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Starving radio guy makes movie

No blog today.

What d’you mean, why not? I’m busy.

But I should just mention that my controversial little movie short Inside Out, about the two weeks I spent in January not eating food, is now showing in two film festivals: the Urban Suburban Film Festival in Philadelphia in mid June, and this weekend – May 17th – in the Jacksonville Film Festival. So if you’re in the vicinity, go see it.

Or, if you can’t be bothered, the whole thing is on my Facebook page. (If you need to be my friend to join and see it, then mention the film thing in your friend request, otherwise it won’t get accepted.)

While I was filming a scene for the movie at the studio, I received my first-ever reprimand from the BBC. For broadcasting during my weekly radio segment health information that a bunch of doctors and concerned weirdos thought was dangerous. It wasn’t dangerous, of course – people have been fasting for thousands of years – but we continually bow to anyone in a white coat with qualifications, so I had to guarantee I’d never mention the health stuff again, or I wouldn’t be able to continue my broadcast in future. Yike.

Ironically, Inside Out is showing in these festivals alongside another movie: Everything Bad is Good, made by a friend of mine, Len Richmond, a movie, oddly enough, that I happen to appear in as an interviewee. 

The subject is: how doctors kill you.




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