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Please don’t blame Jeremy Piven.

Here’s a piece of news that will annoy some and delight others.

I’ve been writing this blog since March, sticking to it pretty diligently, as a matter of fact, and attracting quite a few regular followers along the way. Thanks, everyone, for that. Although I secretly wish we’d soared into hundreds of thousands of hits each day – that would have been amazing. Somehow I lack the time and the marketing skills.

And it’s “time” that I’m writing about today. I have to take a small break from the blog. There’s other stuff I’m writing and I must apply myself to that for the next few very important weeks. It’s an obligation thing.

jeremy_piven_shirtlessIt’s not, contrary to what many may think, because of Jeremy Piven. Or because, no matter what else I put on here each day, that story I told months ago about spotting Piven in a clothes store trying on shirts still gets the vast bulk of the traffic. That’s not it at all.

There are simply too many other things to be done.

I will continue to post stuff now and then. Interesting videos, odd points I feel need making. Check my website for updates on everything else.  AND of course you can still get a hold of me through Facebook and on Twitter  @cashpeters. So relax, all is not lost.

But for now, we’re done. The Swami is rolling up his magic carpet, storing it in its special cupboard, and retiring into the shadows, from where, obscured by darkness, he will sit staring out at you spookily until he’s absolutely sure you’re gone.

My emotions at this moment are probably best expressed by this year’s Eurovision Song Contest entry from Iceland.

Bye for now.



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“Jeremy Piven with his shirt off” revisited.

pivenNot too long ago, I was in a clothes store on Robertson Boulevard in Hollywood and saw Jeremy Piven in the changing room trying on shirts. It was nothing. Showbiz tittle-tattle. A minor, borderline interesting sub-snippet of news about an incident that lasted ten minutes, one I wrote about in an earlier post. Done, over, forgotten.

But wait. It’s not done.

What I wrote back then is now officially THE most popular post on TV Swami. An instant classic. Nothing beats it as a crowd-puller.

Doesn’t matter what I write on any given day, or how passionately I write it, or how current and pressing the topic, I can absolutely guarantee that most of the traffic passing through this blog will pretty much ignore everything I say and go straight to the Jeremy Piven page. How mind-blowing is that?

It wasn’t always that way. The most popular page used to be the one entitled Boys. Spanking. Bad., which is about none of these things, incidentally, but which has always garnered massive attention, presumably from pervs and prison inmates.

Not any more, though. Now it’s Jeremy Piven all day every day.

I know this because there’s a page I can go to that tells me the keywords people typed into their search engine in order to eventually wind up at this site. It’s not encouraging. Yesterday, for instance, the top nine search engine keywords or phrases were as follows:

jeremy piven naked

naked 10 year boys

personal boobs

jeremy piven shirt off

bad boy needs spanking

part of a cake

chimp face

cash peters “gay”

mary tyler moore looks terrible.

That’s it.

And believe it or not, the list is like that most days, with some kind of random Piven reference holding onto the number one slot, followed by a jumbled assortment of naked boys (always), Mary Tyler Moore’s peculiar facelift (regular as clockwork), rounded off with the ever-popular “Is Cash Peters gay?” reference. Whoever keeps typing that in their search engine and never finding an answer – bless you; we should do lunch sometime.

I mention all of this only because I was on the Hollywood Reporter site recently, watching video interviews with TV stars about their upcoming shows or seasons, and I spotted one featuring Jeremy Piven. So, since I feel we’re closely and irredeemably connected now, and since I’m clearly missing something about his appeal that’s obvious to millions of others – including the people who hand out prestigious awards, because he has a warehouse full for his acting gifts – and I’m beginning to feel insecure about it, I sat and watched the video.

And quite honestly – I’m just as baffled now as I was before I saw it.

Here’s a link. Go take a look. See if you don’t agree. Maybe it’s just me, but this guy is just – a guy. That’s it. An actor in a successful cable show, and a bit of a smartass possibly. But otherwise unremarkable, right?


What am I missing? Please. Somebody.



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Jeremy Piven with his shirt off. Yes, THAT Jeremy Piven.

It’s weird that on a day of the year that some  might say is ” v. important,”  I woke up, not thinking about that, but about Jeremy Piven, of all people.

I spotted him on Friday. In a clothes store on Robertson Boulevard in West Hollywood. Though we were there for two entirely different reasons. The store has a bar next to the check-out and serves cocktails to celebrity customers while they shop. And seriously, what could be more handy or appropriate, or hysterically ludicrous actually, than sipping a pina colada while trying on a pair of pants? Who’s idea was that?

Anyway, I was there to interview the staff about this happy hour thing. Meanwhile, Piven was in a changing room experimenting with shirts.

Of course, I didn’t know it was him. But the manager was quick to point it out. “Oh, we can’t do the interview just yet –  Jeremy Piven’s over there shopping.”

That Jeremy Piven.

Well, immediately, I was fascinated. I pretended I wasn’t, but I was. It’s Hollywood, how can you not be? Plus, the guy’s on Entourage, for God’s sake. He takes home Emmys the way the rest of us take home groceries from Costco.

But, like gazelles in a wildlife park, celebrities scare easily, and you don’t want to rattle them by climbing out of your vehicle at the wrong time, especially not in a clothes store, and not when you’re carrying a microphone. So, being considerably less famous than Piven – in the sense that I’m not famous at all – I was forced to lurk in a back office well away from him, while assistants ran around with armfuls of clothes, servicing his needs, which I assume were great.

Then it was over. Bag in hand, he slipped on his shades, said a quiet goodbye, and disappeared out the back door into the alleyway.

Dunno why, but I always assume celebs will be obnoxious in some way. Too loud, too argumentative, too self-focused, too something.  But that’s just the news outlets doing their job, portraying it that way. In real life it’s not like that most times. They tend to be low-key, eager to duck the limelight, and stay out of harm’s way. In fact, many cower from exposure, as though one more camera flash, one more dumb heckle from one of the paparazzi jackals, one more inane question from an ordinary guy with a Flip camera hoping to get footage on TMZ or Entertainment Tonight, will drive them right over the edge: they’ll shoot a pistol into the crowd and start taking hostages.

Piven was like that. Not the taking hostages part – but rather the gentlemanly, eager to play it cool, ultra-pleasant, quick to exit part. Standing there in front of me one minute; then, like a wisp of smoke, or Robin Williams in Aladdin, gone.

What’s interesting about this – and I know you’re thinking, “Please God, let there be something interesting about this” – is that this isn’t my first encounter with Jeremy Piven. Back when I was in TV, he was making a travel show with the same production company. Called something like Journey of a Lifetime. The idea: take a celebrity to India and let him do yoga. That’s it. There was only one episode, as far as I know – Piven’s episode – then it vanished. Something else we have in common.

For that reason, he’d sometimes be in the building, sitting in the next edit suite watching a rough cut of his documentary. And of course there’d be an immediate buzz. The production assistants would run around in a tizz, going, “Jeremy Piven’s in the building. Next door. Watching footage. Yes, Jeremy Piven. That Jeremy Piven.” They couldn’t have been more excited. So clearly the guy has something, even if it’s not entirely obvious to me what that is. A sense of danger probably. Or, as an outside bet, talent.

However, back then, one of the production guys who went to India with him was less than complimentary, I recall.


Oh yes. Piven was passionate about yoga, sure, but oddly less passionate about making a show about yoga, or so went the story.  At least, that’s what I heard.

TV production people are notorious liars almost by habit, so the whole of this may be a fabrication, with Piven being the very model of a host and extremely dedicated. That said, the production guy did seem very flustered when I met him, so something went on. I just can’t say for sure what.

Besides, I know a thing or two about this. About TV production. I was extremely dedicated when I was making my TV show, and also very agreeable for the most part. Yet my producers were in despair a lot of the time too and couldn’t wait for the whole thing to end and to come home.

So, in short, maybe the India thing says more about TV crews than it does about a certain quiet, agreeable, and unobtrusive celebrity I saw buying shirts in a West Hollywood clothes shop.  That’s all I’m saying.

JP gets five magic carpets out of five for his behavior in a clothes store.

TV Swami – he say YES.

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