflakes – but don’t say what the ingredients of the cornflakes are. I decided that getting obsessive and paranoid about reading ingredients was not worth the hassle so my mantra is – eat fresh stuff! And avoid all pills unless absolutely necessary. Further example – local anaesthetic at the dentist numbs me – which it is supposed to do – it also puts me in hospital with a basilar migraine (stroke symptoms for 2 days) – but only if it’s injected in my mouth – in my arm it’s fine! Something to do with chemicals and the blood/brain barrier apparently.

  33. Actually this has just led me to another mildly Eureka moment. Wheat, grains etc are probably mould carriers as well. I haven’t eaten bread for 20 years (and although it was hard to give up I don’t miss it at all – plenty of other things to eat but snack lunches need some thought when you can’t buy a sandwich – but you can but a salad pot). But my family eat bread and I was horrified to find recently that ALL bread now contains soya flour as well as wheat flour. I say ALL because I have yet to find a brand that doesn’t – I assume it’s a cost saving thing. So if you do eat bread – make it yourself. But then the flour is probably a mould carrier anyway. Soya is believed to be bad for Candida I think – it is also predominantly GM and lots of pesticides used. And is a known allergen.

    So giving up bread was the one thing that helped me the most – it might be worth a try. And more fish, meat and vegetables and fresh food or home made meals.

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