Cash Peters is a British writer and broadcaster, and the host of two highly-acclaimed podcasts:

The Thursday Morning Memo, a short show broadcast weekly from Cash’s home studio brings you happenings from Hollywood as well as inspirational thoughts and progressive thinking about spirituality, religion, life, politics, entertainment, and the world at large. Whereas The Life Quiz is an occasional series of more insightful long-form interviews The Life Quizfeaturing accomplished people who’ve been around the block a few times and have lessons to share with us. Both podcasts are available on iTunes.

Cash is the author of twelve books, including four travel books. The first three were Gullible’s Travels, the Adventures of a Bad Taste Tourist (2003. Globe Pequot Press), Naked in Dangerous Places (2009Three Rivers This is NOT a religious book. It's about health and healing. Press), and a little book about believing, The Transformative Healing Power of Faith, Love, and Surrender (2011, Penner Press).

In 2014, the Believing book, which is set in Brazil and explores natural ways to heal cancer, M.S., and hearing loss, became a set text for students of medical anthropology at the University of Southern California, and is the subject of many lectures, seminars, and other FoH Final covertalks that Cash has given to audiences around the world.

He’s also written two mystery novels: Force of Habit: Sister Madeleine Investigates (2012, Penner Press) and Horror at Horsfield Lodge: A Chillingley Horror at Horsfield Lodge Village Mystery (2013, Penner Press)

He has a degree in law but his real passion was always for broadcasting and writing. His first scripts were accepted by BBC radio when he was just 15. His first televised material was on the BBC’s The Two Ronnies at 16. He went on to cohost Talking Telephone Numbers for ITV, and worked as an award-winning journalist and commentator for over twenty years on outlets as diverse as Capital Radio, BBC, NPR, and CNN (for one day!).

Best Vacation Ever Once the vapid media stuff was over, he returned to his first love, writing books, including a humorous travel memoir Why Your Life Mattersabout river cruising up the Rhone River in Provence, called Best Vacation EVER!, and also the ultimate book about the meaning of life and how to find your purpose – Why Your Life Matters.  Both books are available from those luvvies at Penner Press.

His very latest book is a return to the theme of natural health and self-healing.

Called Taming the Beast Within: A New Weapon in the War on Candida, it explores the Taming the Beast Within Final Covercondition called a Candida overgrowth, also known as a yeast infection, which impacts upwards of 30% of the U.S. population, and often they don’t even know it. They’re being treated by their doctor for all kinds of problems and diseases – hearing loss, diabetes, M.S., Crohn’s, acne, psoriasis, circulation problems, rashes, and dozens more – when in fact the real cause is Candida.

The book chronicles Cash’s own issues with Candida and how he managed to beat back the yeast, get a reprieve, and return to normal health. It contains photos and a day-by-day cleanse that is quite alarming in places, but the results are AMAZING.

Perhaps his greatest claim to fame, though, is that Cash is one of the world’s foremost handwriting analysts. Naturally gifted – as someone put it recently: “Overwhelming. Your gift is so utterly phenomenal and breathtaking….you are truly blessed from above.” –  he has written three books on the subject, including The Telltale Alphabet (Corgi), which recently became a #1

Telltale Alphabet Bestsellerbestseller in the UK, and Instant Insight (Warner), as well as acting as a paid consultant to the Smithsonian Institution. He has appeared on The View, Entertainment Tonight, The Montel Williams Show, and countless others, demonstrating his unique abilities. (If you would like to have your handwriting analyzed by Cash and see what all the fuss is about, click HERE.)

For more than a decade, Cash was a commentator on public radio in the U.S., and also the BBC in Britain. Additionally, he had his own adventure series that ran for two seasons on Travel Channel in the U.S., and which was seen all over the world before it almost killed him and he had to stop. Stranded with Cash Peters has been rerun five times so far in the UK on Sky’s Discovery/Travel network and is practically played on a loop in Brazil and other South American countries.

He lives with his partner in a house somewhere.

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