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The Thursday Morning Memo – more than just a podcast

ThursdayMorningMemo1400x1400The new podcast has arrived. It’s called The Thursday Morning Memo, a stimulating ragbag of motivational thoughts and ideas to make your life better, smoother, and happier.

Topics covered each week will include improving your self-worth, making money without struggle, the Law of Attraction, and so on. New books, new audio, new movies and TV shows, and a ton of tips and sound advice for getting you up to the next level. It’s short, it’s fun, and it’s entertaining. Hear the latest episode HERE. It features an interview with a British hypnotherapist who came up with a fantastic technique for getting the money-making principles contained in Napoleon Hill’s bestseller Think and Grow Rich directly into your mind.  The Life Quiz

This, then, has been the end of a process. If you remember, I put out a series of podcasts called The Life Quiz earlier this year. Those were very well-received too, and season 2 is now up and running, and includes even more amazing, accomplished people talking about normal_arrow-down-red_benji_par_01life and the lessons they’ve learned.

But there’s the thing: I needed something else.

If there’s one problem with that show, it’s that it’s fairly timeless. You could listen today or next century, it wouldn’t matter; the lessons in the episodes would still be meaningful. I love that about it, but it can be a little limiting for me in terms of subject matter. What I needed, I realized, was a second podcast, a weekly rip-and-read show that was up-to-date and dealt with the other things that interest me – health, spirituality, motivation, new ideas, and so on.

Well, hey presto.

Please say hello to The Thursday Morning Memo. Each and every week, I’ll be broadcasting a lively and information-filled 20-minute bulletin from Hollywood, California. So why not give it a listen?

You can subscribe and download it on iTunes, which I recommend, or just click on THIS LINK and listen RIGHT NOW to the latest episode.


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American, idle. An addict reaches out.

I’m furious at myself for getting hooked again.

After Season 7 of American Idol I was an emotional husk – ask my friends, they’ll tell you – having invested waaaaay too much time and energy in performers who, a few weeks later – actually, minutes in some cases – and removed from the ethereal glow of the spotlight, seemed pretty rubbish. Aside from the occasional Jennifer Hudson or Kelly Clarkson, the only time we hear about these guys again is a couple of years later when their house is being repossessed or they’re dropped suddenly by their management company and are releasing songs through a MySpace page.

So last year, especially when the right David didn’t win, I quit cold turkey. That was it. Finished. No more American Idol for Sir.  It was like a New Year’s resolution, only in May.

But oh, how soon we forget.

January. More out of curiosity than anything else. Just to check out the level of talent on offer. And also because I report on these things for the BBC – I mean, I have to stay in touch. I stopped by one of the Hollywood shows. A casual glance one evening when nothing else was on TV. And goddamnit, I got hooked all over again! 

You have no idea how angry I am at myself right now.

Tonight it’s the wild card round. They’re about to give three more people I won’t remember in a year’s time the chance to be forgotten by millions of others as well, by joining the twelve-step program that the show becomes from now until the finale, when the dozen will be whittled down to one, the wrong contestant will be crowned the winner, and we can all thankfully resume our normal lives once again.

The favorites are already obvious. There’s…

The guy with the Danny Wallace glasses who lost his wife and is never done milking it, hoping, I guess, to secure the granny vote, but alienating everyone else. Unfortunately, he blows you away when he sings, so he’s staying; 

The tall guy with the ridiculous black manga hairstyle and the screeching voice that will cause your  fillings to drop out. Very talented, but he’s way too theatrical and screechy, and dental work is costly; 

Lil Rounds. Slick, talented, and will probably win, mainly because her name is so catchy, though I doubt she’s distinctive enough to succeed big-time in the real world later on. In the cold light of day, even the most gifted performer on American Idol can seem like a washed-up hooker singing karaoke between tricks. But the judges are swooning. So, of the girls, Lil’s in with the best chance. And if her career takes off too afterwards, wonderful;

The blind guy. He’s absolutely hopeless in dance routines and has to be led everywhere by his brother. Good voice, though, and excellent when you direct him to where the piano is and place  his hands on the keys – it’s just that he’s excruciating to watch. I find myself on edge the whole time, yelling, “Don’t leave your stool!” One week he’s going to drop off the stage, and I don’t want to see that. He’ll get the pity vote for being a tryer, but I so hope he doesn’t win;   

And my favorite right now, Jorge – pronounced Horhay – from Puerto Rico, who has a lazy eyelid that’s going to require surgery at some point, and who sobs in Spanish every time something good happens. But he has a lovely voice, he’s tricky when he dances, and he keeps smiling at me – at me, mind, not you – every time he’s on screen. I love this guy and I’m going to vote for him ’til my fingers bleed.

One note to God, if he’s listening: during tonight’s wild card vote, please remove Tatiana del Toro and send her packing. She’s the coquettish little drama queen they’re setting up to be this season’s Sanjaya. She has a hideous tittery laugh, a tendency to sob more than Horhay does (and that’s a lot of sobbing), and is far more interested, it seems, in how she looks on the studio monitors than how she sounds in my ears. If this little screamer makes it to the top twelve this year…..God, I know you move in mysterious ways, but that would be almost too strange and you need to rethink it.

In fact, if Tatiana’s not booted off tonight, I almost think it could be the last straw. The one shock event I need to snap me out of my American Idol addiction once and for all. I am not watching this show if she’s in it. That’s it. Finished. No more American Idol for Sir

Well, y’know – until next week.

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