Get Your Handwriting Analyzed

It’s no secret to anyone who knows me that I have a natural gift – and some say an astounding one at that – for Telltale Alphabet Bestselleranalyzing handwriting. I’ve written three books on the subject, including the besetselling Telltale Alphabet.

For years I played this down because it seemed to conflict with what I did for a living. Journalism and spirituality don’t mix as a rule. However, now that I’m no longer a journalist, I feel comfortable bringing this gift out into the light and openly advertising it.

People ask, “But why would I want my handwriting analyzed? I know myself pretty well.” And that may be the case, sure. But there is something liberating about having your true self mirrored back at you, faults and all, with no judgment, by a total stranger, someone with no axe to grind. To be able to take an overview of your life, a snapshot of who you are and what you’ve become, and look yourself squarely in the face finally.

An analysis serves so many functions. In particular, it can often point us in the right direction, offering clues to where we’re going wrong, why we’re not successful in love, work, relationships generally, or whatever, and it can provide a kindly and honest appraisal of what needs to change.

There’s more information about the kind of handwriting analysis I do, and what to expect, here.

And as for testimonials….

“Wow!!! What a gift you have. I have so much to think about since reading this. Thank you for sharing your gift and for doing it with such beauty and kindness. You are “right on” about everything…”  M.L.

“There was just so much that reflected me. I tried to find something (anything) that I can say  “that is not me” or “that’s inaccurate.” I haven’t found anything”  D.B.

“My ‘report’ felt like a love letter from someone who knows me very well and who cares. I have read it several times and cried. I feel seen. It is truly a gift to me, not something I have often experienced.” D.W.

“Thank you, thank you. I have some new intentions to set, some freedoms to focus on, each moment of the rest of my life to enjoy. You have a beautiful gift. I hope one of these days I run into you in person and I can give you a big hug.” M.M.

“The first words out of my mouth were, “Oh my God, wow!” You are an amazing man, Cash Peters!! I am astounded at how well you know me… pretty much got me pegged.” K.K.

4 responses to “Get Your Handwriting Analyzed

  1. I find this really interesting in terms of how much we don’t know about how the mind works – one question; I accept that handwriting reveals the personality, but does it go both ways? can deliberately changing the handwriting effect changes in the personality? thanks

    • I’ve heard many ‘experts’ advocate the idea that if you change your handwriting you change your personality. I’ve never agreed. Your handwriting is a mirror of your energy and your life experience. As your energy changes, so does your handwriting.

      If you decide to deliberately change your writing, then maybe it’s because you’ve changed on the inside and are intuitively feeling you should change the way you express yourself on the outside.

  2. cashp – Your comment above is interesting to me. I’ve noticed that my handwriting changes as I write. It doesn’t seem to be related to mood, but now I’m wondering if there’s something at play that I’m not aware of. The changes can be sudden and change my handwriting severly. In fact, I remember once in grade school I was given an “F” on a report I handed in because the teacher was convinced multilple people helped me write it!

    Have you seen this kind of difference in people?

    • Hm, what’s been interesting over the 25 years I’ve been doing this is that amybe 95% of people say, “My handwriting changes all the time – does that mean something?” Well, sure, you’re human, you change all the time and your writing reflects that. It’s energy manifested on the page. It might read differently to me than it does to you, because I see that energy, but it doesn’t surprise me that people have a range of ways to express themselves.

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