Come one, come all! You’re invited to watch Two Queens Taking Questions

Hey, guys, here’s something interesting.

You know I have a natural gift for handwriting analysis, 14572203_10154585139944334_440722856119293931_n-1right? Written three books about it, appeared on The View and Entertainment Tonight doing it, etc. Show me someone’s writing and it’s almost like I can see into their soul. A crazy talent.

Well, recently I teamed up with the amazing photo-psychic Debbie Griggs for a podcast. Here she is below, smiling.

Debbie GriggsDebbie’s a remarkable channeler of spirit, or something. Just accept it. She’s able to find dead bodies for the police and tell people all kinds of things about their future that are uncannily accurate.

Anyway, the podcast is called Two Queens Take Questions. In it, I do listeners’ handwritings and Debbie looks at a photo of them and talks about their life. It’s quite fascinating. Plus, she answers individual viewer questions in our special Rapid-Fire Round.

Give it a listen. Check out our Facebook page HERE.

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