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Farewell, BBC, I shall miss thee.

For all those people looking for the blog entry about my run-in with a BBC producer on March 17th 2010…

I have been asked – very nicely – to remove it, in deference to the sensibilities of that particular producer and also to our other ones too. And this I do willingly. The storm has passed, all is well, and given that our production staff were very forgiving this evening when I appeared for twenty minutes on-air high as a kite on Testo-Max masculinity pills I’d bought off the Internet – grrrrrr – and which continue to make me butcher by the second, but which I will never take again before I broadcast, then I at least owe them a small favor in return.

So let’s all take a deep breath, release the BBC conflict into history where it belongs, and move on.

I thank you.

TV Swami – he v. happy right now.


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