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Cash Peters is the author of eleven books, including four travel memoirs.

His first, Gullible’s Travels, following his visits to the worst, tackiest, and kitchiest museums and tours in the world, was published in 2003 and won the Benjamin Franklin Award for Humor. It’s available here. Scroll down the seller list to Penner Inc. for a brand new copy signed by the author and dedicated specifically to you.

The second, Naked in Dangerous Places, tells of the time he spent making his TV series for Travel Channel, in which he flew around the world to 32 countries, doing so without money, food, or a place to stay. It’s available here. Watch a mini-documentary about it here.

Then in 2011 came a HUGE and important departure. His third travel book, and without doubt his most successful to-date.

It’s called a little book about believing: The Transformative Healing Power of Faith, Love, and Surrender, which you can buy in paperback and in Kindle format here. Also available as an iBook.

This gripping and very moving book has a foreword by Dr. Jeffrey Rediger, a leading doctor at Harvard Medical School. It follows 24 people on a trip to Brazil to undergo treatment from renowned faith healer John of God. The two weeks that follow are a time of epiphanies, physical breakthroughs, miracles, and spiritual awakenings that change their lives forever, including  the author’s. The story is  uplifting and enlightening in ways you wouldn’t expect; packed with wisdom, invaluable life lessons, guidance, as well as information about healing and helping prevent disease, information that someday could save your life or the life of someone you love.

Read more about it here.

And there’s an article about the impact of the book on the Patheos website, here.

By way of a diversion, Cash then wrote two fun little mystery novels.

His first was published in 2012. Called Force of Habit: Sister Madeleine Investigates, it follows the adventures of a cloistered nun with a grim and murky past, who emerges from seclusion in the convent where she’s been living for the past forty years, to investigate why some of her former comrades and friends are being murdered. It’s really entertaining, fast-paced, filled with intrigue and neat twists you won’t see coming. You’re going to LOVE it.

The paperback is available on Amazon right now, and the ebook is here:  CLICK HERE. You can also buy it in iBooks for the iPad. Email Cash at to get your hands on your own signed first edition copy.

Horror at Horsfield Lodge The second novel is a cozy mystery set in Chillingley Village. It’s published by those darling people at Penner Press, and is called Horror at Horsfield Lodge. Available HERE.

When two dead bodies are discovered in the old dilapidated gatehouse on the Horsfield estate, not only does it spark fear and panic throughout Chillingley village, but it sets off a chain reaction of suspicion. Who in such a cozy rural backwater, where everyone knows everyone else’s business, could possibly have been driven to murder, and why? As more bodies pile up, and as detectives flounder in their efforts to stop the crime wave and track down those responsible, a plucky band of local heroes embarks on their own perilous mission to solve the mystery at Horsfield Lodge.

Best Vacation Ever His fourth travel memoir is about river cruising. It’s called Best Vacation EVER! and is available March 2014.

With his usual witty observations about life and people, Cash takes the reader down the Rhone River in Provence for an eight-day epicurean adventure, not only exploring French food and wines, but stopping in at Arles, where Vincent Van Gogh lived and painted, and also Avignon, Viviers, and Lyon. It’s a five-star trip with some interesting twists, not the least of which is one of the other passengers threatening to slap him and the captain leaving halfway through the cruise and driving away in a cab.

Why Your Life MattersAlso new in 2014 and available as a paperback and ebook, Cash’s second spiritual book, called Why Your Life Matters. Thirteen years in the writing, and assembling in one place all the wisdom and insight gathered on his world adventures as a travel writer, it answers all of life’s most pressing questions, doing so in an enlightening, captivating way. Why are we here? How do we find our purpose? Who or what is God? What is the secret to a harmonious, fulfilling, and prosperous life?

These and so many more are explained in this wonderful little story of a regular guy whose world is turned upside down after he receives a visit from a mysterious stranger.

And Taming the Beast Within Final Coverfinally, the very latest, Taming the Beast Within, an exploration of the ghastly condition called a Candida Overgrowth (or yeast infection), which has been linked to over a hundred common ailments and diseases, including cancer, M.S., allergies, Crohn’s Disease, and acne. It’s a stunning read, illustrated with photographs.

Cash has also written for for Spirituality & Health magazine. You can read an article about his gift for handwriting analysis here.

10 responses to “Books & Articles

  1. Dear Cash,
    Your book “Gullible’s Travels” is one of my all time favorites. And yes, I am well read. I have read it no less than 3 times and still laugh at all the same parts.Your perspective on situations is hysterical and I had to share that your book was a thoroughly enjoyable. There were countless times I laughed so hard I cried (your description of the Lizzie Borden B&B, The Museum of Bad Art and The Free Stuff Experiment are just a few that come to mind).
    Gullible’s Travels deserved more recognition than it received. It will always be displayed on my bookcase and read on a regular basis! I mean, how could I not love a book that coined the term: Bad. Worse. Worcester or that describes a musket as “a clarinet that kills people.”
    Comedic Genius.

    Keep writing!

    • Wow, that is so nice of you. Thank you very much. It’s strange, I actually remember exactly where I was and exactly how everything around me was when I came up with the line, “Bad. Worse. Worcester.” Even after all these years.

      People have been so kind about GT. One woman said she was once caught in a tsunami that overtook her hotel on vacation and left her marooned in her room for a couple of days. All she had for company was a copy of GT. She told me that she read it the whole time and it’s the only thing that got her through the disaster.

      Someone else told me he’d given it to his father to read while he was recovering from heart surgery, and he laughed so hard he bust his stitches and had to be rushed to the E.R. to be sewn up again. An actual friend of mine died while reading it!!

      Ah, happy memories.

      I appreciate you getting in touch.

  2. Hey ‘Cash Peters’! Great to see you’re still firing on all cylinders. I was just looking for a quote from the ‘World Domination Handbook’ to stick in a comment about cyclists and it all came back to me!
    Give me a shout sometime 🙂

  3. I was a huge fan of the Stranded show. Is there any way to rent or buy it? Thanks

    • Hi Kevin. Thanks for getting in touch. For some reason I thought I’d answered this already. If not, I apologize for the delay. No, is the short answer. Travel Channel never made it available on DVD. One thought I did have was to maybe upload a handful of episodes to YouTube, but password protected, so they weren’t generally available and didn’t breach copyright. Much as I’d like people to be able to see them again, I can’t pirate my own show, obviously. Or maybe I’ll just ask Travel Channel for permission, see what they say.

  4. Hello Cash, just came across your info on a John of God website. I am considering traveling to Brazil for healing session with him as I have hearing loss. Wondering what your experience was with him? I am trying to source your book about your journey but it’s not available in Ireland so have to order it from Amazon in U.S. Would appreciate any thoughts you can share? Many thanks, Ash

    • Thanks for getting in touch. Far be it from me to recommend my own book, but these days it’s become a valuable resource for many people planning to go to Abadiania, so it would give you many valuable insights into the process, I think.

      My own experience there was terrific. I got my hearing back 100%. The effect was shortlived in my case, but there’s a reason for that. Still, the trip was undeniably impactful. Hearing loss, in my experience, can be a natural thing due to damage, for instance, but it can also be a by-product of diet – wheat, dairy, sugar, preservatives in foods, and so on. Stress plays a part too, I’ve discovered. Many people I’ve met who have hearing loss also have a huge intake of wheat in various forms, or salt, or other foods than affect the ear canal. Deafness or tinnitus are the result all too often, even though the ear is healthy otherwise. I’m not saying that applies to you, and I’m certainly not qualified to give advice on the matter, but in exploring my own problem, that’s what I’ve found to be true.

      Good luck with it.

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