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Part 2 of the Ayn Rand Traffic Experiment.


That’s how many.

I went down the list and checked every line. Not one mention of Ayn Rand anywhere by anyone.

This was a little test to see if you could randomly plant a major celebrity name in a blog and attract web traffic like ants to a dead sparrow, or country housewives to a pottery sale. But in fact it backfired. Maybe word got around. Sensing danger, Ayn Rand fans stayed off the internet yesterday in their thousands. 

Most visitors arrived here via my website – www.cashpeters.com – or through Facebook. But the majority were referred by Google or Yahoo! after typing in a ludicrous range of eccentric keywords, such as “television spankings”, “tied up naked girls”, “kim kardashian limping”, “naked black boys”, “marco pierre spank”, and “naked sport”. The usual things. Nobody, however, not a single individual out there in the entire world, typed the words “ayn rand” into their search engine yesterday and found themselves lost in the strange land that is TV Swami. I think that must tell you something.

At the very least it tells you that Ayn’s publisher is wildly exaggerating her popularity and book sales.

So that’s it. End of experiment. What a let-down. Believe me, I’m as disappointed as you are.  


TV Swami – he say NO to Ayn Rand, because Ayn Rand fans, they say NO to TV Swami.  Bastards.


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The Ayn Rand Traffic Experiment, Part 1

Someone on Facebook recently told me that the greatest number of hits they’d ever had on their blog was the day they mentioned everybody’s favorite mother of Objectivism, Ayn Rand.

“Oh really?” I said. “Ayn Rand, eh?”

You’ve heard of Ayn Rand. Russian woman. Screenwriter and novelist. Wrote Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead. Smoked too much and contracted lung cancer – natch. Got famous by opposing fascism and all absolute forms of rule. In which case, in all fairness, I should be just as famous as she is, because I oppose them too. Alas, I’m not, so it doesn’t work for everyone clearly. 

Anyway, although she died in the early 80s, Ayn’s books continue to sell by the hundreds of thousands – Atlas Shrugged was 1,100 pages long, and therefore makes a handy step up when you’re trying to reach a high shelf; which accounts for at least 80% of sales –  so clearly she’s a popular blog search. Therefore, in the spirit of our quest to draw traffic to TV Swami by hook or by crook, and in particular by mentioning famous people more or less at random – celebrity nobodies Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson come to mind – I am throwing Ayn Rand into the mix today, to see how many grazing readers will inexplicably find themselves outfoxed and caught up in this net of intrigue.


Result tomorrow.

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