All Will Be Well

Millions have been grieving this week. Millions more wake up fearful every day about what is going to happen t14572203_10154585139944334_440722856119293931_n-1o America, to them, to their friends and family, to their healthcare, to the environment. I get that. Some pretty stiff dangers seem to be just around the corner.

And yet…

The debacle this past week has worked wonders. The election result has energized, galvanized and focused millions of previously unmotivated people, same way the Vietnam War did.

It’s all part of the new democracy that’s been creeping up on us for a while. Uber did it to costly and complacent taxi companies. AirBnB did it to pricey hotels. Expedia’s done it to airlines. iTunes did it to the music industry. The world is being jolted alive. Now Trump’s doing it to Washington. Or says he will. Always, there’s chaos immediately before things settle in and level out and get better.

Some spectacular developments are due. We are emerging from one of the blandest, most prissy eras in our history – terrible, repetitive music; violent CGI movies; news shows that are scared to report the facts in case viewers are offended; everyone trying to appease everyone else and not upset the apple cart. This kardashianization of our culture has left us numb, uninformed, and scared to speak out in case we’re branded politically incorrect. Friends and strangers alike clutch their pearls in disbelief that we could possibly hold a different view to them, much less voice it. Also, we have come to revere things that are fleeting, material, and inconsequential. This travesty has gone on for a decade or more. Increasingly, it’s seemed childish and irrelevant.

Well, that’s over. Now we have something mature to think about, such as the imminent destruction of the seas, rivers, and forests at the hands of corrupt politicians and irresponsible capitalists. This can only be good. Sometimes growing up is hard.

No longer are we going to be able to languish in complacency. We’re being driven to participate in the system, to stand up and be heard. Out of this will come amazing things. Great music, fabulous art, a heightened sense of united purpose, and a new way forward. So try, just for now, to step back, sit firmly in the seat of your consciousness rather than allow the hounds of fear to savage your optimism, and have a little faith that you’re in good hands, because you are. There’s a bigger cosmic plan in play now. We can’t see the details, all we know is that we’re rounding the bottom of a very rickety roller-coaster. Soon we climb. Then things will get good again.

Cling on tight. Tell yourself that all will be well. We’re moving on to the next phase in our evolution. This is going to be interesting.

There are more uplifting thoughts on this week’s podcast.


Portrait: Tanya Malott


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2 responses to “All Will Be Well

  1. Well said Cash! Yes, I believe it will get better, but I also believe we are about to witness and experience some serious shit storms. Many seem to be eager to start the healing process, but the collapse hasn’t even happen yet. It has to get really bad before it gets really good and it’s going to take years, not days.

    Me personally? I’ve started a politics detox. Watching funny cat movies, reading design magazines and other light and meaningless content. It’s amazing what happens when you put yourself (back) in a bubble. You can think again. You can enjoy a nice hot shower again. YOU can become great again.


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