The Thursday Morning Memo – more than just a podcast

ThursdayMorningMemo1400x1400The new podcast has arrived. It’s called The Thursday Morning Memo, a stimulating ragbag of motivational thoughts and ideas to make your life better, smoother, and happier.

Topics covered each week will include improving your self-worth, making money without struggle, the Law of Attraction, and so on. New books, new audio, new movies and TV shows, and a ton of tips and sound advice for getting you up to the next level. It’s short, it’s fun, and it’s entertaining. Hear the latest episode HERE. It features an interview with a British hypnotherapist who came up with a fantastic technique for getting the money-making principles contained in Napoleon Hill’s bestseller Think and Grow Rich directly into your mind.  The Life Quiz

This, then, has been the end of a process. If you remember, I put out a series of podcasts called The Life Quiz earlier this year. Those were very well-received too, and season 2 is now up and running, and includes even more amazing, accomplished people talking about normal_arrow-down-red_benji_par_01life and the lessons they’ve learned.

But there’s the thing: I needed something else.

If there’s one problem with that show, it’s that it’s fairly timeless. You could listen today or next century, it wouldn’t matter; the lessons in the episodes would still be meaningful. I love that about it, but it can be a little limiting for me in terms of subject matter. What I needed, I realized, was a second podcast, a weekly rip-and-read show that was up-to-date and dealt with the other things that interest me – health, spirituality, motivation, new ideas, and so on.

Well, hey presto.

Please say hello to The Thursday Morning Memo. Each and every week, I’ll be broadcasting a lively and information-filled 20-minute bulletin from Hollywood, California. So why not give it a listen?

You can subscribe and download it on iTunes, which I recommend, or just click on THIS LINK and listen RIGHT NOW to the latest episode.


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