No peace for the wicked

I’ve written another book. This one’s very different to anything I’ve done before. In a different lane entMasterPeace book coverirely, as a matter of fact. And yet without doubt the most groundbreaking one so far. This book will change lives.

It’s called MasterPeace: the Arab-Israeli Conflict – What It’s About and Why It Matters

I have long believed that most people don’t want peace. They say they do, because peace sounds lovely, doesn’t it? But when you get down to it, what they’re really saying is, “Sure, I want peace, but on my terms. I want my enemy to back down and for me to be seen to win.” Which, of course, is a recipe for war.

That’s why the fight between Jews and Palestinians continues. Both sides say they want peace but both have widely differing priorities that prevent peace from happening. If they only knew it, they’re chasing a high-consciousness solution but with low-consciousness intentions, which is why the peace process goes nowhere and all efforts to resolve this mess keep failing. They think it’s about physical stuff like settlements and borders, occupied land and historical territorial rights, but that’s only a fraction of what’s going on here. The real story is so much deeper – and simpler – than that.

Ask the vast majority of people what’s really going on with Israel and they won’t be able to tell you. Hostilities have been been dragging on for a century, and then for centuries before that. They’ve been the backdrop to our lives since we were born. We watch news footage of rockets being fired, of pedestrians running for cover, of babies crying and mothers screaming, but we don’t fully understand why. Why are the two sides still duking it out? Why can’t they find common ground? Why is anti-Semitism on the rise around the world? Why do Palestinian youths riot and militants in Gaza fire rockets at Israeli towns and cities? What the hell is this conflict about?

MasterPeace answers all these questions. At its most basic, it’s an easy-to-read, engaging history of the the war between Arabs and Jews. Beyond that, though, it explains why we experience conflicts in the first place, drawing on political, metaphysical, and religious factors, and showing what a solution looks like: how both sides can win and how peace will ultimately be achieved.

If you have a Kindle or an iPad, you can download a free sample of MasterPeace today and get a taste of what it’s about. You’ll see how fair it is, how accessible, and the way it lays out the history of the Jews in a wholly understandable way.

I’m very proud of this book. The reception so far has been better than I could ever have hoped for, from Jews, Israelis, and Palestinians alike. So why not give it a go? Download the preview today and start to understand, not just the war and what it’s about, but how it can be resolved in the most harmonious, forgiving, high-consciousness way.









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