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Come one, come all! You’re invited to watch Two Queens Taking Questions

Hey, guys, here’s something interesting.

You know I have a natural gift for handwriting analysis, 14572203_10154585139944334_440722856119293931_n-1right? Written three books about it, appeared on The View and Entertainment Tonight doing it, etc. Show me someone’s writing and it’s almost like I can see into their soul. A crazy talent.

Well, recently I teamed up with the amazing photo-psychic Debbie Griggs for a podcast. Here she is below, smiling.

Debbie GriggsDebbie’s a remarkable channeler of spirit, or something. Just accept it. She’s able to find dead bodies for the police and tell people all kinds of things about their future that are uncannily accurate.

Anyway, the podcast is called Two Queens Take Questions. In it, I do listeners’ handwritings and Debbie looks at a photo of them and talks about their life. It’s quite fascinating. Plus, she answers individual viewer questions in our special Rapid-Fire Round.

Give it a listen. Check out our Facebook page HERE.

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All Will Be Well

Millions have been grieving this week. Millions more wake up fearful every day about what is going to happen t14572203_10154585139944334_440722856119293931_n-1o America, to them, to their friends and family, to their healthcare, to the environment. I get that. Some pretty stiff dangers seem to be just around the corner.

And yet…

The debacle this past week has worked wonders. The election result has energized, galvanized and focused millions of previously unmotivated people, same way the Vietnam War did.

It’s all part of the new democracy that’s been creeping up on us for a while. Uber did it to costly and complacent taxi companies. AirBnB did it to pricey hotels. Expedia’s done it to airlines. iTunes did it to the music industry. The world is being jolted alive. Now Trump’s doing it to Washington. Or says he will. Always, there’s chaos immediately before things settle in and level out and get better.

Some spectacular developments are due. We are emerging from one of the blandest, most prissy eras in our history – terrible, repetitive music; violent CGI movies; news shows that are scared to report the facts in case viewers are offended; everyone trying to appease everyone else and not upset the apple cart. This kardashianization of our culture has left us numb, uninformed, and scared to speak out in case we’re branded politically incorrect. Friends and strangers alike clutch their pearls in disbelief that we could possibly hold a different view to them, much less voice it. Also, we have come to revere things that are fleeting, material, and inconsequential. This travesty has gone on for a decade or more. Increasingly, it’s seemed childish and irrelevant.

Well, that’s over. Now we have something mature to think about, such as the imminent destruction of the seas, rivers, and forests at the hands of corrupt politicians and irresponsible capitalists. This can only be good. Sometimes growing up is hard.

No longer are we going to be able to languish in complacency. We’re being driven to participate in the system, to stand up and be heard. Out of this will come amazing things. Great music, fabulous art, a heightened sense of united purpose, and a new way forward. So try, just for now, to step back, sit firmly in the seat of your consciousness rather than allow the hounds of fear to savage your optimism, and have a little faith that you’re in good hands, because you are. There’s a bigger cosmic plan in play now. We can’t see the details, all we know is that we’re rounding the bottom of a very rickety roller-coaster. Soon we climb. Then things will get good again.

Cling on tight. Tell yourself that all will be well. We’re moving on to the next phase in our evolution. This is going to be interesting.

There are more uplifting thoughts on this week’s podcast.


Portrait: Tanya Malott


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“An irresistible opportunity to explore your soul’s path.” Don’t miss out.

Have you ever thought of having your handwriting analyzed? writing person

Many people say, “Sure, I’ve just never asked anyone to do it.” While others come back with a blunt, “No.” In fact, they’re aghast that I’d even bother bringing the subject up. “Why? Who writes longhand any more?” Or they tell me their writing has deteriorated to the point of being a scrawl and embarrassingly illegible.

But here’s the thing about your handwriting. It’s not really about WHAT or HOW you write that matters as much as it is about the ENERGY with which you write it. The way you jot words on a page reflects accurately the energy going on inside of you, which logically must mean that someone with the right abilities could take those words and unlock the secrets behind them, right? The energy of your soul, your life, your pain, your wounds, your passions, the way you love, the way you deal with people. It’s all in there every time you put pen to paper, something standard graphologists have known for centuries.

I am not a standard graphologist. 25 years ago I embarked on a staggeringly powerful adventure of analyzing handwriting, Spirituality & Health taking my natural gift for exploring a person’s energy and interpreting it, then mirroring back to them what’s going on in their life. There’s an article here about it in Spirituality & Health magazine. The clarity and understanding this can bring to someone is inestimable.

Most of the time we’re too close to living our daily lives to be able to see the bigger picture of what’s really going on. Intuitive handwriting analysis can bring a fresh perspective. handwriting 2

Every so often, I will become drained and overwhelmed by the work and have to withdraw the service so that I can get my depleted reserves back up again. Well, one of those rest periods is coming to an end, which means that, for the next few weeks, I’m ready to go again.

handwriting website front pageSo if you’re interested in having your writing analyzed and the avenues of your soul’s path explored, then please get in touch. It’s easy to do, a whole lot of fun, and very entertaining and insightful.

Visit my website:, click on the Handwriting tab, and it will take you to this page on the right. That’s where you’ll see a short video about what I do, and find out what you need to send. It’s simple, it’s quick, and the results may well blow your away.

Cash Peters has written three books on this subject, one of which was a #1 bestseller in its category in the UK last year. He has appeared on numerous TV and radio show demonstrating his abilities, including Entertainment Tonight, Montel Williams, and The View. He has also acted as a consultant to The Smithsonian.  The Life QuizYou can listen to his podcast, THE LIFE QUIZ, by clicking here, or downloading it from iTunes.

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The Thursday Morning Memo – more than just a podcast

ThursdayMorningMemo1400x1400The new podcast has arrived. It’s called The Thursday Morning Memo, a stimulating ragbag of motivational thoughts and ideas to make your life better, smoother, and happier.

Topics covered each week will include improving your self-worth, making money without struggle, the Law of Attraction, and so on. New books, new audio, new movies and TV shows, and a ton of tips and sound advice for getting you up to the next level. It’s short, it’s fun, and it’s entertaining. Hear the latest episode HERE. It features an interview with a British hypnotherapist who came up with a fantastic technique for getting the money-making principles contained in Napoleon Hill’s bestseller Think and Grow Rich directly into your mind.  The Life Quiz

This, then, has been the end of a process. If you remember, I put out a series of podcasts called The Life Quiz earlier this year. Those were very well-received too, and season 2 is now up and running, and includes even more amazing, accomplished people talking about normal_arrow-down-red_benji_par_01life and the lessons they’ve learned.

But there’s the thing: I needed something else.

If there’s one problem with that show, it’s that it’s fairly timeless. You could listen today or next century, it wouldn’t matter; the lessons in the episodes would still be meaningful. I love that about it, but it can be a little limiting for me in terms of subject matter. What I needed, I realized, was a second podcast, a weekly rip-and-read show that was up-to-date and dealt with the other things that interest me – health, spirituality, motivation, new ideas, and so on.

Well, hey presto.

Please say hello to The Thursday Morning Memo. Each and every week, I’ll be broadcasting a lively and information-filled 20-minute bulletin from Hollywood, California. So why not give it a listen?

You can subscribe and download it on iTunes, which I recommend, or just click on THIS LINK and listen RIGHT NOW to the latest episode.


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Something new that’s well worth an hour of your time

Some while ago, after my 15-year run on the BBC came to an end, listeners wrote in (and still do) suggesting I put out a podcast.

That seemed like a very unrealistic objective to begin with, quite frankly.

First, I was bored with broadcasting; I’d been at it for forty years, man and boy. Surely I get to take a break at some point, don’t I? There comes a time when you’ve said all there is to say. With that in mind, I simply retired to write books. Besides which, I considered podcasts a bit of a come-down for a long-time professional broadcaster. Howard Stern calls them ‘radio for losers.’ Losers being people who can’t otherwise get into radio, or who’ve been fired from regular broadcasting and can’t find a job. I was neither.

Now, though, three years later, podcasts ARE radio. Podcasts are where the action is.

Whereas radio of every stripe is beholden to sponsors and advertisers and political correctness, amd therefore can’t ever give you the whole story – or if it does, then that story has been edited by a committee of four people before it reaches you, especially on the BBC or NPR – podcasts don’t do that. They feature honest, uncensored content. My kind of content.

The Life QuizFor that reason, I finally got around to doing a podcast. It’s called The Life Quiz and it’s like nothing else that’s out there. I think you’re going to like it. The reaction so far has been tremendous.

It’s based on an idea I had a looooong time ago. Season 1 features six shows and six guests, each answering a list of set questions about life, living, and what it’s all about. The result is fascinating. The six people I interviewed were very special in their own way, and willing to be  candid, vulnerable, and open. The conversations are amazing, as well as often moving and enlightening.

So why not check it out? The first show features Sally Stevens, who you’ll recognize from The Simpsons, Family Guy, and her work on loads of movies, from Jurassic Park to The Matrix and Terminator; even The Sound of Music. Either listen below, or visit the website and get more information there. It’s also available for download on iTunes. Just type ‘The Life Quiz’ into your podcast search box, and away you go.

Episode 2 features Veronica Cartwright, one of the stars of Alien and The Witches of Eastwick. Episode 3 is devoted to a truly fascinating man, Christof Bove, a former NBC Universal executive who got mired in the Hollywood lifestyle of drink and drugs in a way that almost cost him his life. His revelations are riveting.

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Candida – a new weapon in the war

If you’re one of those people who’s suffering from a raft of unsolvable ailments, from hearing loss to psoriasis, zits and rashes right up to cancer and M.S., then I have just the book for you. A book that’s like nothing else around, I promise.

Early last year, I dashed off a little post here about my run-in with Candida albicans – manifesting as deafness, tinnitus, acne, dizzy spells, mysterious rashes, circulation issues etc. – and how I’d attempted to tackle it. It wasn’t meant to be much, just a speculative discussion about causes and possible remedies. A confessional almost.

Since then I have kept on experimenting and looking for ways – physical, mental, emotional – to overcome this pernicious little horror inside of me. There are so many questions people ask about Candida, and I asked the same questions too, when I was tackling it. Years I spent searching for the answers. In the end, I thought it made sense to explain what I’d found out, as well as the Humaworm cleanse I went through to reduce me Candida overgrowth, and make it accessible to other sufferers. The result is now a short but amazing new book.

Taming the Beast Within Final CoverIt’s called Taming the Beast Within: A New Weapon in the War on Candida. You can get it on Amazon HERE. It’s of course on iTunes as well.  

The ebook is crammed with information, lay-person to lay-person.

  • How to test for Candida
  • What Candida looks like
  • How to respond appropriately to a Candida overgrowth
  • Why treatment by doctors often makes it worse
  • What a 30-day anti-fungal Cleanse feels like (with photos)
  • What the cause of Candida might be. Not the trigger, the cause. How come you have candida problems and not the next person?
  • How yeast infections may be behind M.S., deafness, tinnitus, cancer, acne, Crohn’s, etc.
  • A whole new path about healing Candida, and bringing the body back to harmony. Something you won’t find in any other book.

Taming the Beast Within is an informative and engaging personal journey into the dark and potentially dangerous world of Candida.

Its very first unsolicited Amazon reviews have given it 5 stars. ‘This book is a must read for all humans. The information….is worth every penny.’

Another review says: ‘A great book that has shown me a whole new way forward. Highly recommended to anyone who suffers from Candida, has health problems of any kind or who simply wants to learn more about a healthy life style.’

I’ve put my heart and soul and more into this book, in the hope that it will help other lay people who, like me, have been mysteriously afflicted with unaccountable symptoms for years but never realized why, to come to terms with what they’re dealing with and to fight back. At the very least, it’s an interesting, absorbing, and maybe slightly unsettling read.

ThursdayMorningMemo1400x1400LISTEN to Cash talking about his Candida issues and what he believes is the cause of them in his weekly podcast, The Thursday Morning Memo. Available for download on iTunes.

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Ease your way into the summer of ’15 with a mini handwriting analysis for just fifty bucks!

Whenever I’m between projects and have a couple of weeks free, rather than sit back and do nothing, I make myself available to analyze a few more handwritings. And that’s what’s happening now. My new book’s done, I have time on my hands.

3 sheets to the windSo, right now, I’ll do a mini analysis of your handwriting for $49.99.

For that you’ll receive a bunch of fascinating info about yourself. Not just elements of your personality, but pointers to your soul’s journey, whether or not you’re on the right path, how you could improve your position and be more successful, or whatever comes up at the time. I think you’ll be amazed.

writing personIf you’re interested, visit my website and get started. There’s a little video to watch.

It’s very simple.

Click on the ‘Handwriting’ tab, then follow the instructions telling you what to write. Either fax the sheet to me, or attach it to an email, and you’ll receive the mini analysis via email within a few days.

This offer has been so successful and so many people took me up on it, that I’m extending it for the next few weeks.

Looking forward to it.

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