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“An irresistible opportunity to explore your soul’s path.” Don’t miss out.

Have you ever thought of having your handwriting analyzed? writing person

Many people say, “Sure, I’ve just never asked anyone to do it.” While others come back with a blunt, “No.” In fact, they’re aghast that I’d even bother bringing the subject up. “Why? Who writes longhand any more?” Or they tell me their writing has deteriorated to the point of being a scrawl and embarrassingly illegible.

But here’s the thing about your handwriting. It’s not really about WHAT or HOW you write that matters as much as it is about the ENERGY with which you write it. The way you jot words on a page reflects accurately the energy going on inside of you, which logically must mean that someone with the right abilities could take those words and unlock the secrets behind them, right? The energy of your soul, your life, your pain, your wounds, your passions, the way you love, the way you deal with people. It’s all in there every time you put pen to paper, something standard graphologists have known for centuries.

I am not a standard graphologist. 25 years ago I embarked on a staggeringly powerful adventure of analyzing handwriting, Spirituality & Health taking my natural gift for exploring a person’s energy and interpreting it, then mirroring back to them what’s going on in their life. There’s an article here about it in Spirituality & Health magazine. The clarity and understanding this can bring to someone is inestimable.

Most of the time we’re too close to living our daily lives to be able to see the bigger picture of what’s really going on. Intuitive handwriting analysis can bring a fresh perspective. handwriting 2

Every so often, I will become drained and overwhelmed by the work and have to withdraw the service so that I can get my depleted reserves back up again. Well, one of those rest periods is coming to an end, which means that, for the next few weeks, I’m ready to go again.

handwriting website front pageSo if you’re interested in having your writing analyzed and the avenues of your soul’s path explored, then please get in touch. It’s easy to do, a whole lot of fun, and very entertaining and insightful.

Visit my website: http://www.cashpeters.com, click on the Handwriting tab, and it will take you to this page on the right. That’s where you’ll see a short video about what I do, and find out what you need to send. It’s simple, it’s quick, and the results may well blow your away.

Cash Peters has written three books on this subject, one of which was a #1 bestseller in its category in the UK last year. He has appeared on numerous TV and radio show demonstrating his abilities, including Entertainment Tonight, Montel Williams, and The View. He has also acted as a consultant to The Smithsonian.  The Life QuizYou can listen to his podcast, THE LIFE QUIZ, by clicking here, or downloading it from iTunes.

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Cash’s astonishing intuitive gift – helping you tune in to the voice of the REAL you

Sometimes I forget that I have the most incredible gift. In fact, I wrote an article about it in Spirituality & Health magazine some while ago. 

And a reminder arrived this morning in the form of an email. It’s from a woman called Pat, whose handwriting I analyzed a couple of days ago – although I should probably stop using the word ‘analyzed’. That’s not what I do. What seems to happen here is that, once I have the writing, I’m able to tune in to a person’s energy. To the voice of their soul, I believe. It’s akin to psychometry. The handwriting merely offers a convenient access point.

When I do it, though, it’s as if floodgates open. Information about the writer is channelled through me in a mad rush, sometimes for a couple of hours. It’s all I can do to keep up, quite honestly. The whole thing feels like a spiritual download and the result can run to seven pages, or even twelve in one case.

For those who are ready, it can point to the next step in their personal evolution.

We’re not dealing with personality stuff here either. When people talk about ‘handwriting analysis’, they’re usually referring to graphology – the scientific study of writing. Again, that’s not what I do. This goes way deeper than that. It’s about the person’s whole life up to this point, their pain, their insecurities, where their road is taking them, whether they’re in their rightful place at this stage of their life or deviating from their soul’s path. That’s what makes it so fascinating.

So anyway, back to the point. This woman Pat sent me the most wonderful email.

Hi Cash,

I can’t begin to thank you enough for this unbelievably accurate summation of basically my entire life. WOW – my head is about to explode with the information (in a good way). I feel like you hit the mark on everything – it all resonates with me! Your gift is truly amazing!!

You’re the best. Have a wonderful day!!


It makes people feel so connected and validated, that’s what I love about it.

Some 20-odd years ago, I found I had a quite uncanny ability to see beyond the actual handwriting itself, into the very depths of the person who wrote it, with all that this entails. Their motivations, their strengths, their pain, their abilities, any leftover hurt from childhood, and so on. Since then I’ve appeared on radio and TV with it, written books and articles, and must have channelled thousands of writings.

There’s more information HERE if you’re interested.

Because it’s something I can do quite easily, I tend to forget the kind of impact it can have on a person.

Even as I was writing this piece, I received another email from someone else:

Wow is all I can say at this point.  I have read the analysis several times already and it made me cry, so obviously you got it right…. Thanks for being such a good mirror of what is really going on in my life.  As you know, I don’t let many people in to see the real me so this was a great wake up call.

If we ever meet in person, I would like to say thank you face to face.  I am grateful you had the courage to share your gift with others.


In 1998 I had a book published by Warner Books about what I do. To seal that deal, I had to fly to New York and ‘perform’ my gift for a boardroom of editors and assistants. It was a daunting task and really intense, doing it on the fly like that. But they were so blown away by the accuracy that they made an offer for the book right there on the spot.

A couple of years ago, I was invited by a woman here in Los Angeles to meet with her Swedish family who’d flown to the U.S. for a short vacation. The five of us sat at a table and they each handed me pieces of handwriting. Not just their own, but writing belonging to their parents and grandparents. One by by one I went around the table, telling each person about themselves and their ancestors. And of course they were blown away. Mind you, on that occasion, so was I – because every piece of handwriting was in Swedish, and I don’t speak Swedish at all.

That’s how spooky this thing can get sometimes.

Leading astrologer Kristin Fontana said on her radio show, “I’m blown away by it. It was simply incredible. I don’t recommend anything unless it’s top notch, but…I highly recommend getting one of these done.” (You can hear her going nuts over it by clicking HERE.)

It’s a strange talent – some kind of psychometry, I think, or maybe I’m just unnaturally perceptive – and therefore something that, initially anyway, I could think of no practical use for, beyond being a sort of weird parlor game or fairground sideshow trick that I would do at parties or when specific people asked me to. That, however, changed over the years.  In time, I was forced to take it more seriously, not least because the reactions I got were consistently mind-blowing.

“Wow!!! What a gift you have. I have so much to think about since reading this. Thank you for sharing your gift and for doing it with such beauty and kindness. You are “right on” about everything…”  M.L.

“There was just so much that reflected me. I tried to find something (anything) that I can say  “that is not me” or “that’s inaccurate.” I haven’t found anything”  D.B.

“My ‘report’ felt like a love letter from someone who knows me very well and who cares. I have read it several times and cried. I feel seen. It is truly a gift to me, not something I have often experienced.” D.W. 

And so on. As you can imagine, it’s incredibly heartwarming to receive comments like this, even though it’s for something that I don’t even feel I’m responsible for. I’m a channel for information, that’s all. This isn’t me staring at a piece of writing and thinking to myself, “Hm, now what shall I say about this person?” There’s no judgment involved. All I do is open up, tune in, and, bingo, out it all comes. The more handwriting I analyze and the more feedback I get, the more I sense that it is really helping people move away from the wrong path and onto the right one.

When this is hardest is at corporate events. People sit down in front of me, write something, I start to talk, and, a few minutes later when I look up, they’re crying. This happens a lot. “Finally,” they’re thinking, “somebody understands me.”

“I just wanted to let you know that your analysis was astoundingly accurate and enlightening. Even my family and closest friends would not have been able to articulate the entirety of what you did — especially with such a degree of detail and nuance. I have already found it quite helpful and I’m very grateful for your gift.” K.C.

“This analysis was amazingly spot on.  There is so much there. Reading it felt like I was getting a good, deep look at myself.” C.L.

“Thank you, thank you. I have some new intentions to set, some freedoms to focus on, each moment of the rest of my life to enjoy. You have a beautiful gift. I hope one of these days I run into you in person and I can give you a big hug.” M.M.  

“The first words out of my mouth were, “Oh my God, wow!” You are an amazing man, Cash Peters!! I am astounded at how well you know me…..you pretty much got me pegged.” K.K.

Isn’t that something? It takes my breath away sometimes, the reaction. People find it so life-affirming.

So if you’re interested and want the same done for yourself or a loved one, go to my website and follow the instructions. It’s very simple.

“I want to thank you for opening my mind, my heart, and my whole being. It is extraordinary that you knew the whole me better than I ever knew myself. There is no dollar amount that can measure the value of what you have given me. I am truly grateful.”  K.B.

Well, thanks. I am truly grateful too.


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