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Annoying, even in death.

This isn’t a popular opinion to be holding on the day of Michael Jackson’s memorial service, so I’ll keep it brief: I’m really annoyed about it.

All of it. 

  • The service and the massive law enforcement presence being funded by taxpayers;
  • The fact that commuters are being held up on the 101 freeway so that the funeral motorcade can reach Forest Lawn cemetery faster;
  • The cordoning off of downtown LA for half the day, if not longer, so that fans of M.J. can surround the Staples center;
  • That I have to go into work two hours early just to make sure that I’m not late for my live broadcast;
  • That we’re making such a fuss of a guy who was anything but a role model, who neglected his talent and became a has-been, who abused his body, was addicted to drugs, disfigured himself, ran up huge debts, hung out with small boys, and who was the laughing stock of an entire generation. Genius? Yes. Warranting this much fuss? Not at all.  

What we’re witnessing, actually, is a massive media ‘oops’. Remorse on a global scale, similar to the Princess Diana oops in ’97. In other words, they’re saying, “We’ve persecuted, ridiculed, exposed, and exploited Michael for decades, and done so without mercy. Now we suddenly no longer have our scapegoat, our whipping boy to amuse us, and we feel terribly guilty about what we did.” 

Yeah, well too late. Why should we have to pay for it? 

Having said all that, I can’t deny that it’s fascinating, the whole staged spectacle. I was glued to the TV this morning. So much so that I didn’t even notice a small zit on my face, where I’m starting to detoxify after the start of my raw food challenge. And when the day arrives that I don’t notice zits on my face, you know that something quite historic is going on.  

I thought, therefore, that I’d get back to the television coverage, and direct you instead to TMZ’s website, where for most of the day they’re showing live streaming feeds of events as they happen.

Mourn, absorb, enjoy – whatever.


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