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A massive tease, an undeniable treat

Today a few lucky people get to take a peek at the video tease for my new book.  Bear in mind, it’s a low-grade version that may stop and start when you first run through it. But the second time – this assumes multiple viewings, possibly in awe – it flows like a dream. The high-grade version will be up there next week, inviting more viewings and more awe.  

The video is available only on a secret page of my website that nobody else can see. That’s because the book isn’t out yet, and won’t be for another two weeks. But on a slow but happy Monday morning, it’s my little gift to you. www.cashpeters.com/promo.html.

This monumental event is spoiled only by an ABC promo I saw today for a new quirky cop show called The Unusuals, which was so good that it made me want to buy expensive software and invest time in learning how to make professional promos myself. I mean, how hard can it be, really? You stick a bunch of the best scenes together in a row and every time you think viewers are about to get interested, you do a quick fade to black and cut the thing dead. Simple.

The Unusuals marks Amber Tamblyn’s return to network TV after the demise of Joan of Arcadia. Her character joins NYPD’s Homicide Division, a smart, swift, jokey bunch of cops “to whom things happen” (a standard plot device in drama). Strangely, despite the title, it’s more in line with the usual kinda police drama stuff we get on TV, except more jokey, like MASH. But it’s well-written…

Two cops pledging allegiance to each other:

A: “I’d throw an old lady off a roof for you.”

B: “I’d throw an old lady off a roof for you too!”

…well-played, and looks a lot of fun.

The Unusuals gets four magic carpets out of five.

TV Swami – he say YES.

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