Trump vs Hillary – Watch the Fascinating Consciousness Experiment

It took three months to play out, but the results were remarkable.

Four identical glass jars containing identical cooked rice from the same box. Add the face of four presidential hopefuls – Trump, Clinton, Sanders, and Cruz – then lay them aside for a while to see what happens.

13418807_10154215729439334_5280953113987828314_n-1For years, Dr. Masaru Emoto of Japan studied the effects of human consciousness on water. He discovered, for instance, that water loves Sarah Brightman, but dislikes heavy metal music. He also played around with taping positive and negative words to jars of rice. In the positive jars, the rice stayed white and fluffy, in the negative jars it turned yellow and even black.

But what would happen if, instead of words, you taped the faces of four presidential candidates? Would the rice know which ones had good intentions and which, if any, were evil? That was the point of the 2016 Presidential Rice Experiment, and the result will blow your mind.

Here’s a short video documenting the experiment. If you enjoy it, or think this information should be known more widely, then please share it on Facebook, Twitter, and elsewhere.






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4 responses to “Trump vs Hillary – Watch the Fascinating Consciousness Experiment

  1. Hi Cash,

    Very interesting experiment! BUT, you kinda blew it when you mixed your own feelings into it. You basically tested two variables in one experiment, a big no-no in science:

    The affect of the photo on the jar The affect of your emotions towards the jar with the photo

    Either way, not very surprising result. I am hoping by November people will get over their delusions regarding Trump! Let’s cross our fingers!




    • The real mistake surrounds the word experiment. This was never meant to be science. I just wanted to throw a variety of negativities and positivities at rice and see what the result might be. My expectations were very low. The fact that Trump’s jar went nuts was a shocker. But thank you for watching it and for offering your thoughts. You’re absolutely right, of course.

  2. Bruce


    You cursed, hollered and spittled – however unintentional – into the Trump jar, I am sure. With all the worms and yeastie beasties you complained of harboring (in the posts that brought me to your blog today), I am not particularly surprised with your surprising result.

    Don’t get me wrong: I am thoroughly enjoying your blog, and am going to continue to poke around your other posts. Your “flow-of-consciousness” style of sharing pleases me, and I laughed heartily at all the places I likely should have, and paused and pondered the appropriate ones, too.

    For a foreigner, you’re “Okay” in my book, buddy. You get extra credit for being an actual “Brexit-er”, and this from a guy who owns a 4WD Jag. But the extra spittle when you (likely even) think of Trump might be what is twisting up your innards, friend: at least learn to build a wall or something between yourself and what bothers you.

    It’s the American Way.

    • Did I say I’m a Brexiter? I don’t remember that. But thank you, glad you’re enjoying the stuff. Also definitely no spittle. The video is completely honest, no shenanigans, and shows what took place. Everything happened by itself. I’m not political really, but I had to make choices for the video.

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