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Ease your way into the summer of ’15 with a mini handwriting analysis for just fifty bucks!

Whenever I’m between projects and have a couple of weeks free, rather than sit back and do nothing, I make¬†myself available to analyze a few more handwritings. And that’s what’s happening now. My new book’s done, I have time on my hands.

3 sheets to the windSo, right now, I’ll do a mini analysis of your handwriting for $49.99.

For that you’ll receive a bunch of fascinating info about yourself. Not just elements of your personality, but pointers to your soul’s journey, whether or not you’re on the right path, how you could improve your position and be more successful, or whatever comes up at the time. I think you’ll be amazed.

writing personIf you’re interested, visit my website and get started. There’s a little video to watch.

It’s very simple.

Click on the ‘Handwriting’ tab, then follow the instructions telling you what to write. Either fax the sheet to me, or attach it to an email, and you’ll receive the mini analysis via email within a few days.

This offer has been so successful and so many people took me up on it, that I’m extending it for the next few weeks.

Looking forward to it.

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