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OCTOBER READING: Sail through summer with a fresh look at your soul’s journey

Never before have so many people been ready to grasp their destiny and run with it, building a new life of freedom and prosperity. But before we can advance into the future, we have to release all those things that are currently holding us back. Intuitive handwriting analysis is extremely powerful and can help with that.

For the month of October 2013, you can have a full-length exploration of your deeper self and soul’s path running to several pages.

3 sheets to the windOR you can have a mini analysis, three pages of insightful information and inspired direction that will amaze you.

For more information, go to my website, click on the Handwriting tab, and check out the testimonials. You can read there how people react to what they receive. There’s also a video here that explains the impact it can have.

We all think we understand ourselves. We believe we have it all together and know what we’re doing. But oftentimes that’s just a story we’re telling. A mask we wear. Behind that mask is a bottomless pit of insecurities, fears, doubts, shame, regrets – stuff that holds us back in life.

By identifying our issues we can take significant steps toward resolving them and moving out of our rut. I call it soul mapping, but it’s really about learning to move forward by exploring what’s getting in the way of our progress, whether financially, in relationships, success-wise, even health sometimes. Think of it as emotional archaeology. Actually, think of it as the soul crying out to be heard.

Spirituality & Health That’s where I come in. I have a gift.

There’s an article in Spirituality & Health magazine about it that you can read here, if you want to. I’ve become astonishingly adept over the past few years at taking someone’s writing and seeing the real person underneath. The person nobody else sees. I can look behind the mask and send back a report of several pages basically explaining you to you in a way that’s never been done before. From there, you may take the analysis and use it to grow and develop. Information like this can be the foundation for being happier, more contented, more prosperous, and achieving what you want in life. That’s the hope, at least. What you do with it is up to you.

Basically, it’s channeled energy, and boy, is it powerful!

“Incredible. This analysis is ridiculously accurate it’s almost scary. This is definitely the insight I’ve been needing. I now am realizing what’s been holding me back all these years. You have no idea how much this means to me.” E.G.

“I want to thank you for opening my mind, my heart, and my whole being. It is extraordinary that you knew the whole me better than I ever knew myself. There is no dollar amount that can measure the value of what you have given me. I am truly grateful.”  K.B.

“Fascinatingly complicated. I loved how my dark and light showed up and the dualities of the 2 people that live within me. I can not tell you how happy I am that you saw me for all the flaws and all the heart that exists. That is really what most people I would think are looking for, which is much different than a psychic reading…you really are able to help people validate themselves. Which has in one moment taken 47 years off of my shoulders! I FEEL A SENSE OF TOTAL PEACE. Thank you!” B.H. 
And another one that arrived only this week:
“Phenomenal!  I am still reading it over and over to savor every kernel.  There is a lot here and it is going to take me a while to digest it all.  I find it to be very accurate and it has given me SO much to think about. You have an amazing gift! Thank you from my heart.” J.T.
So if you’re interested, and eager to get a deeper insight into how you function and why your life is at it is, get in touch, and let’s make 2014 wonderful together.


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