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Stop screaming and let me listen

Today, please forgive me.  I’m basking in the glow of yesterday.

The YouTube video got almost 1500 hits in just over 24 hours. Miniscule by Susan Boyle standards – that woman’s up to 90 million views to-date, or something ludicrous – but impressive nonetheless.

Incidentally, I was listening to her more closely, and I’m beginning to wonder whether her singing’s all that great after all.

Her story – the personal rags-to-rags-only-now-they’re-famous-rags story – is still captivating, of course, and she deserves all the acclaim she’s getting. The video gives you faith in people again and makes you want to cry. But the trick is all in the editing, I fancy; in particular the sound editing. Something tells me the producers skilfully sugar-coated the soundtrack in mad applause and screaming for a reason, and behind it, without this sweetener, Susan Boyle, though lusty and impassioned and cuddly and lovable and a powerhouse vocally at times, may in reality – in her shower at home, for instance – be a trifle inconsistent, sounding like someone’s grandma who’s knocked back too much sherry at a wedding and insists on belting out a bunch of standards to a steadily-dwindling crowd.  

I hope not, because I want her to succeed as much as anyone else. But we’ll only know for sure when they bring her back to the X-Factor for the real rounds and make her perform alone, without the audience shouting over her. At which point we may find that she’s good and highly entertaining, but she’s no Adam Lambert.

I’m just saying.


Susan Boyle gets four magic carpets out of five – but she’s on parole.

TV Swami – he say YES to clever sound engineers.

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